Star Wars: A Licensing Empire [Infographic]

Star Wars Merchandise

Remember a long time ago, here in this galaxy, when Star Wars was just a movie? Neither do we! It’s no surprise that Star Wars is one of the most valuable franchises today and it’s mostly due to all the licensed merchandise that’s available out there. Sure, things started small with books and action figures (have you seen how many Luke Skywalker action figures there are?), but it’s grown into a colossal business. You can get Star Wars shoes, purses, slippers, bathrobes, pajamas, toasters, jewelry... pretty much anything you can think of!

If you add everything up - all the way down to Star Wars branded macaroni and cheese - you’ll find that Star Wars merchandise sales exceeded a quarter of a billion dollars last year alone! That’s a whole lot of noodles! As much as we’d like to go into every detail, we’d prefer to use our time to keep watching Star Wars movies on the regular. Here’s a look at amount of Star Wars movies, books, and toys produced since the franchise launched 40 years ago.

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Star Wars Merchandise Infographic

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Phew! That’s quite a bit of merchandise and, with several new movies set to be released, you can guarantee that even more will be made each year. What’s your favorite piece of Star Wars memorabilia? Do you collect Star Wars action figures? There are so many cool ones, but we’d have to say our favorite is still Chewbacca. If you love Star Wars, you should take a look at our selection of Star Wars gifts and see what kind of sweet merchandise exists in this galaxy.Thanks to JediBusiness and Wookieepedia for the facts!

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