Published on March 10, 2020

10 Disney-Themed Luggage Tags for Disney Fanatics! [Printables]

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Disney Luggage Tags

Is your family heading on a vacation soon? Are you a huge fan of Disney? Then you're in luck! Here at, we've created 10 magical Disney luggage tags for you and your family to sport on your trip! Featuring some of your favorites from Frozen 2, Toy Story 4, The Lion King, and more, they're sure to get your entire family in the spirit of Disney! We put them into an easily printable PDF so all you have to do is print and cut them out.

Read on to see the luggage tag designs and how they look in a luggage tag holder!

You can view and download the printable Disney luggage tags at the end of this article.


Disney Luggage Tag Designs

Disney Luggage Tag Designs


Frozen II Luggage Tag

Frozen II Disney Luggage Tag

"Don't you know there's part of me that wants to go into the unknown?" 

Click here to see the Frozen II luggage tag artwork


Toy Story Luggage Tag

Toy Story Disney Luggage Tag

"To infinity and beyond!"

Click here to see the Toy Story luggage tag artwork


The Lion King Luggage Tag

The Lion King Disney Luggage Tag

"Hakuna Matata!"

Click here to see the Lion King luggage tag artwork


Mulan Luggage Tag

Mulan Disney Luggage Tag

"I'm travel size for your convenience."

Click here to see the Mulan luggage tag artwork


Beauty and the Beast Luggage Tag

Beauty and the Beast Disney Luggage Tag

"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere."

Click here to see the Beauty and the Beast luggage tag artwork


Aladdin Luggage Tag

Aladdin Disney Luggage Tag

"I can show you the worrrrld."

Click here to see the Aladdin luggage tag artwork


Winnie the Pooh Luggage Tags

Winnie the Pooh Disney Luggage Tag

"As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen."

Click here to see the Winnie the Pooh luggage tag artwork


101 Dalmatians Luggage Tag

101 Dalmatians Disney Luggage Tag

Soo0...any chance the flight has room for 101 dogs on board?

Click here to see the 101 Dalmatians luggage tag artwork


Peter Pan Luggage Tag

Peter Pan Disney Luggage Tag

"To live would be an awfully big adventure."

Click here to see the Peter Pan luggage tag artwork


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Luggage Tag

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Disney Luggage Tag

"Live every moment as not to regret what you are about to do."

Click here to see the Mickey and Minnie Mouse luggage tag artwork


Printable Disney Luggage Tags

Click here to view and download the printable Disney luggage tags


Feeling prepared for your trip? Go through the checklist: phone? wallet? passport? cash? Disney luggage tags? Be sure to tag us in your travel pics with the luggage tags on Instagram (@fundotcom_) and who knows, we might just repost it! And remember that if you can't find that perfect gift for the people back home, we have all kinds of Disney gifts for everyone on your list! From everyone here at, we wish you safe travels and a wonderful trip!

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