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8(bit) Free 3D Perler Bead Patterns [Printables]

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free 3D perler bead patterns of 8bit characters


DID YOU or DID YOU NOT play with Perler Beads as a kid? If so, you've probably got great memories of digging through that giant bucket of multicolored beads, arranging them "just so," and sprinting to mom or dad for help ironing your masterpiece together. (Bam - new magnet. You're welcome, mom!) We were recently inspired to blow the dust off our bucket o' beads and revisit that childhood craft once again. The inspiration? The awesomely retro video game stars of the upcoming Adam Sandler film, Pixels. Along with famous humans, the movie stars Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and a whole bunch of other blasts from the 8bit past!

We created free Perler patterns for 8 of our favorite characters. These aren't your average, every day, 2D patterns, though. No sir - we're adults now, and we have improved motor skills! Each of these patterns will allow you to create a 3D collectable, intended to be shown off while perched on your computer monitor, bulletin board, file cabinet, you name it!



1. Donkey Kong

Hanging Donkey Kong Perler Beads


Donkey Kong was the first platform game to feature jumping. If that doesn't qualify this crazy ape from the 1980's as a classic gaming character, then we don't know what would! Donkey Kong is probably the largest of the 3D sprites we constructed, so be sure to have plenty of red beads on-hand. Coworkers will go bananas with jealosy.


Printable Pattern:

3d Donkey Kong Perler Pattern.jpg

[Click image for full size pattern]



2. Mario



We can't think of many people that wouldn't want to display a mini moustached Mario on their monitors (try saying that 3x fast!). Even if you're not planning to see Pixels, Mario is the reigning king of the geekosphere and isn't planning to be dethroned anytime soon, so he should still be a welcome 8bit addition to your life.  Next order of business: a proportionally accurate Princess Peach Perler.


Printable Pattern:

3D Mario Perler Pattern.jpg

[Click image for full size pattern]



3. Frogger

Hanging 3D Frogger Beads


What kind of major highway also has a jam-packed log river flowing right beside it, that hosts a far-higher-than-average turtle population?? Realistic city planning improbability aside, this classic game was an absolute blast to play, and this Frogger pattern is one of the easiest to construct. Win-win! If you figure out how to build a 3D Perler semi truck to place on the other side of your computer, do drop us a line!


Printable Pattern:

3D Frogger Perler Pattern.jpg

[Click image for full size pattern]



4 & 5. Pac-Man and Ghosts

Pac-Man Perler Bead Pattern.jpg


Not much needs to be said for why we constructed a Pac-Man. This hungry yellow fella is a 1980's cultural icon, and his game was so popular that Pac-Man is practically synonymous with arcade gaming itself. Have fun creating as many Inkys, Blinkys, Pinkys, and Clydes, as you like, to accompany your Pac-Man Perler. Woka-woka-woka-woka.


3d Pac-Man Perler Pattern.jpg

[Click image for full size pattern]



6. Smurf

3D Smurf Perler Beads


Those cute little eyes! That precious shade of blue! Those tiny Smurf toes! We were glad that a Smurf made an appearance in the Pixels trailer, because we jumped at the chance to build a smurfalicious smurfily smurftastic Smurf Perler pattern. Look at him, hangin' there, supportive of your work day, while also keeping a watchful set of eyes out for Gargamel.


Printable Pattern:

3d smurf perler pattern.jpg

[Click image for full size pattern]



7. Space Invaders

Computer Sitter Space Invaders Perler


Of all the pop culture aliens out there (the ones from Signs, Mars Attacks, Close Encounters, even the smooshy ones from Spice World), Space Invaders aliens are probably the other worldly beings we'd welcome the most. They're cute, and relatively easy to take down with a cannon if need be. This famous little pixelated pal is so well-recognized, that he even has his own emoticon! You've really made something of yourself, fella. And you can make something yourself, too: this Space Invaders 3D Perler sprite!


3d space invaders perler pattern.jpg

[Click image for full size pattern]



8. Q*bert 

3D Qbert Perler beads


Didddd you know that for a brief amount of time in development, Q*bert was going to be called "Snots and Boogers?" Sure, he's a little guy with a big schnoz, but let's not "pick" on him! (Tehehe.) If you loved hopping around from pyramid to pyramid for hours on end, then you'll certainly enjoy having a personal 3D Q*bert perched on your monitor. Maybe he'll even inspire you to solve the puzzle that is your day at the office...


Printable Pattern:

3d Qbert Perler pattern.jpg

[Click image for full size pattern]



3D Perler Characters In Action!


Sure, these cuties look perfect while perching on your desktop or laptop, but the fun doesn't have to stop there. We brought our favorite finished characters into the office and had a grand old time placing them on mugs, cell phones, file cabinets, and more. Here are a few fun photos we snapped:


Mario Mug Sitter Perler.jpg

It's-a-me! Mug Mario!


Mario and Frogger Perler Beads.jpg

These two would probably enjoy trading jumping tips, over their morning cup of joe!


3D Space Invaders Perler.jpg

Do we file him under "S" for Space Invaders, or "A" for alien?


3D Donkey Kong Perler Bead Hanger.jpg

Donkey Kong faces his greatest obstacle yet - sorting through junk mail!


3D Pacman Phone Sitter Perler Beqads.jpg

"Yes, hello, could you repeat that again? There's a 'waka-waka-waka' noise in the background."


Smurf and Qbert Mug Sitter Perlers.jpg

The best part of waking up, is having Perlers in your cup!


Making perler Bead sprites turned out to be even more fun as "grown ups," since we found that building Space Invaders and Pac-Men was more rewarding than putting together lopsided stars. (You may still be tempted to ask your parents for help with the ironing step, though, and we won't judge you for that!) Did you play with these beads when you were younger? Do you still use them now? Might you, after checking out our patterns? Let us know in the comments below.

If you enjoyed looking at the images, but don't plan on taking the time to make a Perler character yourself, we have PLENTY of other geeky gadgets and collectables to decorate your home and office, that are ready to go, straight out of the package!

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