Disney Gift Ideas to Make Your Dreams Come True
Published on March 24, 2023

Disney Gift Ideas to Make Your Dreams Come True [Gift Guide]

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There is something so irresistible about Disney and the classic movies that they create. They make you believe in wonders like trolls, flying carpets or talking teacups. Disney classics such as Sleeping Beauty can make you believe in miracles like "a true love's first kiss" and movies such as Frozen will teach you life lessons such as not to marry a man you just met. We at FUN.com are true Official Disney Fan Club members, and yes, we might have even kissed a couple of frogs along the way. Although we might not be able to spend all of our days watching Disney classics, we can, however, pretend like we are braiding our hair like Rapunzel or try to get that darn genie out of our magic lamp. If you too love magic, these Disney products from FUN.com are must-haves in your life!


If you're looking for Disney character gifts, it helps to know more about them! Many of the classic Disney princesses are well-known characters from fairy tales and other classic stories, but the villains may be a little less familiar. Then you have other branches of Disney animation, such as Pixar movies and their original animated shows and films. Keep reading to discover more about some of our favorite Disney characters, or jump to the gift guide!


Disney Villains

Disney has a robust lineup of heroes and villains, from classics like The Evil Queen and Snow White to modern characters like Tiana and Dr. Facilier. We love the cast of Disney princesses, their adorable animal characters, and the Pixar cast. However, where would our heroes be without their adversaries? They're not looking for our sympathy, yet we can't help but love them. We will discuss some of Disney's most popular villains and what makes them so good at being bad!


Evil Queen

The Evil Queen was Disney's first major villain, from 1937's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She doesn't officially have a name beyond the Evil Queen, the Wicked Queen (or the Old Hag, after she takes an aging potion). The Evil Queen was driven by a powerful sense of vanity, powerful enough for her to consider murder. It's an incredibly shallow motivation, but she already had wealth and power as the ruler of the land!


Lady Tremaine

Lady Tremaine, the main villain in Disney's Cinderella, was a genuinely awful person—although her villainy was on a more personal, smaller scale. Instead of wanting to be the ruler of the land or to achieve ultimate power, Lady Tremaine abused her stepdaughter. She tried to get her own daughters to marry into royal blood to increase her family's status. She resented that Cinderella was more beautiful and capable than her two daughters, leading her to cruelly punish Cinderella and use her as a servant. Lady Tremaine wasn't on the receiving end of any of Disney's famous villain deaths, but it still felt good to see her shocked face when the prince chose Cinderella. Ironically, she may have been able to benefit from Cinderella's new status as the princess if she had been kinder to her.


Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts was another iconic Disney villain, hailing from 1951's Alice in Wonderland. She was one of Disney's most comical early villains, leading the way for the likes of Captain Hook, Prince John, Hades, and others. The ruler of Wonderland, she abused her power as a ruthless tyrant. The Queen of Hearts didn't like getting her hands dirty, but instead directed her army of card soldiers to behead anyone who dared to cross her. She could play nice and get along with others, but her hair-trigger temper kept everyone around her on their toes! Should you fall out of her good graces, the sentence is death.


Captain Hook

There's holding a grudge, and then there's Captain Hook. We're not sure how it came to be that Peter Pan cut off Hook's hand and fed it to a crocodile, but Captain Hook's life had been consumed by revenge ever since. (Honestly, he should be more worried about stopping the tick-tock croc. Or finding a competent crew.) It's hard not to feel slightly sorry for Hook's plight, but he was as ruthless as he was comical. Some of his pet crimes include kidnapping, theft, piracy, and attempted murder, all in an attempt to kill Peter Pan.



There are plenty of sympathetic villains in Disney's lineup, which may be why we love them so much! Maleficent had one of the weakest excuses (at least in our minds) for the tirade she performed for years after being uninvited to Princess Aurora's christening. (Sure, she was seen as an evil sorceress, but we know nothing of her other crimes.) Maleficent placed a curse on the newborn that would not come to fruition until the child's 16th birthday—quite a long time to wait for the perfect revenge! While it didn't play out as intended due to some fairy godmother intervention, Maleficent used all of her powers to try and prevent Aurora's happily ever after.


