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12 Geeky Holiday Crafts to DIY this December

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12 Geeky Holiday Crafts to DIY

While you may love to craft all year long, there's something extra fun about creating decorations or gifts during the holiday season. You can be so festive, so giving, so cute! And, of course, if you're like us - so geeky! If you're looking for some projects to create this December, we have just the one (or 12) for you! Here are our favorite craft tutorials and nerdy DIYs that you can either give away or hoard for yourself.



1. Harry Potter's Golden Snitch Ornament DIY

DIY Golden Snitch Ornament



We can't get over just how dainty and cute this Golden Snitch tree ornament is. We know there is only ONE on the Quiddich field, as per the rules of the magical game in the Harry Potter universe, but wouldn't it be so sweet if your tree was completely covered in these gold bulbs?



2. Legend of Zelda TriForce Candle Tutorial

Homemade Zelda TriForce Candle



The TriForce pattern on this pillar candle could easily be seen as just a pretty design, but to the well-trained eye... it's obviously from Zelda. Add this elegant decoration to any end table for a beautiful accent and then hook up your Nintendo 64, because seriously, how long has it been since you played a bit of Ocarina of Time?



3. Handmade LEGO Soap

DIY Lego Soap Gifts



Handmade soaps are a staple of DIY Christmas gifts, but these LEGO versions are a cute twist on a classic. This DIY shows you how to make the bars of soap, as well as how to include these little guys right in the middle. The best is the LEGO soap tray!



4. Build-It-Yourself LEGO Star Wars Ornaments

LEGO Star Wars Christmas Ornaments DIY



Speaking of LEGO... these DIY ornaments are really neat, huh? This site tells you how to make some Star Wars decorations using basic LEGO pieces. It also has intructions for lots of other patterns, too, non-Star Wars related.



5. Lord of the Rings Paper Chain Printable

Lord of the Rings paper chain



This project is super simple and super cute! Paper chains are a standard in elementary school holiday crafting, but add in the most famous circle shaped item in the fantasy realm and you have yourself a very important decoration. Here are some free printables of the One Ring from Lord of the Rings.



6. DIY TARDIS Snow Globe

TARDIS Snow Globe



The TARDIS looks so perfect sitting in such a beautiful wintery scene! Consider making this cute little trinket for your favorite Doctor Who fan. Or for yourself. That's fine, too.



7. Floppy Disc Planters Tutorial

Floppy Disc Planters



Ok, so, these might not look too Christmas-y, but, if you're an experienced crafter with an eye for creativity, you know that with a few tweaks, these of COURSE can be Christmas-y! Instead of succulents, fill these floppy disc planters with mini-pine trees! Use only green and red colored discs. And glitter.. always add glitter. 



8. DIY Superhero Ornaments

Superhero Christmas Ornaments DIY



A Christmas tree where DC and Marvel can live together in harmony... now that's the holiday spirit. These basic ornaments look nice and cute, and the tutorial is very clear and easy to follow.



9. Minecraft Creeper Ornament Tutorial

DIY Minecraft Creeper Ornament



You can find plain square ornaments at any craft store. They're perfect for making Minecraft crafts! This DIY shows you how to turn one of those glass squares into a cute little creeper face. He kind of looks like he blends into the tree!



10. Captain America Tree Skirt

Captain America Tree Skirt Craft



The tree skirt is often looked past as an option for holiday crafting, but not in this house! Captain America's shield definitely lends itself to a great, round design, and it looks so nice and patriotic wrapped around the base of this tree. Sewing machine needed for this craft!



11. Homemade Cthulhu Wreath

DIY Cthulhu Wreath



OMG. Like... what else do you say? This Cthulhu wreath is stunning. There aren't step-by-step instructions on how to recreate this monster, but the person who made it did post plenty of process photos - so if you REALLY wanted this H.P. Lovecraft-inspired decoration adorning your house, you could probably figure out how to make it.



12. DIY Batman Wreath

Batman Wreath



Jingle Bells, Batman smells. Okay, can we talk about that? Why does Batman smell? Who is singing it? Is it the Joker? What is the origin of that song? We need to know! Please, tell us if you know. Was it in the comics? A cartoon? It's driving us crazy!!


Do you think you'll hit up any of these crafts this month? Better start now! Let us know in the comments what your favorite activity to create during December is and be sure to share pictures of your finished projects. We also have lots of fun, geeky gifts to give, too, if you'd rather do that! Happy holidays!

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