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These Unique Mother's Day Gifts are for the Geek at Heart [Gift Guide]

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These Unique Mother's Day Gifts are for the Geek at Heart

If you're like anyone else looking for Mother's Day gift ideas, you want something fun, unique and ultimately, what your mom would want and use. (Getting your mother a cheezy t-shirt or mug with "World's #1 Mom" emblazoned across the front is probably going to end up at a garage sale or in a box of thrift store donations.) However, if your mom, grandmother, aunt or another special woman in your life has a deep love of pop culture, you're going to want to check out these geeky gifts for Mother's Day inspiration! Perhaps she raised you on a steady stream of Star Wars movies. Maybe she read the entire Harry Potter series with you before bedtime. Perchance she schooled you in Mario Kart, and you effectively learned how to time the perfect mushroom boost to dodge a blue shell to finally take first place. Whatever the case may be, your nerdy mom will love these creative Mother's Day gifts from her favorite fandoms!

Disney Gifts for Moms that Want to Bring Disney World Home with Them

Disney Gifts for Moms that Want to Bring Disney World Home with Them

Cinderella TeapotMinnie Aluminum Water BottleWomen's Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt
Mickey Mouse BackpackLoungefly Mickey Pastel Cross Body PurseIrregular Choice Glitzy Mickey Mid Heel Shoes

Many girls grew up watching Disney movies and cartoons, so it should come as no surprise that many women still love Disney into adulthood. Moms also enjoy introducing their children to these Disney movies that they grew up with, as well as watching the new films together with their growing families. If you know that your mom is a fan of Disney that undoubtedly raised you on a steady diet of princesses, talking and singing animals and other exciting creatures, she is going to love these classic Disney gifts! There is nothing more classic than Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, but you can easily find items from her other favorite Disney films too.

Harry Potter Gifts for Moms that Want to Send You to Hogwarts

Harry Potter Gifts for Moms that Want to Send You to Hogwarts

Harry Potter Hogwarts BannerHarry Potter Expecto Patronus WalletHarry Potter Hedwig MugHarry Potter Platform 9 3/4 PillowHarry Potter Deathly Hallows Tee with Charm Necklace
Harry Potter Gryffindor Light-Up NotebookLoungefly Harry Potter Uniform BagHarry Potter Slytherin Women's Varsity JacketHogwarts Crest Round DoormatLoungefly Hedwig Crossbody Bag

If your mom knows her Hogwarts house, American school, wand type and patronus, she's probably a Harry Potter fan. (She probably also signed you up to Pottermore so she could see how her little wizard stacks up to her!) Don't be a muggle, get her some Harry Potter gifts for Mother's Day. There are plenty of options for Harry Potter apparel and accessories, or you can always find other Harry Potter collectibles and home goods. (Just make sure they're for the correct house, or she'll be deducting some of your house points!)

Star Wars Gifts for Moms that Wish They could Use the Force

Star Wars Gifts for Moms that Wish They Could Use the Force

Stormtrooper 8" x 27" Framed Wall ArtYoda 8" x 27" Framed Wall ArtChewbacca JournalBaby Yoda WalletBaby Yoda Earrings & Necklace Set
Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Wall ArtDeath Star MugDarth Vader Geeki TikiR2D2 BagStar Wars Group Shot Hooded Shirt

Whether your mom supports the Rebels or the Sith, there are tons of Star Wars gift ideas for Mother's Day. There are plenty of Star Wars shirts for women, but if your mom already has every shirt in the galaxy, you might want to consider a more unusual Star Wars gift. Decor items, purses and bags, collectibles and even Star Wars board games are great ideas for your resident Jedi Master or Sith Lord. Even if she's more of a smuggler or a lover of droids, there are items with these moms in mind too!

Anime Gifts for Moms THat Love Japanese Animation

Anime Gifts for Moms that Love Japanese Animation

My Hero Academia BackpackDragonball Z Dragon Ball LampJigglypuff BackpackSailor Moon Gift Set NotebookJuniors Sailor Moon T-Shirt
Anime Funko POP!Pokémon Pokeball Zip Around WalletSailor Moon Sculpted Luna MugBananya Sublimated Print Snapback HatSailor Moon Luna Backpack

Should you be unfamiliar with anime, in a nutshell, they are cartoons from Japan. However, if your mom loves anime, you would know. Perhaps she wears Sailor Moon apparel, or she named your corgi Ein. She might even complain about "English dubs" and filler episodes. (Is it possible that your mom also has her own victory pose?) If any or all of these apply to your mom, you might consider getting her some anime gifts for Mother's Day like apparel items or collectible figurines of her favorite characters!

Bands and Artists Gifts for Moms that Love Music

Bands and Artists Gifts for Moms that Love Music

Kiss Destroyer Wood Wall ArtPink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon 8oz. FlaskWu Tang Forever Baseball HatWomen's AC/DC Back in Black Raglan Shirt
David Bowie Canvas Wall DecorAC/DC Roll-Top BackpackGrateful Dead Guitar OrnamentPink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Throw Pillow

Some of us have been gifted with moms that brought us up on the good stuff: AC/DC, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and others. (Frankly, this list could go on!) There are tons of gifts for moms that love classic rock from band and concert tees to drinkware, collectibles and bags. It's likely that she even shared her love of music with you, so as long as you know her favorites, you know where you should be looking.

We hope you have some cool new ideas for Mother's Day gifts. Does your mom have a pop culture favorite? Did she make sure to bring you into the geek fold? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to share some of your best moments with your nerdy mom. Also, make sure to tell her how much she means to you when you give her a Mother's Day present!

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