Cruella De Vil

If you never thought a fashion designer could be scary, guess again. Cruella was obsessed with fur and didn't care where it came from. We're not entirely sure how Cruella caught wind of Anita and Roger's dalmatian puppies other than being a former schoolmate of Anita. Still, she was determined to obtain the puppies through any means. A woman driven by impulse and rage, Cruella lashed out at her lackeys to get what she wanted. Cruella went so far as to commit puppy-napping and attempted murder (through her lackeys), all just for a dalmatian fur coat. Thankfully, she was stopped, and her road rage led to her crashing her favorite car.


Prince John

Prince John, an opportunist by nature, seized control of the kingdom after his brother, King Richard, left for the crusades. He was the epitome of a whiny tyrant, who squeezed every drop of wealth from his subjects that he could muster. Prince John was angry, vengeful, and abusive, including to his own advisors. His actions led to the rise of Robin Hood, a thief who aimed to undo the damage from the hefty taxes of Prince John. While technically an outlaw, he redistributed his stolen wealth and won the people's hearts, who wouldn't dare to turn him in. (When an outlaw is more beloved than a ruler, you certainly have issues.) Thankfully, everything was set to rights upon King Richard's return. He was so appalled by his brother's behavior that he threw Prince John in jail.



One of the most manipulative villains in Disney's roster, Ursula used her powers of persuasion to coax mermaids into contracts built to benefit her. It's interesting that she resorted to these methods, considering her incredible magical powers and proficiency at brewing potions. (Perhaps she was using the contracts to provide plausible deniability in case she was confronted for her crimes?) However, as vile as Ursula was, she treated her eel sidekicks as beloved pets, much better than some Disney villains do for their human henchmen. Still, we saw that Ursula was willing to break her own contracts and used nefarious means to try and prevent others from fulfilling their end of the bargain, as she did with Ariel. Ursula really would stop at nothing to be the queen of Atlantica!



All brawn and no brains is an apt description of Gaston. He was so narcissistic that he couldn't seem to realize why Belle, the object of his affection, did not feel the same way about him as he did about her. Incredibly misogynistic, he wouldn't allow Belle to reject him. He even went so far as to have Belle's father thrown into an asylum, which would somehow force her to marry him. How charming. Upon hearing that Belle now lived with the Beast, he whipped the town into a frenzy to murder the Beast. Hearing that Belle could love the beast back was out of the question!



Disney had a robust lineup of evil sorceresses and women with magic powers, but Jafar was a trailblazer for villainous men of magic. A terribly traitorous advisor to the Sultan, he made nice as he waited for the perfect moment to strike. He hid his true nature from Jasmine's rather dim-witted father, all while sending at least a few people to their doom to retrieve an object of immense power for him. In an ironic twist of fate, this lust for power inevitably did him in. While Jafar was one of the more intelligent (and patient) Disney villains, he failed to realize the fatal flaw in wishing for ultimate cosmic power as a genie.



Scar was one of those Disney villains that you loved to hate. (And he had the best villain song out of the entire group of Disney villains.) It was painful for Scar to watch as his brother lived out his dream as the king of the pride, but the line to the throne was only a murder away. However, any sympathy we had for Scar was entirely lost when he also attempted to kill his nephew, Simba, who was another contender for the throne. Even his army of hyenas found him insufferable in the end, and they turned on him once they realized that he had no more power over them.



If there were an award for the Disney villain with the best one-liners, it would unquestioningly go to Hades. (Hades also took "hothead" to a new level as his fire hair almost consumed him at times when he lost his temper!) As the god of the underworld, Hades felt like he was slighted when given his duties. Not only did Hades want to be the ruler of the gods and Mount Olympus, but he also harbored a particular hatred for his brother Zeus. A trip to the Fates revealed that Hercules would be the key to keeping him from the throne, so he had his lackeys kidnap baby Hercules to render him fully mortal. (And his mortality would allow Hercules to be killed.) When Hades discovered that Pain and Panic failed at their mission years ago, he threw everything he had at Hercules to keep his plans from failing.


Shan Yu

A ruthless warlord, Shan Yu wanted to kill the Emperor to become the ruler of China. He was cocky and cruel, even going so far as to allow his enemies to warn of his coming so he could show off his military might. There were likely better strategies that would result in losing fewer soldiers, but Shan Yu cared less about his men and more about instilling fear in his enemies. What he didn't count on was Mulan becoming a thorn in his side, ruining his plans on multiple occasions. His hatred for Mulan also led to his failure and demise.



