Back to School Gifts for Students of All Ages

Back to School Gifts for Students of All Ages

There’s a certain level of excitement that comes every year as the summer winds down. Most parents are excited for their kids to get out of the house and back to school. While kids may be down about summer ending, there’s still some anticipation of getting back to a daily routine at school and seeing friends more often. One of the best ways to get prepared and to amp up excitement for the new school year is back to school shopping! Along with new clothes and bags each year, students are given a back to school shopping list filled with everything they need for their upcoming classes. While you can't do much about the classic #2 pencils and colored folders, there's plenty of other ways for students to show off their own unique style in the classroom. Check out this list of back to school items that are sure to put a smile on your children's face!


Backpacks for Back to School

Top left to bottom right: Hufflepuff varsity stripes backpack, Overwatch backpack, Care Bears Cheer Bear backpack, Nickelodeon backpack, Star Wars Han Solo backpack, Llama quilt backpack, Pete the Cat backpack, Jurassic Park backpack, Pink metallic backpack. Shop all backpacks.

One the biggest back to school essentials is a backpack that will not only reflect your kid’s personality, but also last for the whole year. Luckily, you can find a high quality backpack featuring favorite movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter and popular games like Overwatch! You can even find popular options for the younger crowd like Pete the Cat, PJ Masks, and Disney princesses.

School Supplies

School Supplies

Top left to bottom right: Legend of Zelda notebook, Harry Potter Feather Pen, Wonder Woman bookmarks, Batman sticky notes, Dr. Seuss Oh The Places You'll Go Pencil Bag, Elmer's jumbo box of 64 crayons. Shop all office supplies.

Another must-have every for every school year is new school supplies. Notebooks, writing utensils, folders, glue sticks, and all sorts of other products for school work are needed, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be the same old stuff every year. Pick up some fun Legend of Zelda notebooks or maybe get a sweet pencil bag featuring the Dr. Seuss classic “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”. School supplies also make great back to school gifts for teachers as well, so be sure to help them stock up!

Lunch Boxes and Bags

School Lunchboxes

Top left to bottom right: Black Panther metal lunch box, Legend of Zelda shield molded lunch box, Rick and Morty spaceship lunch box, Brown paper bag insulated lunch box, Unicorn lunch bag, Care Bears tin lunch box, Jurassic World raptor lunch box, Hatchimals lunch tote, PJ Masks metal lunch box. Shop all lunchboxes.

If you’re child isn’t much of a fan of school lunch, they’re going to need a lunch box that keeps their food as fresh as their style. With popular characters like Black Panther and other superheroes and characters. You can find some fun tin lunch boxes or insulated soft-sided ones. You can even get an insulated lunch box featuring a classic brown paper bag look!

Back to School Clothes

Back to School Clothes

Top left to bottom right: Overwatch Tracer t-shirt, Ghostbusters logo shirt, Samurai Jack t-shirt, Star Wars Lando shirt, Super Mario Odyssey boys t-shirt, Moana juniors shirt, Sailor Moon shirt, Harry Potter creatures leggings, Star Wars Forces of Destiny girls shirt, Disney Stitch girls t-shirt. Shop all clothing.

Buying new clothes for the upcoming school year is a must. Maybe your kid has outgrown some of their old clothes or maybe their style has changed. And what better way to show up on the first day of school rocking a new Star Wars shirt or Harry Potter leggings? It doesn't matter which age you're shopping for, you'll be able to pick a variety of t-shirts. Just remember, the more shirts you pick, the more time they'll be spending weighing their outfit options (can't be late for school!).


Back to School Accessories

Top left to bottom right: Spider-Man Iron Spider Wallet, Deadpool iron-on patch, Sonic the Hedgehog socks, Avengers: Infinity War Thanos hat, Mermaid buttons, Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf, rainbow unicorn socks, Wonder Woman shoes. Shop all clothing accessories.

Once your student has their back to school wardrobe figured out, they're almost ready for the school year. Of course, they're going to want some sweet accessories to go with their clothes. Maybe they need a new wallet to carry lunch money in or a hat or scarf showing off their fandom. You can't forget some fun buttons or patches to put on their backpack, clothing or anywhere else they can stick them!

Outdoor Gear

Outdoor Apparel for Back to School

Top left to bottom right: Marvel Spider-Man winter coat, Overwatch Lucio hoodie, Spider-Gwen scarf, DC Justice League pea coat, Wonder Woman bomber jacket, Sharks rain coat, Owl rain poncho, Dinosaur rain boots. Shop all outerwear.

Whether it be a cool fall breeze or harsh winter winds, you’re going to want to make sure your kids are prepared for any sort of weather. Get a Wonder Woman bomber jacket or an Overwatch hoodie featuring your favorite fighter to keep warm in a cool fall breeze. A superhero winter coat will protect from the blistering cold of winter. Also, be sure to stay dry from the rain with rain jackets, rain boots, and maybe an umbrella.

Now you can rest easy knowing that your kids will be welcome back to school in style! They may even be so grateful, they'll forget all about having to get back to subjects like history and math. You can browse our entire selection of back to school gift ideas and maybe even find something that you'll want for yourself. Remember, we have a huge selection of games, toys, and collectibles as well because you can't have all work and no play. Looking for even more back to school deals? We've done some math of our own so there are always deep discounted treasures in our sale category that'll give you a little more bang for your buck. Have a great school year!

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