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Happy Home Crafts: 12 Free Animal Crossing Stencils [Printables]

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Animal Crossing Crafts


Fans of the Animal Crossing video game series have been counting down the days until September 25th, when Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is released on the Nintendo 3DS. In the new game, you help villagers decorate their houses. We are so, so, SO excited to be an employee of Tom Nook that to bide our time until the game is in our little villager hands, we’ve created a few crafts to decorate our happy homes. Here are 12 free stencils, all Animal Crossing themed, for you to craft and play with before the game comes out. Please, make Isabelle proud. The village is relying on you!



Animal Crossing Stencil Guides

Free Animal Crossing Stencil Patterns

Click Image for Full Size Printable PDFs


Here are the keys for the stencils we’ve created! Each section shows exactly what shape pieces you need to cut out to create your finished product. At the bottom of the post, you’ll find the link to download the full page sized stencils, used for the pillows and large magnets. We used a pair of scissors to cut the stencils out, an exacto knife for small details, felt, a marker to trace the stencil onto the material, and hot glue.



Animal Crossing Craft Ideas


Animal Crossing Keychains and Charms


A keychain is perfect for, well, keys, but also to hook onto charms on your Nintendo 3DS! To add the ring on the back, we cut out a small rectangle and glued it around either side. Our favorite of these little keychains is definitely the tiny little orange, which is one of the classic town fruits that might be native to your village at the start of the game.  


Animal Crossing Coasters


To make coasters, we found some plain, cork circles at a craft store and hot glued the fruit designs to the top. For some extra color and craftiness, you could glue down a solid, contrasting color of felt on the coaster first and then add your favorite icon on top. We chose a series of fruit for these coasters! Or maybe you could make a set of all pitfall seeds, since they are circles to begin with.


Animal Crossing Coffee Cozies


While playing Animal Crossing, you need some caffeine to keep you going. It may not seem like too wild of a game, but for those of you who have gotten into the series, you know that hours at a time can pass without you even realizing it! We crocheted some basic coffee cozies in solid colors, then attached the small felt stencils to the front with glue. Another idea for the next series of stencils? Brewster’s logo!


Animal Crossing Pillow Plushes


Animal Crossing plushes! Is there anything more cute in life?! We took some of the big stencils to create these pillows. For the smaller ones, the leaf and the fossil, we cut out the stencils, but did two of the main big piece. We hand stitched those sides together and stuffed with polyfill before completely sewing the edges together.


Animal Crossing Bell Bag Pouch


Can you call yourself an Animal Crossing fan if you don’t have your own bag of bells to carry around? The way we made this little pouch was the same method as making the pillows – except, you don’t add stuffing and you don’t sew the top together! This bag is perfect for candy, pens and pencils, or other little treats and toys you want to carry around. We hot glued a snap on the inside for extra security.  


Animal Crossing Magnets


Lastly, our favorite craft of this selection, the magnets! The icons from the Animal Crossing games just work so perfectly for this. We used the stencil size that prints out with the keys (shown at the start of the blog) to make these magnets. We just bought a roll of magnet stickers from the craft store, which oh-so-easily adhere to the back of the felt like tape. How cute is the little present?! We hope there’s a golden slingshot in it!


Free Printable Animal Crossing Stencils

Printable Animal Crossing Stencil Crafts

Click Image for Full Size Printable PDFs


Feel free to print these out at different sizes to make your own custom Animal Crossing craft! We recommend printing out two of the more complex patterns (like the banana or present) to cut out the shapes as easily as possible. There’s no right or wrong way to do this! Be sure to have the keys handy, though, for reference when you put your pieces together.


We hope you liked these crafts! We had so much fun making these and we know you will, too. We also have some brand new Animal Crossing toys for you to peek at ... look at Fauna! Reese! Ahhh! So adorable. Share in the comments if you've made any of these crafts, and tag us on Instagram: @fundotcom_. 


Design Credit: Kate Lemke

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