If there's one Disney villain who we absolutely love, it's Yzma. She was so comically forward about her plans to take over the kingdom, and her relationship with her lackey, Kronk, was equally hilarious. (He's clearly not cut out to be a villain, and we can't help but love him!) She failed hilariously at attempting to murder the king, granted at the fault of Kronk. As they say, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Yzma spent the rest of the movie chasing Kuzco down, attempting to finish him off so she could rule without the threat of Kuzco's return.


Doctor Facilier

Similar to Ursula, Dr. Faciliar worked through contracts and trickery. His vague verbiage allowed him to fulfill contracts as he saw fit, usually not in the way his victims intended. Facilier's charisma allowed him to charm his way into making poor deals, which fed his own power. His motivations were a little less obvious than some villains, but there were hints that he may have come from a less fortunate background. By playing nice with his "friends from the other side", Dr. Facilier had the power to achieve his desires. However, failure to keep providing for his "friends" was steep!


Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel was another Disney villain driven by her own vanity. She found a magical flower that kept her young, and was able to do so for centuries. However, when the king's wife fell ill while pregnant with their child, the king used it to save his queen. The resulting child, Rapunzel, had the flower's power manifest itself in her hair, so mother Gothel stole the child away and raised her in a tower away from the eyes of the world. Gothel could still use Rapunzel's hair to keep herself young, but Rapunzel was tired of being locked away. When Mother Gothel finally got her comeuppance at the end of the film, she turned to dust. (Presumably passing away from old age.)


Prince Hans

Unlike most of the other Disney villains, we don't realize that Prince Hans is the villain until the end of the movie. Hans pursued Anna at the beginning of the movie, and he seemed charming enough. However, we later learn that, like Scar, Hans wished to ascend the throne. (But there were obstacles preventing that from happening normally, his being the youngest of 13 children!) With a coronation imminent in Arendelle, Hans decided to woo Anna as part of his plan. When Hans showed his true colors, he revealed to Anna his plan to kill Elsa so the two of them could become the rulers over Arendelle. Naturally, Anna was appalled and Elsa and Anna reconciled, imprisoning the evil prince Hans and sending him back to his home country.



There has been a shift in some of Disney's more recent films away from using one "big bad" who needs to be defeated. Instead, a character is simply misguided and needs a new direction, or they are so focused on one matter that they entirely lose sight of the big picture. We love how these sympathetic anti-villains can be taught or appeased, and ultimately learn from their mistakes. We'll share some examples of these characters below!

In Moana, the goddess Te Fiti had her heart stolen by Maui, which resulted in her becoming Te Kā. Rather than attempting to "defeat" the villain, Moana went on a quest to return the stolen heart. Moana ran into a few minor villains along the way such as the Kakamora and Tamatoa, but they were mere obstacles to overcome while on her heroic journey. As it turned out, Te Fiti didn't want to be a destructive lava demon. After having her heart returned, Te Fiti went back to her usual, benevolent self, avoiding a famous Disney villain's death.

When we examine Encanto, there isn't a typical villain at the center of the plot. Aside from some fan theories surrounding Dolores, Alma Madrigal was the closest thing to a villain in Encanto. Past events led to Alma's family being bestowed with magical powers. Everything was fine until the day of Mirabel's gift, which failed to occur. Alma felt like her way of life might be in danger, so she pushed her family to provide as much as they could for the town—but her expectations were practically crushing for some. When the magic of their home began to fade, we find that it was due to Alma's pushing her family apart, rather than bringing them together as the miracle had done at the beginning. Upon mending her relationship with her family and the town, the magic returned to Casita.

Another movie that focused on problems within families, Turning Red didn't feature a traditional villain character either. Meilin Lee appeared to have a good relationship with her family, although as the movie progresses, we see just how overprotective and strict her mother, Ming, was. At the same time, Ming's well-intentioned overparenting led to a rebellious streak in Mei. Ming found out about Mei's panda transformations (which run in the family), but failed to realize that Mei has decided to embrace that part of herself. Mei fled the sealing ritual to attend the 4*Town concert that her mother forbade her from attending, accidentally breaking her mother's sealing talisman. Mei, with the aid of the other matriarchs in her family, had to fight her mother kaiju-style to perform another sealing ritual.


