Published on December 16, 2019

These Magical DIY Disney Crafts are Perfect for the Holidays [Printables]

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Magical DIY Disney Holiday Crafts

Christmas shopping can get expensive pretty quickly, especially if you have to worry about buying decorations as well. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to decorate, our DIY holiday decorations are perfect! The best part about them is that they are ALL Disney themed! Featuring some of your favorite characters from beloved Disney classics like Aladdin, Frozen, Peter Pan, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and much more. Not only can you make your own ornaments, gift tags, paper princesses, and Elf on the Shelf, but you'll also be making memories with your family that will last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Grab some scissors and let's get to it!


Disney Ornaments

DIY Disney Paper Ornaments

You will need:

  • Disney Ornaments Printable

  • Letter-sized cardstock or thick paper

  • 2-inch hole punch, scissors, or craft knife

  • Ribbon or string

  • Glue stick or glue

Instructions for Disney Ornaments:

Step One: Print out the ornaments template (pick from Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, Hercules, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, and Peter Pan).

Step Two: Cut out each ornament using scissors, a crafting knife, or a 2-inch hole punch.

Step Three: Fold each piece of the ornament in half, place a ribbon or string in the middle, and then using glue, connect the backsides together.


Disney Mickey/Minnie on the Shelf

DIY DIsney Elf on the Shelf

You will need:

Instructions for Disney Mickey/Minnie on the Shelf:

Step One: Print out the Mickey/Minnie on the Shelf template.

Step Two: Cut out each piece of elf and lay them out on a table.

Step Three: Fold the legs and arms (about every 1/3 of an inch), until they look zig-zag.

Step Four: Attach the arms and legs to the body and the head/hat onto the torso.

Step Five (Optional): Use your own face! Print out a photo with your face (roughly 2 1/2 inches tall). You can also download the template and photoshop your face on top to make sure the sizing is correct.


Disney Gift Tags

DIY DIsney Christmas Gift Tags

You will need:

Instructions for Disney Gift Tags:

Step One: Print out the Disney Gift Tags template (pick from Toy Story 4, Up, Winnie the Pooh, Marry Poppins, Monsters Inc, and Lilo & Stitch).

Step Two: Cut out the outline of each gift tag.

Step Three: Fold in half. Using glue, attach the two sides together.

Step Four: Using a hole punch, create a hole at the top of the tag.

Step Five: Thread string through and tie together to create a tag.


Disney Paper Snowflake Princesses

DIY Disney Paper Princess Snowflakes Group Shot

You will need:

DIY Disney Paper Princess Snowflakes Supplies

Instructions for Disney Paper Snowflake Princesses:

Step One: Print out the Disney Paper Snowflake Princesses template.

DIY Disney Paper Princess Snowflakes Step One

Step Two: Cut out each princess along the dotted lines.

DIY Disney Paper Princess Snowflakes Step Two

Step Three: Grab a few pieces of paper and create your own snowflakes.

DIY Disney Paper Princess Snowflakes Step Three

Step Four: Cut a slit in the middle of your snowflake and insert the waist of the princess.

DIY Disney Paper Princess Snowflakes Step Four

Step Five: Using tape or glue, attach the two together and voila! You have your own Disney Paper Snowflake Princess.

DIY Disney Paper Princess Snowflakes Step Five

Looking for more inspiration? Our friend MissCherry put together a video with a step-by-step tutorial and style guide for each craft!


So how did they turn out? Gorgeous? Festive? We want to see! Tag us on Instagram (@fundotcom_) and who knows? We might just repost a few of our favorites! You can also check out all of our family-friendly DIY crafts and printables for more fun ideas! If you're looking to buy some decorations, you can browse our holiday decorations collection, too.

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