Published on September 1, 2016

Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Shoes at – Second Collection

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Alice in Wonderland Irregular Choice Shoes

We’re so ecstatic to announce that the second collection of Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland shoes have been released! We’re even more ecstatic to share with you that has the complete collection ready for both your fashionable and desirable needs. The second collection consists of stunningly glittered bows to fully sequined covered boots and picturesque scenes starring your beloved characters. All of these trending, chic shoes will be perfect for you anywhere and for your everyday use. Take a peek at the full second collection here!

Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Flats

Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Flats

Irregular Choice Talk to the Flowers Flat     Irregular Choice Little More Tea Flat

Irregular Choice Black and White Chesire Cat Flat    Irregular Choice Here's A Riddle Flat

The flats in the collection feature unforgettable moments from the Disney movie such as sharing timeless tea with the Mad Hatter on the Little More Tea Flat while including intricate black lacing, along with black glitter to top off the look for extra madness. Others like the Black And White Cheshire Cat Flats, similar to a pair in Irregular Choice’s first collection, are striped in black and white, versatile for nearly every color or outfit option. Your grin with indeed match the Cheshire Cat’s by the end of the day in these feline flats.

Irregular Choice Alice in wonderland heels

Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Heels

Irregular Choice Wonderland This Way Heel    Irregular Choice Tick Tock Blue Stripe Mary Jane Heel 

Irregular Choice Teal My Cup of Tea Cup Heel

Keeping to similar fashion stakes, two out of the three heel options in this collection continue to star miniature Alice and the teapot for the hind attraction. The Wonderland This Way Alice Shoe would pair beautifully with that little black dress you’ve been dying to wear, and these alluring man-made shoes will stun even the Queen of Hearts when you show her the deck of cards elegantly decorated on them.  Furthermore, styling the Teal My Cup Of Tea Cup Heel would go whimsically with any clothing item when you’re feeling a pop of color in your outfit. The detail and design of each intricate aspect of this collection will have you wanting them all.

irregular choice Alice In wonderland boots

Alice in Wonderland Who in the World Am I

Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Muchness Boot

Irregular Choice Who in the World Am I Sequined Boot

Irregular Choice Lost Your Muchness Boot 

We’re speechless when it comes to this collections' boots. Can you say sequined and denim? Even though these two game changing elements and fabrics aren’t paired together, you’ll definitely want both of these boots to be in your wardrobe. Delicately added to the side of the Who In The World Am I Sequined Boot is a glittered bow equally as head turning as the sequins themselves. As for the Lost Your Muchness Boot Alice Heel, it beautifully sits mid-calf while exhibiting artwork on each side panel straight from the Disney film itself. Your muchness will indeed exceed all muchness limits with this shoe. Both boots have Alice featured heel figurines to embark on your adventure with you all day long.

After getting a first glance at Irregular Choice’s first collection of Alice in Wonderland themed shoes we were positive you were left feeling like you needed more, and that’s where this second collection fulfills your satisfaction. From vivid flowery flats, curiously striped heels, and high-fashioned boots that will make your jaws drop, Irregular Choice has done it again by offering styles for every occasion.  Even an accidental fall down a rabbit hole— yeah, there’s a shoe for that. See all of our Irregular Choice shoes, and the rest of our Alice in Wonderland gifts.