Published on November 6, 2019

Frozen II Party Ideas: Go Into the Unknown With These Snowflake Patterns, Recipes and Crafts

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Frozen 2 Party Ideas

If you couldn't get enough of "Let It Go" and are itching for "Into the Unknown" then you are exactly like us. Disney's Frozen came out in 2013 taking everyone by storm, just like Arendelle. Every little girl dreams of being Elsa. Just when we thought that was fading, they released the trailer with a preview of the next Frozen song that will get stuck in everyone's head. With everyone anxiously waiting for the release of Frozen 2 we thought we'd throw a party, a Frozen-themed party that is.

We put together our creative minds to come up with some great DIY Frozen party decorations. From milkshake and malt recipes to papercrafts you'll be able to create a magical Frozen 2 party in honor of the release coming November 22nd. What better way to get in the mood than with a nice cold treat and snowflake decorations. To really get into the theme you could even dress in Frozen costumes.

Below each milkshake photo is a link to the recipe, simply open and print that image. Underneath the milkshakes, there are links to the printable poster, snowflake craft patterns, and place cards!

Elsa Crafts & Milkshake Recipe

Frozen 2 Elsa Milkshake

Go Into the Unknown

Elsa's Peppermint Snowdrift

Anna Crafts & Milkshake Recipe

Frozen Anna Milkshake Recipe

Whoa, that was epic!

Anna's Triple Berry Blast

Kristoff Crafts & Shake Recipe

Frozen Kristoff Milkshake

Ice...cream is my life!

Kristoff's Stroop-Scoop Shake

Olaf Crafts & Shake Recipe

Frozen 2 Olaf Milkshake Recipe

I've always loved the idea of summer!

Olaf's Sunshine Milkshake

Sven Crafts & Milkshake Recipe

Frozen Sven Party Recipe

These milkshakes are better than people.

Sven's Reindeer Blitz

Grand Pabbie's Crafts & Malt Recipe

Frozen 2 Grand Pabbie Malt Recipe

This malt is not what it seems.

Grand Pabbie's Rock 'n' Troll Milkshake

Frozen II Paper Crafts

Frozen 2 Party Poster

Frozen II Poster with Text Box or Poster without Text Box

Decorate your party with these custom Frozen papercrafts. There are 8 different snowflake patterns that incorporate the new Frozen 2 movie. If you've got little girls that love being magical make them wands out of the snowflake patterns. Simply shrink the pattern before printing and use a bit thicker paper than normal when cutting. Then glue them on a stick and you're done. You can also set your table with character place cards. Top it all off with a custom-designed poster featuring all your favorite Frozen 2 characters.

Snowflake Patterns

Frozen II Table Place Cards

Frozen II Shake and Malt Recipes

What did you think of our Frozen 2 party? We really enjoyed all these milkshake and malt flavors, so much so that we couldn't choose a favorite. Did you like our touches of using the girls' dresses to make snowflakes? How many actually noticed that? If you tried these out let us know in the comments what your favorite flavor was.

Design and illustrations by Kady Jaspersen, snowflakes by Abby Bartels

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