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Welcome back to Interviews, where we talk with our favorite artists, designers, and creative people. Our guest today is Amanda Anez, a Junior Graphic Designer/Image Editor at She’s been here for about a year now, but in that short amount of time she's designed work all over our site. Amanda designs many of the images on our blog, social media accounts, emails, and products that we make. (You can see some of them on her website, but we’ll show off plenty of her work below.) She actually started in nursing school before switching to Multimedia Technology, and we’re glad she did!

Interview with Amanda

When did you start making art?

I have been making art since forever, my mom still has some of my art projects saved from preschool. I wanted to throw them out, but she wouldn't let me. I have dabbled with drawing from the beginning, and I got my first camera in 8th grade which was a real turning point for me. In high school I took a video production class which was supposed to be a one-time thing, but my friends and I liked it so much we took it twice. I realized I didn't want photography to be just a I changed my major and started taking photography, video, and graphic design classes at South Central [College in North Mankato, Minnesota, a couple miles from our offices - ed]. I have learned so much over the past few years and don't regret my decision one bit!

What kinds of mediums do you most like to work in?

I have been working with photography ever since I got my first camera and have dabbled with black and white film photography a little bit too. But more recently I have been involved with a lot of graphic design between school, work, and freelance projects so I have been doing tons of drawing and working in Photoshop and Illustrator for my artwork.

What are your favorite projects or the ones you're most proud of?

I recently participated in two graphic design competitions through school organizations Business Professionals of America and SkillsUSA. Each organization had trading pin contests in which the prompt was to design an enamel pin that represents the state of Minnesota. This was my first time competing in these events and both of my designs were awarded first place! Now I have the privilege of competing at the national level representing the state of Minnesota this summer in Texas and Kentucky where my pins will be traded between students from other states. I'm so pumped about it and can't wait to see both of my pins in real life!

Pins by Amanda Anez

SkillsUSA and Business Professionals of America pins designed by Amanda Anez. [Source: SkillsUSA Pin and BPA Pin, both courtesy of Amanda Anez]

Where do you find inspiration?

I have a ton of different boards on Pinterest where I save things to look at for when I'm needing some inspiration. Also, Dribbble, Behance, and some artists I follow on Instagram are fun things I look at every day.

Here's some of my Instagram favorites:

What do you do for fun besides art?

I spend time outside as much as I can! I love bikes; I go on regular rides around town, play bike polo, as well as bike camping/touring which is super fun and empowering. I also hang out with my doggo Meeko (he runs along on some bike rides too!), go hiking, skiing, attend concerts, and hang out with friends!

Amanda’s Designs, Photography, and Video

Pine cone design and print by Amanda Anez

Here's a pine cone that Amanda designed and printed on a jean jacket. [Source: Amanda Anez]

Kombucha infographic by Amanda Anez

Behold: kombucha, the science experiment you can drink! [Source: Amanda Anez]

"Black Diamond" by Amanda Anez

This photograph is titled "Black Diamond". We can practically smell the pines! [Source: Flickr]

"Street Taco" by Amanda Anez

This is "Street Taco" from episode six of South Central Kitchen. They look so good that we regret seeing this photo before lunch. [Source:]

And here's the fantastic short "Grip Memoir". (It's getting a little dusty in here...) [Source: YouTube]

You can see more of Amanda’s work at and on Facebook @amandaanezmedia.

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