Published on January 26, 2019

What's Your Westeros House, Hogwarts House, Middle Earth Race, and Dungeons & Dragons Alignment? [Quiz]

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What's Your Westeros House, Hogwarts House, Middle Earth Race, and Dungeons & Dragons Alignment?

Have you ever been discussing Game of Thrones with a friend and looked back on your days of reading Harry Potter and wondered, how do the Gryffindor and Stark houses compare? Maybe you're developing a new Dungeons & Dragons character and you start thinking about the way your character's alignment might link to a Lord of the Rings race. It's time all of your fantasy genres join hands and come together in one epic quiz!

We've put together this series of adventurous questions to lead you to a combination of fantasy character results. In one fell swoop, you'll find out what your Hogwarts house, Westeros house, Lord of the Rings race, and D&D alignment. It's going to be a wild journey so hold onto your robes and stock up on Lambas bread!

While some of these fantasy personalities seem to go hand in hand, others took a little more contemplation. After all, these groups are varied in their personalities. Just think, some Ravenclaw members might be pure of heart and join in the fight against evil while others—ahem, Lockhart—might manipulate people into handing over stories of adventure. Some elves want to run to safety and security when everything is seeming to fall apart while others want to do what they can to make sure that good triumphs over evil in Middle Earth. This is just to say none of these results are meant to be inscribed on an indestructible golden ring. So if you happen to have different ideas on these combinations, feel free to start a conversation in the comments below!

Theresa Crozier
Theresa Crozier

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