Published on December 18, 2018

Plan Santa's Trip Around the World to Reveal your Ugly Christmas Sweater [Quiz]

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Plan Santa's Trip Around the World to Reveal your Ugly Christmas Sweater

Santa Claus—what a guy! He has a belly like a bowl full of jelly but instead of dieting, he keeps stuffing his face with assorted cookies from kids all around the world. Now that's a man who's dedicated to his career! Santa loves his job but making a list, checking it twice, then jumping down a million chimneys really drains him. Mrs. Claus and the army of elves can only help so much, so this Christmas, Santa is calling upon you to help plan his journey.

Prepare jolly Ol' St. Nick's annual sleigh ride around the globe and in return, you'll receive a little treat—an ugly Christmas sweater recommendation! (Yes, even if your name consistently appears on that Naughty List!) Assist in sleigh navigation and toy sack preparation to reveal a holiday sweater perfect for wearing to family potlucks, holiday concerts and even work holiday parties—by golly, it's a Christmas miracle!

So how did it go? Did Santa have a successful Christmas Eve excursion thanks to you? (We hope so!) In the comment section below, let us know which holiday sweater you've received as a result. Even better, recount the merry times you had while wearing it!

Carmen Torr
Carmen Torr

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