Published on February 15, 2018

What It's Like to Interview at

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What It's Like to Interview at

Alright, you got the call to come in for an interview for a permanent position and you're wondering what the heck this will be like.

Let's walk through it!

You will quickly notice that we are not like other companies, especially once you have a seat between Mini-Me and Yoda while you wait for your interview.

The couch by HR at

The interview process depends on the position you applied for, but almost all of them start out with the standard meet and greet with an HR Representative as well as the Hiring Manager, who would be your direct supervisor if you were to get the job. We usually break the ice with the good old, “tell us about yourself.” You don’t need to go into every detail from the very beginning (we do only have about 30 minutes), but a brief overview of your working accomplishments and some things about you personally are what we’re looking for.

The rest of the questions we have in the first round generally cover the nitty-gritty details of the job you applied for and help assess whether you have the technical ability to do the job as well as whether you may be a good company fit. Remember: your resume can only say so much; we want to know what makes you, you!

You might think that because we’re a company called and we like to do things a little differently that we’ll ask you a bunch of brainteaser, “how do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” type of questions. Although we might throw one or two of them your way, we’d rather know how you’d actually do your job since we’re not hiring peanut butter and jelly sandwich makers.

The second round is a little bit more in-depth and will cover any questions that we hadn’t discussed in the first round, anything that we wanted to hear more about and this is the time where we tell you a little bit more about our nerdy, goofy fun culture. This second round will be composed of higher level management in the department in which you have applied (which may include a member of the Executive Team depending on the position and reporting structure) as well as higher levels of HR. This round is to see if you are a good fit for the company, follow up on any items that we talked about in the first round and determine if you could reach your full potential with us. It's cheesy, we know, but we are here to help you find your passion!

Which brings me to another point: something we take very seriously, ironically, is our nerdy, goofy fun culture! Our core values are pretty darn important and we look for them in everyone we interview. Are you ready for the core values? If so, keep reading! Core Values

  • Find Your Passion
  • Build Strong Relationships
  • Focus on the Positive
  • Be Humble
  • Know the Value of Your Time
  • Embrace Nerdy, Goofy Fun
  • Change the World!

Many of our interview questions are focused around our core values. Why? Because we eat, sleep and breathe these things. Well maybe not eat them, but you know what we mean. We get pretty into our interests here, so if you are a huge fan of something, tell us!

It is very likely that we will geek out mid-interview because we're huge fans of *insert nerdy thing here*!

You’d be surprised at our breadth and depth of nerdery across all genres and interests.

If you applied for a Manager or Director position, then you will get to spend some more time with the Executive Team as well as Directors. Lucky you, because these are some pretty awesome people! We take our management hiring very seriously and as such, will have you go through more interviews than our standard candidates and the process will take some time before we send you off to the final round.

The Turtle Lair at   The Turtle Lair at

Turtle Lair is one of our favorites and could be a possible location for your interview!

For everyone else, regardless of what position – entry-level through executive – the last round of the interview process will be with our CEO and the VP of HR. This interview largely focuses on how you would fit in with our company culture.

*cough*Core values*cough*

Hopefully after reading this you are not stressed out for your upcoming interview. We're not saying sit back and relax, but make sure to come prepared and be ready to answer a variety of questions. Show us that you know how to have fun but you can also get your work done. As a company, we are big on being open and transparent with each other. In turn, we will be open with you throughout your interview process. As always, if you have any questions just give us a call!

Anna Menne
Anna Menne

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