The X-Over: The X-Files Influence on Breaking Bad [Infographic]

X-Files and Breaking Bad Crossover Infographic


The X-Files came creeping back onto our TV screens on Sunday, January 24th, and we don't think we could have waited a minute longer. Mulder and Scully, back again? New cases? New monsters? Skinner?! Be still our spooky hearts! There are few shows that are up to the same level of obession that X-Files existed on, one being the classic tale of science-teacher-turned-drug-lord, Breaking Bad. But, is there a reason why we love the two so equally? Maybe because the creator, Vince Gilligan, worked on The X-Files from 1995 to 2002. Or maybe because over a dozen actors have been featured in both shows. OR maybe because Gilligan snuck in a handful of X-Files-themed Easter eggs in Breaking Bad for all the superfans to catch. We got so excited finding all the connections between the two shows, that we decided to make an infographic that details them all!


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The X-Files and Breaking Bad Connection Infographic


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Pretty impressive, no? Also, doesn't it make you want to go back and rewatch both TV shows from start to finish? You can live tweet us your marathon, if you want! We also have some cute X-Files pop vinyls on the site, as well as Breaking Bad Funkos, too.


Design Credit: Abby Bartels

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