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These Geek Kitchen Gadgets Will Upgrade Your Kitchen From Ordinary to Extraordinary [Gift Guide]

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You did it. You almost thought it wasn’t possible, but you made it all the way to adulthood, moved out of your parents' place and now you have a kitchen of your own. You cook your own dinners these days, you drink out of your own coffee mugs, and gosh darn it, you make your own toast in the morning! Since you can do whatever you want with your kitchen, why not decorate it in true nerd fashion with some awesome geek swag? Perhaps you could adorn your countertop with a Star Wars toaster, or maybe a nice Marvel pint glass from which to sip your beer. We’ve picked out some of the best drinkware, kitchen gadgets, and other food prep helpers that are 100% nerdy and 100% a necessity for any nerd with a geek kitchen to decorate.


Novelty Mugs

Nerdy Mugs

Nickelodeon Stimpy MugAlien Chestburster MugGrumpy Bear MugMr. Rogers Mug
Toy Story Alien MugMinecraft MugThor Mjolnir MugJumbo Friends Central Perk Mug

Sometimes, the best part of waking up is pulling out your geeky coffee cup. Your morning cup of joe will give you that initial boost, but a silly sculpted mug or a cup from a fictional coffee shop can hit the spot, too! Wield Thor's hammer or reminisce about making the best fortress that Minecraft has ever seen—these novelty mugs are sure to inject some fun into an otherwise boring morning. Geeky items like these also make a great display piece on your desk at work! Maybe you'll find some common ground with another co-worker when your novelty mug catches their eye.


Nerdy Coasters

Nerdy Coaster Sets

Playstation Coaster SetNaruto Coaster SetMinecraft CoastersGame of Thrones Coaster Set

When you're making a bunch of tasty drinks, it never hurts to have some nerdy coasters on hand to protect your furniture. No one will doubt you have a geeky home when you show them your Harry Potter coasters and proceed to flip on some Firefly. Most of these cool coaster sets come in packs of 4 or 6, but the Doctor Who coasters come in a set of 13—the first 12 Doctors, plus the War Doctor! (If you're a fan of the current Thirteen Doctor, you can rest assured that we have plenty of options in our category of Doctor Who gifts.)


Novelty Plates

Novelty License Plates

Harry Potter Plate SetStar Wars Plate SetAladdin Plate SetPlanet Plate Set

If you want to eat, sleep and breathe Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney and other favorite fandoms, let's get you started on the eating part. Normal plates are okay, but wouldn't you like to feel like you're sitting down for a meal in the Hogwarts great hall? What about the Mos Eisley cantina? You might not be able to actually do so, but these licensed plates will at least bring you one step closer.


Novelty Cookie Jars

Nerdy Cookie Jars

Stitch Handstand Cookie JarPeanuts Snoopy Cookie JarBatman Cookie JarApollo Capsule NASA Cookie Jar

Cookies are great, but cookies in nerdy cookie jars are even better. Kids will love coming to your geek kitchen to open up a Batman or Stitch cookie jar to retrieve the goodies within. It's almost like having a decorative statue that has a function other than looking cool! (If you ask us, that's a win-win.) They have everything from superhero kitchenware to Disney and even NASA kitchen gear. Your cookies will be almost as fun to eat as they are to get from the kitchen!


Novelty Teapots

Novelty Teapots

Sculpted Mrs. Potts TeapotDragon Ball Z Teapot SetAladdin Genie Lamp TeapotCinderella's Carriage Sculpted Teapot

Adults with kitchens drink tea as they try to wean themselves off their college coffee binge days. Tea is the sophisticated potable that gives a small boost of energy in the morning, but that doesn’t mean you should do it in the normal, old boring ways. You can do it in glorious, nerdy style by choosing a fun teapot! Feel like a princess when you break out any one of a number of Disney teapots or let the power of the tea flow through you when you sip on a cup from this Dragon Ball Z tea set. However, you don't have to keep the wonders of tea to yourself! Invite your friends over for a tea party so you can show off your geeky novelty teapot.


