Pixar Short Films: A Timeline of Releases [Infographic]


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Pixar has become one of the premiere animation studios in the film industry, but they had humble beginnings. The company started as a subsidiary of Lucasfilm, became a hardware company under the prescient gaze of Steve Jobs, and broke out later to make the first computer animated film, Toy Story, which changed film and animation forever. The backbone of all their success has always been the short films. What could have been mere examples of evolving computer imagery (as most computer animation was done in its infancy), Pixar took the medium and paired it with clever storytelling, compelling characters, and groundbreaking technology. This tried and true formula is still what makes Pixar the storytelling powerhouse that it is today. Despite being a very successful feature film company, they continue to make short films. They offer new, talented filmmakers a chance to show what they can do, and for the animators and innovators, they get to see how far they can push computer animation into a new frontier. This infographic is a brief look at some of the shorts Pixar has created, with a little bit of historical information as well as some fun facts. Enjoy!



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Pixar Shorts Timeline


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