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Let’s Talk About Funko Pop! Collections, Frequently Asked Questions & What’s New in 2019

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Let’s Talk About Funko Pop! Collections: Frequently Asked Questions & What’s New in 2019

We’re huge fans of pop culture and collectibles here at, but you probably guessed that already. Most of us have at least a few Funko Pops on our desks, if not stacks of Pops in their boxes. Maybe a full-on medieval Funko fortification or two. That means we get asked a lot of questions about those adorable bobbleheads, like what “chase” and “flocked” and “vault” mean. So let’s talk about Funko Pops, building your Funko Pop! collection, and all the other questions we get! Since it’s 2019 now (whaaat?), we’ll also look at some of the new Funko Pops we want to add to our own collections!

Frequently Asked Questions about Funko Pop! Vinyl

Alright, let's tackle some of the questions we get about Funko Pops. Let's start with the easiest question of them all:

What is Funko Pop! Vinyl?

Funko is a company that makes all kinds of pop culture collectibles, like bobbleheads. Their first bobblehead was Big Boy but their Pop! Vinyl figures include characters from most pop culture franchises, from movies to television to comics to video games. So if you’re wondering “what are Pop! Vinyl figures?” just take a moment and look around because they’re pretty much everywhere!

What are Pop! Vinyl "chase" figures?

Some Pop! Vinyl figures include a “chase” figure, which is a special variant of the default figure. This variant can have different coloring, accessories, or another pose. Not every figure has a chase variant, but of those that do, approximately 1 in 6 figures is a chase. (It used to be 1 in 36!) What this means is that chase figures are more rare and desirable than the default figure. Pop! Vinyl figures are already collectible, but some of them are super collectible!

What is a Pop! Vinyl “flocked” figure?

A "flocked" Pop means that it's covered in soft, fuzzy fibers. The fibers are tiny and feel like velour or felt. Many Pops have what are called "limited edition flocked chase" variants, where only the chase figure is flocked, but there are also standard, non-chase flocked figures, too.

What are Funko Pops made of?

Funko Pops are called “Funko Pop! Vinyl” for a reason, because they’re made of vinyl. Specifically, polyvinyl chloride or PVC, the same material used to make pipes, flooring, and even clothing. And, of course, vinyl records. Vinyl is a form of plastic, so you could also just say that Funko Pops are made of plastic!

What is the Pop Vinyl “vault”?

You may have heard of Pop Vinyl figures getting “vaulted”, which conjures images of bobbleheads getting sealed away in banks or something. But it really means that the specific figure is being discontinued or phased out and won’t be available any longer. That’s good news for collectors because it means the figures will only get rarer over time.

What is the most valuable Funko Pop figure?

This question is not easy to answer. Since we’re talking about collectibles, the value always depends on what collectors are willing to pay, and that will fluctuate over time. But the most valuable and rarest Pop figures are typically San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, because they only make several hundred or thousand of those figures. For example, the Comic-Con metallic Dumbo figure has sold for $5,000 or more several times. The headless Ned Stark figure, also a Comic-Con exclusive, has increased in value recently and now regularly sells for over $2,000.

How do I display Pop Vinyl?

That’s a great question and the answer depends entirely on you! We love Funko’s blog series about Funko collectors named "Funatic of the Week". They show the full range of Funko fans: dedicated collectors who display their Pops on custom shelves with glass doors, others who stack their Pops out in the open, and also the casual collectors who place figures randomly around their home. No matter how you display it, consider putting your favorite or valuable figures in a Pop! Vinyl protector case to keep them safe. That way, no matter which Pops you get, they’ll be kept in tip-top shape!

Which Funko Pops should I collect?

As Funko says, "Everyone is a fan of something." Collect what you love! Look for older Pop! Vinyl at garage sales and hobby shops, or even here at If you want something shiny and new—possibly covered in chrome—keep reading for some of the new 2019 Pop! Vinyl figures!

New Marvel Pop! Vinyl Figures in 2019

2019 Marvel Pop! Vinyl Figures

Captain Marvel Vers Pop VinylGoose the Cat PopCarol Danvers Pop on Motorcycle
Thor vs. Thanos Action SequenceIron Spider Chrome PopDoctor Strange Chrome Pop

It’s time to look at some of the newest Pop! Vinyl figures of 2019, specifically the Marvel Pops. Three of the biggest (expected) blockbusters this year will be Marvel films—Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: Far From Home—so you'll probably see new Pops of all your favorite characters. We’re also looking forward to more of the Funko “Movie Moments” Pops that recreate your favorite action sequences, like Thor and Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War. Funko will also be releasing more of their chrome Pops, including Iron Spider and Doctor Strange!

More New 2019 Pop! Vinyl Figures

New 2019 Pop! Vinyl Figures

Fortnite Brite Bomber PopFortnite Dark Voyager PopStranger Things Eleven and Demogorgon Scene PopsStranger Thinks Funko POP!
Wreck-It Ralph 2 Fix-It Felix PopWreck-It Ralph Yesss PopAladdin Genie with LampWayne’s World Wayne Campbell Pop

Of course, there will be plenty of other new Pop! Vinyl figures in 2019. Fortnite is still popular, so expect Funko to continue designing Pops of current and new skins. The Movie Moments Pops cover television scenes as well, such as Eleven vs. the Demogorgon and Steve vs. the Demodog from Stranger Things. There will also be figures from brand new and nostalgic properties, including Fix-It Felix and Yesss from Wreck-It Ralph 2, Genie from Aladdin, and Wayne from Wayne’s World. Party on!

Did we answer all of your questions about Funko Pops? Are there any Pops you’re looking forward to collecting this year? Let us know in the comments!

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