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Trial by Kombat: Game of Thrones & Mortal Kombat X Mashup

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Game of Thrones and Mortal Kombat mashup


Caution: Some spoilers from Game of Thrones and Mortal Kombat call this post home. So read at your own caution!

Game of Thrones and Mortal Kombat X - are they so different? Killer warriors vying for the top, plenty of dismembered heads, and the occasional man-eating dragon (we’re looking at you, Liu Kang and Daenerys) – c’mon, this mashup writes itself!

Whether you’re waiting on bated breath for the new release of Mortal Kombat X or the premiere of Game of Thrones season 5 – or both, if you’re paying any attention at all! – feed your blood-lust with this epic telling of the day Game of Thrones spiraled into the old school, grainy stylings of the arcade-classic Mortal Kombat from the heyday of the 90s. Did we mention we rendered this whole thing with our Game of Thrones Legacy Action Figures?! What can we say; gratuitous violence and fatality scenes are our muse.


Choose Your Champion

Click below to choose a player 1 and player 2. You can change your selection at any time by clicking on the player you chose first, then click on another warrior to swap them out.


Select Your Character
1White Walker
1Khal Drogo
1Daenerys Targaryen
1The Hound
1Tyrion Lannister
1Jaime Lannister
1Brienne of Tarth
1Robb Stark
1Arya Stark
1Ned Stark
1Jon Snow
Iron Throne


What match-up has you rubbing your hands together deviously and laughing maniacally?

Trust that if we weren’t simple geeks playing with toys, you’d be blowing dust out of the cartridge this very moment and firing up your Super Nintendo. But since we can’t turn back time and make 90s video games cool enough to convince George R.R. Martin to back this project, imagining what gameplay might look like has got us giddy. And, it's good enough for now…


The Hound vs. Brienne of Tarth

King’s Landing Arena

The Hound versus Brienne of Tarth MKX Mashup

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While it never happened in the books, the Hound versus Brienne of Tarth battle royal is without question one of the greatest Game of Thrones scenes to date. Could you relive this fight one last time? With you at the helm, what fatalities could you cook up? Could “Oathkeeper” cleave a man in two? How about the Hound's mask comes to life for a ravenous chomp?


Khal Drogo vs. Tyrion Lannister

The Throne Room

Khal Drogo versus Tyrion Lannister MKX Mashup

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Unless they are fighting with words and quips rather than swords and whips, Tyrion might be in for it. (The look on his face sort of says it all.) That’s as long as Drogo doesn’t do the whole self-mutilation thing again and die from an infection. If only there had been penicillin in Westeros. Either way, if Tyrion somehow pulls ahead with the win, maybe he could sport that pony tail in season five?! We can only wish.

Jon Snow vs. White Walker

The Wall

Jon Snow versus White Walker MKX Mashup

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Dreaming up a White Walker fatality move without stealing from Sub Zero’s book might be a little tough, but no matter. Jon Snow would obviously win this fight. Oh wait, did he remember to pack a Dragonglass sword?! You know nothing, Jon Snow.


Ned Stark vs. Jaime Lannister


Ned Stark versus Jaime Lannister MKX Mashup

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One does not simply wield Valyrian steel… Wait, that's a different plot. Back to it - now tell us you don’t wish for a rematch? Might start with returning Eddard's heads to his shoulders, but that's just one idea. How would Jaime fair this time without his sword hand?


Daenerys Targaryen

vs. Daenerys Targaryen

Vaes Dothrak

Daenerys Targaryen versus Daenerys Targaryen MKX Mashup

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When it comes to Daenerys, it’s almost a tale of two characters. On the one hand, you have the young, impressionable, doting dragon mother Daenerys versus the Breaker of Chains. A good old fashioned "mirror match" never hurt anyone. Well, except Daenerys' face in this case. Put on a little SPF 100,000 next time, would you Mother of Dragons?


Game of Thrones Legacy Action Figures


Did we leave a must have match off the list? Find yourself wishing we had a Hodor to do that sweet head skull crush move? Yes, us too.

But in the words of Hodor, “Hodor.” Meaning, “Someday, we promise to have a Hodor Legacy Action Figure to do this again for Mortal Kombat XI. And of course, yes, he will fight the Mountain, because we’ve all been thinking about what that might look like. Let’s be honest."

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