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Alice in Wonderland Collection at!

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Alice in Wonderland Collection

While Friday, May 27th brings us the new Disney movie, Alice Through the Looking Glass, we must admit, we think about Alice in Wonderland pretty much year-round. The dreamlike imagery, the sweet treats, the cats... what's not to love? Since we're such big fans of the classic story and all the film adaptations through the years, we thought that launching an Alice in Wonderland collection on our site would be just delightful! We have some exclusive goodies, like a cookie-shaped purse by Loungefly, a floral hoodie, and some other great items such as the Irregular Choice shoe line and lots of toys and gifts. So, are you ready to take a trip to Wonderland?

Exclusive Alice in Wonderland Purse by Loungefly

Loungefly Eat Me Alice in Wonderland Purse

Exclusive Loungefly Alice in Wonderland Eat Me Cross Body Purse

First order of business: this scrumptious purse. It's a cookie. Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen? Inspired by a suspiciously inviting dessert, (which Alice pops into her mouth and immediately sees some interesting results) this purse is just the perfect size for a wallet, phone, keys, candy, treats, little cakes, a hedgehog for some impromptu croquet later... you know, the essentials. The bag also comes with a little charm attached to the strap that looks like the illustrations of our heroine in the classic books.

Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Shoes

Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Shoes

Ahh, the Irregular Choice shoes. Can you think of a brand better suited to design footwear inspired by Wonderland and all the whimsical characters found in the movies? A Cheshire Cat flat with pink stripes, White Rabbit heels with mini-donuts attached all around, teapot booties with scenes from the Disney classic - these aren't just shoes, they're works of art. You can see more information on all of the shoes in this blog post.

Alice in Wonderland Shirts and Hoodies

Alice in Wonderland Shirts and Hoodies

Loungefly Cheshire Cat Bag      Grey Alice T-Shirt    Black Alice Hoodie

Classic Alice Tank Top     Cheshire Cat T-Shirt

So you've adorned your feet with Alice shoes, you've put all your personal belongings in an Eat Me purse, what else are you forgetting? Oh, right! Your whole outfit! In our Alice in Wonderland collection, we have a wide variety of t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and purses. Want a tee with some classic Disney art? Got it! How about some vintage-looking Alice illustrations on a tank top? Have that, too! What about a costume hoodie to make you look like you're the Cheshire Cat himself? One item that we're most excited for, though, is the flower hooded sweatshirt, seen below. How beautiful is that?

Floral Alice in Wonderland Hoodie

Exclusive Alice in Wonderland Flower Hooded Sweatshirt

Alice in Wonderland Gifts and Toys

Alice in Wonderland Toys and Gifts

Cheshire Cat Pajamas     Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Pop! Vinyl     Animated Alice Pop! Vinyl

Of course, there's more to life than clothes - there's toys! We have full lines of Alice in Wonderland Pop Vinyls by Funko, featuring characters from both the Disney cartoon and of the new live-action movies. You know you want a Johnny Depp Mad Hatter figure on your desk. There's also pajamas, coffee cups, and other figures. Lots to choose from when you're shopping for a diehard Alice fan!

Have you fallen down the rabbit hole? All of our Alice in Wonderland gifts are just so sweet, not unlike a little “eat me” pastry you might find at a mad tea party. Which would you like to receive as a gift? Maybe a haute couture pair of shoes, adorned with donuts, or maybe just a cute little Funko Pop Vinyl! Let us know in the comments, or share with us on our Instagram or Facebook.

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