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Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Shoes on


Irregular Choice has launched their newest collection of Alice in Wonderland themed shoes, and we're excited to announce that is carrying all of the styles from the series! The shoes feature Alice, of course, but also include fun, high-fashion versions of the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, and the Cheshire Cat. Whether you want daisy-covered flats, perfect for a day at the office, or light-up high heels covered in glitter, ready for a night on the town, this collection has it all. See all of the shoes that we are carrying here!


Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Flats

Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Flats

Time is Ticking Flats, $184 – Shop      Which Way? Flats, $190 – Shop

Card Soldiers Flats, $184 – Shop      How Curious Door Peek Flats, $192 – Shop

Cheshire Cat Flats, $190 – Shop      Curiouser Flats, $199 - Shop


The flats in the Alice in Wonderland Irregular Choice collection feature some of the awesome imagery from the Disney movie, like the Cheshire Cat's grin, the transforming "eat me" and "drink me" treats that Alice finds, and even her cute little kitty cat, Dinah. These one-of-a-kind shoes are perfect for an every day look. The flowers on the Curiouser flats would go well with some cuffed denim, and the How Curious Door Peek flats would be so cute with some lacy socks and a sundress.


Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Heels

Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Heels

White Rabbit and Hearts Black Heel, $240 – Shop      Flowers Can’t Talk Alice Heel, $260 – Shop

White Rabbit Heel, $245 – Shop      Cheshire Cat Heart Heel, $223 – Shop

Curious Feeling Women’s Heel, $240 – Shop      One Lump or Two High Heel, $278 – Shop

Tea with Alice Heel, $218 – Shop      Queen of Hearts High Heel, $223 – Shop

I’m Late White Rabbit Heel, $381 – Shop


Now, these high heels are for some serious fashion risk-takers. The heels on the Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts style light up! The heels on the different styles are molded after Alice herself, the White Rabbit, and a teapot. However, our number one favorite in this set HAS to be the I'm Late White Rabbit Heel style. All those little donuts, treats, and candies attached to the shoe are so delicious looking.  


Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Booties

Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland Boots

Alice in Wonderland All Mad Here Teapot Ankle Boot, $290 – Shop


And last, but not least, the ankle boot! This style comes with the teapot heel, and the rest features some majorly cute details, like the polka dotted bows, the images from the tea party on the front of the shoe, the glitter toe, and our favorite, the little frosting detail on the soles. You would be the perfect host of your own unbirthday party with these sweet boots.


Pretty awesome, right? We cannot pick our favorite. Ahhh, jk, our favorite is the one covered in donuts. If you need more time to decide which pair YOU'D like to see in your closet, you can fall down the rabbit hole and view the whole collection of Alice in Wonderland shoes by Irregular Choice here!

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