Published on March 30, 2020

Pokéggmon: Gotta Craft 'em All Easter Eggs [Printables]

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Pokéggmon: Gotta Craft 'em All Easter Eggs

What if you want your Easter eggs to be the very best, like no egg ever was? Perhaps single-colored eggs aren't your thing, or you want them to have a little more personality. Add some video game flair to your Easter eggs with these printable Pokémon egg costumes! Marbled Easter eggs? Boring. Galaxy eggs? Overdone. But Pokémon that's something to get eggcited about!

You can download the free printable Pokémon egg costumes template at the end of this article.

Pikachu Egg

Pikachu Easter Egg

I choose you!


Eevee Egg

Eevee Easter Egg

Now how do I get my Eevee egg to evolve?


Squirtle Egg

Squirtle Easter Egg

Two shells are better than one.


Togepi Egg

Togepi Easter Egg

This adorable egg Pokémon is a must!


Mudkip Egg

Mudkip Easter Egg

We liek Mudkips.


Meowth Egg

Meowth Easter Egg

This egg rules—Meowth, that's right!


Scorbunny Egg

Scorbunny Easter Egg

The perfect Pokémon Easter bunny substitute!


Yamper Egg

Yamper Easter Egg

Everyone needs a good boy in their life.


Toxel Egg

Toxel Easter Egg

This new baby Pokémon makes Easter eggs look super-adorable.


Raikou Egg

Raikou Easter Egg

You'll be shocked by how epic your Easter egg will look!


Entei Egg

Entei Easter Egg

This Easter egg idea is legendary.


Suicune Egg

Suicune Easter Egg

Three legendary doggos are better than one.


Pokémon Easter Egg Printables

Pokemon Easter Egg Printables

Click to open the Pokémon Easter egg printables in a new window, then print or right-click to download.


We hope you had fun making your own perfectly "exeggcuted" Pokémon Easter eggs! Do you have a favorite Pokémon? What about your favorite Pokémon game? With so many to choose from, it's getting difficult to decide! If you have a loved one who enjoys Pokémon or you want to include some Pokémon toys in your kids' Easter baskets, check out our selection of Pokémon gifts!

Pokéggmon Easter eggs designed by Kady Jaspersen

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