Disney Gift Guide

Encanto Gifts

Encanto Gift Ideas

Mirabel DollEncanto MicrophoneMirabel Funko POP!Luisa POP! Figure
  Bruno POP!Antonio Encanto POP!

From the magical world of Disney to the enchanted house of the Family Madrigal, we'd like to introduce you to our Encanto gifts! Listen to all your favorite Encanto songs with this Mirabel fashion doll or sing along with the Encanto microphone. Then there are Encanto POP! Vinyl figures! There are POP!s of the entire family, from Mirabel to Luisa, Isabela to Antonio—and, of course, Bruno. We love to talk about the Bruno POP! figure!


Mickey Mouse Gifts

Mickey Mouse Gift Ideas

Kids' Mickey Mouse HeadphonesSorceror Mickey StatueLoungefly Crossbody Mickey Mouse PurseToddler 4-Piece Mickey Mouse Pajama Set
Mickey and Minnie Stemless Champagne GlassesQuilted Mickey Mouse Fanny PackMickey Mouse Dog CollarFantasia Sorceror Mickey Plush

As the mascot of the Walt Disney Company for decades, Mickey Mouse has had everything from a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to his own fan club! He's still heavily featured in Disney cartoons for kids and the Disney theme parks, so naturally, he has a lot of fans. Oh boy! Whether you're looking for some Disney gift ideas for someone in love with all things Disney or his and hers Disney wedding gifts, you can find plenty of Mickey Mouse gifts here! Mickey Mouse apparel is sure to brighten anyone's day, and there are plenty of Mickey Mouse accessories ready for your next Disney Parks adventure. There are also a handful of Mickey and Minnie gift ideas based on America's favorite cartoon couple.


Beauty and the Beast Gifts

Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas

Beauty and the Beast Cakeworthy DressLEGO Disney Belle's Castle Winter CelebrationIrregular Choice Beauty and the Beast Coin PursePrincess Belle Blanky Pal
Beauty and the Beast StatueBeauty and the Beast Ita BagIrregular Choice Tale as Old as Time TightsToddler Belle Costume

While the tale of Beauty and the Beast isn't exactly as old as time—it takes place around 1740—the animated feature film is a Disney classic. You may wish that your significant other was secretly a prince or a princess, but life isn't usually that fairytale-like. However, these Beauty and the Beast gift ideas can add a little bit of fantasy to your daily life. Keep your pins and trinkets from Disney World and convention outings in this Beauty and the Beast pin bag, or let your little princess feel and look more like a princess with a Belle costume for dress-up fun. There are plenty of other Disney gifts for adults and kids perfect for your favorite Disney fan!


Winnie the Pooh Gifts

Winnie the Pooh Gift Ideas

Winnie the Pooh Tapestry ThrowEeyore PlushJim Shore Winnie the Pooh StatueWinnie the Pooh Denim Dad Hat
Winnie the Pooh and Friends Mini BackpackWinnie the Pooh Cookie Jar20oz Winnie the Pooh MugWinnie the Pooh Plush

Many of us have wished to escape to the Hundred Acre Wood since childhood where we could play with Pooh and the gang. As adults, we know that there's no magical forest with talking animals waiting for us, but we can continue that sense of wonder with our kids. You can get your kids their very own plush Winnie the Pooh characters, or perhaps some adorable Disney baby gifts. People can even find some Winnie the Pooh gifts for adults to add a touch of whimsy to their lives. Pooh's honey pot cookie jar will have their kids saying "oh bother" when they're only allowed one cookie, and a Jim Shore Disney statue adds a cute touch to any entertainment center!


