How to Decorate Your Nerdy Kitchen

How to Decorate Your Nerdy Kitchen

You did it. You almost thought it wasn’t possible, but you made it all the way to adulthood, moved out of your parents' place and now you have a kitchen of your own. You cook your own dinners these days, you drink out of your own coffee mugs, and gosh darn it, you make your own toast in the morning! Since you can do whatever you want with your kitchen, why not decorate it in true nerd fashion with some awesome geek swag? Perhaps you could adorn your countertop with a Star Wars toaster, or maybe a nice Marvel pint glass to sip your beer from. We’ve picked out some of the best drinkware, kitchen gadgets, and other food prep helpers that are 100% nerdy and 100% a necessity for any nerd with a kitchen to decorate.

Tea Accessories

Moby Tea Infuser - Shop        Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot - Shop        Fish Tea Infuser - Shop

        R2-D2 Teapot - Shop         Beauty and the Beast Teapot - Shop         Nightmare Before Christmas Teapot - Shop

First thing’s first, right? Adults with kitchens drink tea. Tea is the sophisticated potable that gives a small boost of energy in the morning, but that doesn’t mean you should do it in the normal, old boring ways. You can do it in glorious nerd style by choosing a fun tea infuser. If you really want to take it to the next level, then you should inject a little Star Wars into your tea experience with one of our R2-D2 teapots. Is there anything that little astromech can’t do?

Gamer Coffee Mugs

Portal Coffee Mug - Shop           Zelda Shield Coffee Mug - Shop         Sonic the Hedgehog Coffee Mug - Shop

Mario Heat Changing Coffee Mug - Shop         Tetris Coffee Mug - Shop         Pokemon Pokeball Coffee Mug - Shop

Okay, okay. So maybe tea isn’t for everyone. Not everyone enjoys the subtle taste of tea. Some need the intense experience of coffee! That’s right, coffee, the liquid gold often referred to as the elixir of life, is the other option for caffeine-seeking adults. If you plan on drinking coffee, then you’re going to need a mug. The world is full of so many mugs, it can be a pretty daunting decision for an intrepid coffee drinker. Do you go with the "#1 Dad" mug or the "I Heart New York" mug? The answer is neither! Get a gamer mug. These gamer mugs combine your love of video games with your need for daily caffeine intake. You won’t regret starting your day pouring a high dosage of brew into your Sonic the Hedgehog mug.

Nerdy Beer Glasses

TMNT Pint Glass Set - Shop            Marvel Pack Pint Glass Set - Shop        TMNT Friend and Foe Pint Glass Set - Shop

Simpsons Superhero Pint Glass Set - Shop       Simpsons Pint Glass Set - Shop          Vintage Marvel Pint Glass Set -Shop

Next up is beer. Yes, you read right! We’re talking about another potable liquid. After all, most of adult life is about imbibing liquids that make us feel ways about things. In the morning you drink coffee or tea to help you feel energized for the long day ahead of you. Once work is over, there’s nothing like a cold beer to take the edge off. These magnificent glasses are covered with all your favorite characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, and Marvel superheroes, so you can cling to your distant childhood as you embrace your continuing adulthood! Few pieces of drinkware can claim such a benevolent task, so you’d better have a set hanging around in your kitchen cupboard.

Nerdy Coasters

Star Trek LCARS Coasters - Shop        Game of Thrones Coasters - Shop        Star Trek Isolinear Chip Coasters - Shop

Ceramic Star Wars Coasters - Shop       Ceramic Star Trek Coasters - Shop           Star Wars Classic Coasters - Shop

Imbibing so many liquids can be hazardous to your nice, adult furniture. As such, you’re going to need some method of protecting that coffee table or that nice dining room table. Nothing does that better than a coaster. You could settle for those plain pieces of cork that your grandpa used back when people had to walk uphill 15 miles in the snow for pretty much everything. But why? These coasters have Star Wars characters. They have Game of Thrones’ crests on them. They have the freakin’ Starship Enterprise on them. There’s no going back to boring cork coasters once you’ve seen them.

Nerdy Cookie Jars

Dragon Ball Z Cookie Jar - Shop            Attack on Titan Cookie Jar - Shop

Doctor Who TARDIS Cookie Jar - Shop             Mickey Mouse Cookie Jar - Shop

It’s quite alright to enjoy cookies once you arrive in adulthood, but you must always remember to consume them in moderation! That’s why a cookie jar makes for a handy addition to any nerd’s kitchen. You can have one or two, then place the rest inside a cookie jar for consumption at a later date. There’s truly one for everyone, whether you’re a hardcore anime fan and need to infuse your treats with the Super Saiyan action of Dragon Ball Z, or you want to pretend that your cookies are capable of time travel with a Doctor Who jar. Here’s a selection of some of our nerdiest cookie jars to adorn your kitchen with. (That’s right, that sentence just ended with a preposition because we’re rebels like that.)

Nerdy Appliances

Darth Vader Waffle Maker - Shop         Darth Vader Toaster - Shop      BB-8 Waffle Maker - Shop

Iron Man Mini-Fridge - Shop      Lightsaber Immersion Blender - Shop      Death Star Popcorn Maker - Shop

Unfortunately, being an adult ALSO means making real, nutritious meals sometimes. It’s okay to enjoy some restaurant food now and again, but to make sure you’re eating right, you just have to whip out the appliances and create your next culinary masterpiece. Will you blend up the perfect summer squash soup with the power of Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber? Maybe you’d like to keep some fresh veggies inside of an Iron Man mini-fridge? Maybe you need Darth Vader to help you make some wheat toast in the morning? Well, these kitchen appliances should help you create your own delicious meals while adorning your kitchen with geek chic style.

Kitchen Gadgets

Millennium Falcon Sandwich Shaper - Shop          TARDIS Spatula - Shop         Pokeball Serving Bowl - Shop

      R2-D2 Pizza Cutter - Shop           Harry Potter Soup Mug - Shop       Stormtrooper Egg Shaper - Shop

Every kitchen needs some odds and ends. Even the adultiest of adults need things like pizza cutters, spatulas, and serving bowls. These kitchen gadgets were specifically designed to help you with your everyday kitchen tasks as they promote ultra-cool kitchen style. Slice your pizza with R2-D2’s assistance. Slurp up your soup from a Harry Potter bowl. Make a Stormtrooper style egg for your Bento Box. The possibilities are limitless! (You know, like that movie.)

Tin Signs

Thor Tin Sign - Shop        Batmobile Tin Sign - Shop        Iron Man Tin Sign - Shop

Superman Tin Sign - Shop     Batman Symbol Tin Sign - Shop       Punisher Tin Sign - Shop

Finally, any tried-and-true adult knows that you can’t just leave the walls blank in your kitchen. You need a little flair to make that room come alive. Tin signs aren’t just for man-caves; they’re also a great way to spruce up your kitchen. Besides, who doesn’t want Thor watching over them as they craft a perfect dinner or as they fill up their pint glass with a tasty beer?

With these kitchen gadgets and tools, you should be able to live like a true adult without sacrificing your nerdy passions. Which kitchen gadget is your favorite? Make sure to check out all of our kitchen and dining swag and let us know what is a must-have item for your kitchen.

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