Published on June 21, 2016

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Star Wars Irregular Choice Shoes

Irregular Choice’s Star Wars shoes are a thing of geeky beauty, so we were over the moon (or space station?) when we heard a second set of designs were being released in the collection. We’re very giddy to report that Phase 2 of these Star Wars shoes are now live and fully operational! We have nine brilliant new styles from the creative minds at Irregular Choice—some flats, some heels and, brand new to our site, some awesome sneakers! To see all of the stellar new kicks we carry on just keep scrolling.

Irregular Choice Star Wars Flats

Irregular Choice Star Wars FlatsC-3PO The Golden Robot Flat         R2D2 Sparkle Flat         Darth Vader Sparkle Flat

The word of the hour for the flats in this collection is glitter. Glitter droids and glitter Sith lords all living together in a glittery galaxy far, far away. Why own a pair of golden C-3PO shoes when you can own a pair of BRIGHT, sparkly golden C-3PO shoes?! If you’re adorning your feet with Irregular Choice shoes, might as well double down and go as fancy as possible.

Irregular Choice Star Wars Heels

Irregular Choice Star Wars HeelsVader Golden Heels Platform     Floral R2D2 Heel

Mesh Battlefront R2D2 Heel    R2D2 Sparkle Mesh Heel

We don’t know about you, but rocking a pair of high heels featuring an epic galactic battle is possibly one on of the biggest fashion statements you can make in the galaxy. Which side are you on? With shoes like these you’re probably on your own side… fashion is your ally, and a powerful ally it is! If you’re not looking to show off x-wings and tie-fighters as much, maybe the more “inspired by” styles are your speed – like the silvery, glitter sparkle style or, our personal favorite, the full floral heel. BUT, don’t worry… these shoes still have R2D2 acting as the actual heel of the shoe, so the whole world can know you’re a fan of the best space opera around. And droids.

Irregular Choice Star Wars Sneakers

Irregular Choice Star Wars SneakersLogo Pocket High Top Sneakers     R2D2 High Top Sneakers

It’s hard for any of these Irregular Choice Star Wars collection shoes to stand out from the rest, but one thing that really catches our instant adoration are these awesome new high top sneakers. We’re so happy to see them! Like, a lost Jawa seeing a cantina happy. These kicks have a bit of nostalgia and a bit of Star Wars glitz all mixed together to create a pair of eye-catching shoes. We can’t decide which ones we like more, though! The pastel R2D2 pair or the black ones with the Day of the Dead Vader on the tongue! (We think it’s the Vader ones!) The soles light up, completing your transformation into a hip Sith!

Irregular Choice Star Wars Shoes Fan Photos

Star Wars Irregular Choice Shoes Fan Photos[Source]

Irregular Choice runs a #FanFriday hashtag every week for their followers to submit photos wearing their shoes. There’s no better fashion inspiration than to see stylish people wear these shoes out and about. Here are a few of our favorite submitted photos from Irregular Choice’s Twitter account!

Which shoes are your favorite? Is it a flashy style from this second phase or one of the originals? Hopefully, Irregular Choice sees how much the world loves Star Wars shoes that they come out with even more styles sometime soon! In the meantime, you can browse all of our Star Wars shoes, as well as all of our collections of Irregular Choice shoes, including Alice in Wonderland.

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