Lilo and Stitch Gifts

Lilo and Stitch Gift Ideas

Stitch Cookie JarLilo and Stitch Ball CapLilo and Stitch Ice Cube TrayStitch Ohana Tapestry Throw
Adult Stitch Tank TopStitch Coin BankLilo and Stitch Cosplay WalletStitch Plush

Now it might sound strange to some if you say that a fuzzy little blue alien stole your heart, but...a fuzzy little blue alien stole our hearts. While Stitch found his ohana in Lilo and Nani, we hope you can find families for these Lilo & Stitch gifts. Add some cute to your kitchen with a Stitch cookie jar or Lilo and Stitch ice cubes, or take him with you as a Disney wallet or top. A Stitch plush is also a great Disney gift for kids to play with. (Of course, we won't blame you if you're also eyeing one for yourself!)


Toy Story Gifts

Toy Story Gift Ideas

LEGO Toy Story 4 Bo Peep's Playground AdventureWoody Comfy ThrowToy Story 4 Nail Polish and Sticker SetLoungefly Toy Story Handbag
Toy Story 4 Giant Art Set15" Jessie PlushKids' Buzz Lightyear Pocket TeeToy Story 4 Slinky Water Gun

It should come as no surprise to anyone that some of the best Toy Story gift ideas are toys! What could have been a hollow money grab meant to produce Disney toys for kids ended up being the longest-running series of Disney Pixar movies, and they have a lot of heart. Woodie and Buzz go on numerous adventures with their toy friends, meeting toys like Mr. Potato Head and even Barbie. While the movies cater to kids, there are enough adult fans that you can also find Toy Story gifts for adults as well. Just make sure that any card included with a Toy Story gift is signed, "You've got a friend in me."


Little Mermaid Gifts

The Little Mermaid Gift Ideas

LEGO Duplo Ariel's Undersea Castle SetUrsula UmbrellaUrsula Statue

Kids love tales with fantasy creatures, princes and princesses, and The Little Mermaid certainly delivers on all fronts! Give your kids the aquatic adventure of a lifetime with Disney LEGO and Duplo sets, or splurge on yourself with some Irregular Choice Little Mermaid goodies. You can even find cute gifts that are also practical, such as a Disney bathroom towel set or a convenient water bottle. You don't want to be a poor, unfortunate soul and miss out on any of these The Little Mermaid gift ideas!


Disney Princess Gifts

Disney Princess Gift Ideas

Toddler Sleep Short SetDisney Princess Shadowbox Wall ArtDisney Princess Crown HeadphonesDisney Princess Nail Polish Set
Disney Princess School Supply SetDisney Princess Toy Coffee Maker SetDisney Princess Water BottleDisney Princess Toy Dinnerware Set

With so many princesses to pick from, why not go big or go home with Disney Princess gift ideas that include multiple? There are tons of great Disney princess gifts for girls, from nail polish sets to gourmet coffee makers, toy dinnerware and headphones! Add some princess decor to her room with Disney wall art, or get her to snuggle up for naptime in princess pajamas. If your child loves everything pink, they'll feel as pretty as a princess with these great Disney gifts.


Snow White Gifts

Snow White Gift Ideas

Snow White Cookie JarIrregular Choice Snow White HandbagSeven Dwarfs on a Log Statue
Loungefly Snow White Mini BackpackJim Shore Snow White StatueSleepy Drawstring Sleep Shorts

It's tough to pick a favorite Disney Princess, but it's hard to forget the first princess that started it all. Back in the day, making Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a bold move by Disney. Nicknamed "Disney's folly" by some, it was the first traditionally animated feature-length film—and it became a huge box office success! Channel your inner Sleepy with a pair of drawstring sleep shorts, or keep the famous cinematic moment with the seven dwarfs alive as part of your home theater decor. Snow White gift ideas are great for any serious Disney fan!


Aladdin Gifts

Aladdin Gift Ideas

4-Pack Ceramic Aladdin Plate SetPrincess Jasmine Styling HeadAll-Over Genie Print BackpackWhite Woodland Jasmine Statue
Jim Shore Group Hug Aladdin StatueJafar Mini BackpackMP3 Sing-Along Microphone4-Pack Aladdin Enamel Pins

Welcome a whole new world of Disney gifts into your life with these Aladdin gift ideas! There are some great ideas for kids in here, from the sing-along microphone to the styling head. (Can we say match made in heaven? Jasmine has a lot of hair, so kids will love giving her a variety of hairstyles.) More serious Disney collectors can also find stylish Disney statues, bags and even dinnerware! There's so much to love here that it would be tough for us to decide between these and The Cave of Wonders.


