Themed Christmas Decoration Ideas

Themed Christmas Decoration Ideas

Chances are you have a specific decorating theme for your house or rooms. Why shouldn’t you do a specific theme for your Christmas decorations? Sure, you can go with the standard red-and-green decorations, throwing in a few gold-and-silver things. Boring! Now we aren’t saying that’s a bad thing but why not have FUN with them! Make them unique to you and your family by showing off what you love. We thought we’d help show you some Christmas decorating ideas of ours that we love.

Star Wars Christmas Idea

Star Wars Themed Christmas

Featured products: Boba Fett Lights, Darth Vader Lights, Darth Vader Tree Topper, R2D2 Lights, Stormtrooper Helmet, Darth Vader Nutcracker, BB-8 Musical Water Globe, Chewy Stocking, Yoda Stocking, BB-8 Stocking, Yoda FX Lightsaber

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Nothing says Christmas cheer like having Darth Vader with a lightsaber on top of your Christmas tree. We know this may sound ridiculous, but if you think about it the only thing that brought him back from the dark side was spending time with his son, even though it was a lightsaber battle. May the Force Be With You as you decorate for your Star Wars themed Christmas.

Darth Vader Nutcracker

That "laser sword" is lit!

R2D2 Lights, Darth Vader Nutcracker, BB-8 Musical Water Globe, Chewy Stocking, Yoda Stocking, BB-8 Stocking, Yoda FX Lightsaber

Boba Fett Lights

With a festive red-and-green helmet, Boba's as well suited for your Christmas tree as he is for bounty hunting.

Boba Fett Light Set

Darth Vader Lights

The Christmas Spirit is strong with this one.

Darth Vader Light Set

NFL themed christmas

NFL Themed Christmas

Featured products: Cowboys Throw Blanket, Cowboys Slipper, Vikings Ornaments, Steelers Ornaments, Eagles Ornaments, Patriots Ornaments, Falcons Helmet Ornament, Seahawks Football Ornament, Cowboys Helment Bank, Marshawn Lynch POP!, Rob Gronkowski POP!, Cam Newton POP!, Broncos Stocking, Seahawks Stocking, Patriots Stocking, Packer Stocking

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True football fans know that when it comes to being a super fan, there are no off-days. After all, you think the Steelers and the Texans are just going to wait for you to finish your Christmas celebrations before they take to the field? Not a chance. That's why we've made our NFL themed Christmas decor. With an NFL themed Christmas tree, you won't have to worry that you're not showing the support your team deserves. And if you're going to feel guilty about having other teams on your tree, just put your team at the top, where they belong. They will understand.

Seahawks Pop Vinyl

From Beast Mode to Christmas Mode, real quick.

Cowboys Helmet Bank, Marshawn Lynch POP! , Rob Gronkowski POP!

Viking Christmas bulb

These Minnesota Vikings bulbs are a great catch for anyone looking to represent the upcoming Superbowl champions. (As Minnesotans, we are subject to a little bias.)

Vikings Ornament Set

Football Ornament

After Superbowl XLIX, we have a special shipping method, just for our Seahawks football ornament. We run it all the way to your house, no passing involved.

Seahawks Football Ornament

Doctor Who Christmas

Doctor Who Themed Christmas

Featured products: TARDIS Throw Blanket, Weeping Angel Mug, Starry Night Stockings, Doctor Who Mini Tree, Dalek Ornament Set, Dalek Lights, TARDIS Lights, Weeping Angel Ornament

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Considering that there is a Doctor Who Christmas Special airing on Christmas day, having a Doctor Who themed Christmas tree has never been more fitting! From the Dalek ornaments to the TARDIS stockings, this holiday arrangement has everything a Doctor Who fan needs. Can't you see yourself wrapped up in your TARDIS blanket on Christmas night, watching Jodie Whittaker take on her newest role as the Thirteenth Doctor? But let's not forget about the best part! A Weeping Angel on top of the tree is exactly what you need to have people constantly looking at your Christmas tree. Because if they stop looking at the Weeping Angel... Well, let's just hope that doesn't happen.

Tardis Stocking

Is a TARDIS stocking bigger on the inside?

Starry Night Stockings

Weeping Angel

If you're busy reading this, you're not looking at the Weeping Angel. That's risky. 

Weeping Angel Ornament, TARDIS Light Set

Doctor Who Christmas Tree

An entire tree for the Eleventh Doctor, a mad man with a box.

Doctor Who Mini Tree, Weeping Angel Mug

kid themed christmas decorations

Kid Themed Christmas

Featured products: Snoopy Lights, Marshall Lights, PJ Masks Ornaments, Peppa Pig Ornaments, Shimmer & Shine Ornaments, Peppa Pig Tree Skirt, Rudolph Lights, Buzz Lightyear Nutcracker, Snoopy Nutcracker, Peppa Pig Stocking, Mickey Mouse Stocking, Frosty the Snowman Stocking, Paw Patrol Stocking, Rudolph Ornament Set, Skye Dinnerware Set, Skye Pillow

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This Christmas tree is perfect for anyone looking to give their child a magical Christmas! Complete with ornaments from all their favorite shows like Peppa Pig and PJ Masks, this tree is certain to have your kids jumping with excitement before they even open a present. We even included a Buzz Lightyear Nutcracker, and set his laser from "stun" to "crack nuts". To give it that special Christmas feel, you can find holiday classics like Frosty the Snowman on a stocking, and Snoopy on the Christmas tree and the fireplace. To top it all off, we wrapped our wreath in Rudolph-shaped lights, to make sure that Santa has no problem finding his way to your home this year. Don’t forget the milk and cookies for him! What could be better than sitting by the lit Christmas tree cuddling with Skye watching a holiday movie marathon?

Kids Christmas Stockings

Even over the fireplace, this Frosty won't melt.

Marshall Lights, Peppa Pig Ornaments, Buzz Lightyear Nutcracker, Snoopy Nutcracker, Peppa Pig Stocking, Mickey Mouse Stocking, Frosty the Snowman Stocking

Rudolph ornament set

Rudolph lights the way all the way to the milk and cookies.

Paw Patrol Stocking, Rudolph Ornament Set, Skye Dinnerware Set

Snoopy Christmas lights

"Cuz Christmas time, is the right time, to fight crime, I can't think of a rhyme!"

Snoopy Light Set, PJ Masks Ornament Set

What do you think of our Christmas decorating ideas? No matter your decorating style, there are plenty of ways to make your Christmas decorations unique to you. Don’t see one you like above? Check out the rest of our Christmas décor to find the style that fits you. Is there one you’re going to try this year? Let us know in the comments.

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