Published on July 30, 2018

Which Mythical Creature Should You Have as a Pet? [Quiz]

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Which Mythical Creature Should You Have as a Pet?

From shimmering scales to rainbow tufts of fur, nothing makes us squeal with delight more than mythical creatures. For experienced pet owners and fans of the strange and unusual, mythical pets tend to shower their loved ones with endless companionship, happiness and fascination. However, neglecting one might result in perilous consequences. Forget to feed Bigfoot and you could become his next meal! If you’re an animal-lover who’s ready to become a very exotic pet owner, take our quiz to reveal which mythical creature best suits your personality and lifestyle.

Answer questions about everything from your preferred clothing style to your favorite pizza topping and we’ll disclose if living with an ogre is a good idea. We already know someone who doesn't think a mythical pet is a good idea—your dog—but Fido will be snuggling with the ogre in no time...hopefully.

Which mythical pet is coming home with you? Let us know which creature you've adopted and how their characteristics highlight some of the best aspects of your personality. Leave us your results in the comment section below and pass the quiz on to all your animal-obsessed friends. Don't forget to try our other interactive blog quizzes because there's nothing more satisfying than taking a quiz that won't be graded. Well, mythical pets are pretty satisfying too. We guess it's a toss-up!

Cady D'Ambrosio
Cady D'Ambrosio

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