Novelty Toasters

Novelty Toasters

Darth Vader ToasterSuperman ToasterDave Minions ToasterNFL Green Bay Packers Toaster

There's nothing like waking up to eggs with a slice of toast in the morning. Toasters are essential, whether you're filling your kitchen or dorm room with geek kitchen gadgets. The fun part about these nerdy kitchen items is the fact that most of them toast shapes onto your bread. (Now the million-dollar question is...does it still work that way with PopTarts or Toaster Strudels?)


Nerdy Waffle Makers

Geeky Waffle Maker

Black Panther Waffle MakerDarth Vader Waffle MakerSpider-Man Waffle MakerMickey Mouse Waffle Maker

If you thought those toasters were cool, just wait till you get a look at these novelty waffle makers! Not only are some of your favorite movie characters immortalized in flaky breakfast goodness, but some of them go beyond the boring old circular or square waffle shapes to give you waffles with character. Would you like to dine with Darth Vader? What about some Waffles Wakanda? Well, these kitchen appliances should help you create your own delicious meals while adorning your kitchen with geek chic style.


Nerdy Bottle Openers and Corkscrews

Novelty Bottle Openers

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Bottle OpenerJurassic World Raptor Claw Bottle OpenerOne-Legged Pirate CorkscrewWooden Unicorn Corkscrew

Who doesn't like to crack open a bottled beverage or pour a little wine while they watch a few cult classics? Make opening bottles a little more fun with these nerdy bottle openers! Also, if you're looking for some silly stocking stuffers or a small white elephant gift, these handy, nerdy little tools are the perfect gifts. You'll certainly smile when you open your utensil drawer upon seeing these nerdy kitchen gadgets.


Nerdy Salt and Pepper Shakers

Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers

Joker & Batman Salt and Pepper ShakersJasmine and Aladdin Salt and Pepper ShakersAlien Egg Salt and Pepper ShakersMinnie & Mickey Mouse Salt and Pepper Shakers

Add a dash of salt and pepper to your dishes with these dashing salt and pepper shaker sets. You can find a variety of Disney salt shakers as well as character salt and pepper shakers from other movies too. These unique kitchen items will certainly delight dinner guests when you bring them to the table!


Nerdy Magnets

Novelty Magnets

Deadpool MagnetBob Ross MagnetWonder Woman MagnetGames of Thrones Magnet Set

What's a fridge without a little swag? Decorate your refrigerator with colorful, pop culture magnets that are both fun and functional! Geek novelty magnets are where it's at! You'll love getting breakfast in the morning with a smile from Bob Ross, and you know your food is safe with Deadpool on your side. (Just make sure to hide the goodies you don't want to share really can't blame Deadpool if they go missing.)


Novelty Drinkware

Nerdy Drinkware

Gryffindor GobletRugrats Pub Glass SetStar Wars Water BottleGame of Thrones King in the North Tankard
Pickle Rick Tiki MugJustice League Shot Glass SetAladdin Moroccan Tea Glass SetStainless Steel Pokemon Tumbler

When people think of Pop culture kitchenware, they generally think of all the coffee mugs first. Sure, there are certainly a lot of really cool coffee mugs that we'd buy in a heartbeat, but what about the other cups? Well, we certainly haven't forgotten about them! You can find a variety of geeky goblets, silly shot glasses and trendy tumblers with your favorite licensed characters. Cheers!


Other Nerdy Kitchenware

Novelty Kitchen Gadgets

Mickey Mouse Slow Cooker With DipperTMNT Shredder Cheese GraterStar Wars Pancake MakerSpongebob Popcorn Popper
Game of Thrones Wine Stopper Set of 6Iron Man Coffee MakerMickey Mouse Candy MakerSuperman Spatula and Cookie Cutter Pack

You might be surprised to know that there are even more unique kitchen gadgets perfect for nerds like us. Want a sip of wine with Tyrion Lannister? How about a cup of coffee with Iron Man? (We love you 3000!) Nerdy kitchen gadgets run the entire gamut from popcorn makers and cheese graters to slow cookers and pancake flippers. If you're ready to go on a geek cooking binge, you can find everything you need at!


With these kitchen gadgets and tools, you should be able to live like a true adult without sacrificing your nerdy passions. Which kitchen gadget is your favorite? Make sure to check out all of our nerdy kitchen gadgets and let us know what is a must-have item for your kitchen. You may also be interested in our gift guide to drinkware and glassware!

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