Moana Gifts

Moana Gift Ideas

Disney Traditions Moana FigureMoana Scoop Neck TeeMoana Tote BagPua and Moana Pop! Vinyl
Girls' Moana Sleep SetMoana Neck PillowJim Shore Moana Statue with Pua and Hei HeiMoana Wood Bangles Craft Set

One of the newer princesses in the Disney Princess lineup, it's hard not to fall in love with this spunky girl! If you're a voyager like Moana, you'll love a Moana neck pillow to keep you comfy, with a licensed tote bag at your side. For any at-home adventures, there's plenty of apparel and accessories to keep you company. Kids will also have fun crafting their own wood bangle bracelets while listening to their favorite Disney tunes! With great Moana gift ideas like these, what can we say except you're welcome?


Disney Frozen Gifts

Frozen Gift Ideas

Frozen II Activity Chair With Storage BinDisney's Frozen Lionel Train SetLEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Ice PalaceOlaf's Ice Adventure Trouble Game
Frozen Mini BackpackLittle People Frozen Kristoff's SleighFrozen II Duffel BagDisney Frozen Snowflake Light Dance

A worldwide sensation when it first debuted in 2013, Frozen fever has yet to go out. (What little girl wouldn't want to be a princess with ice powers?) There are tons of Disney kids' toys, from Frozen-themed LEGO toys to Lionel train sets and Little People! You can even make your child's room feel like an ice palace with dancing snowflake lights. Even grown-ups can get in on the Frozen fun with Disney bags by Danielle Nicole. You won't want to let these Frozen gifts go!


Cinderella Gifts

Cinderella Gift Ideas

LEGO Disney Cinderella's Castle SetKids' Cinderella Comfy ThrowCinderella Pin Collector BagCinderella Pumpkin Coach Statue
Cinderella Toddler CostumeCinderella Blanky PalPink Dress Cinderella Funko Pop!LEGO Disney Cinderella's Carriage Set

Out of all the Disney Princess fairytales, Cinderella has to be one of the most magical. From her fairy godmother to her dress, stagecoach and horses all helping her along the way, her happily ever after is more sensational than most! Capture some of the magic with these Cinderella gift ideas. Little girls will love wearing a Cinderella costume while playing pretend with their favorite blanky pal! There are also some Disney LEGO sets featuring Cinderella's carriage and castle. However, don't overlook other great Disney gifts for kids and adults like the pin collector bag, statues, figurines and snuggly snuggies!


Incredibles Gifts

Incredibles Gift Ideas

Incredibles Comfy ThrowIncredibles Walkie TalkiesIncredibles Dad HatToddler Incredibles Shirt
5 Star: Incredibles Violet FigureThe Incredibles SweaterIncredibles Crossbody BagThe Incredibles Tumbler

One of our favorite family movies by Disney has to be the Incredibles! There are so many great Incredibles gift ideas that it's hard to keep track. Apparel and accessories, collectibles, toys and even gifts for the home and office can be found in the famous family red. Too bad these Disney gift ideas can't give you superpowers, but at least they will make your giftee feel incredible!


Disney Parks Gifts

Disneyland Gift Ideas

Mickey and Minnie Sweet Treats Mini BackpackHaunted Mansion Mini Vinyl FiguresNightmare Before Christmas Mouse Ears HeadbandMatterhorn Donald Duck Vinyl Figure
Haunted Mansion with Butler Pop! VinylDisney Haunted Mansion GameAlice in Teacup KeychainLoungefly Minnie Mouse Sweet Treat Ears

If you happen to have a friend or relative that makes annual trips to Disneyland—or perhaps you are that person—they might appreciate some Disney merchandise to prepare them for their next trip! Mouse Ear headbands are great accessories to have, and you can even find an adorable Loungefly bag that looks like a Disneyland treat. There's also plenty of gifts for Disney's Haunted Mansion, one of the most famous park attractions. Just looking at these goodies makes us want to book our next vacation!


There is nothing more magical than Disney. The fairytale settings, the unforgettable characters and the songs that will never leave your head. Disney is what we want for our birthday, Christmas and all the holidays! Which Disney classic is your favorite? Check out all of our Disney gift ideas if you didn't see anything that caught your eye here!

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