They’re Good Logs: The Most Famous Logs of All [Infographic]

They’re Good Logs: The Most Famous Logs of All

Twin Peaks is coming back to television, and so many wonderful memories are coming along with it. Wacky, weird, whimsical memories. We were joking about the Log Lady around the office and that branched out to Ren & Stimpy’s “The Log Song”, and then a whole discussion about logs ensued. What can we say? It’s a strange place. So we made this definitive infographic about our favorite logs, from the Lincoln Logs that some of us played with as children to the Yule Log that some of us still watch around the Holidays. Because everyone needs a log, right? After all, they’re good logs, Brent. So many bad log jokes on the “b-log” today, sorry. Anyways, we hope you get a laugh out of it, too!

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They’re Good Logs: The Most Famous Logs of All

How did we do? Did you learn anything about logs? Or math? Or wood math? (We just made that up.) Did we miss any of your favorite logs? Then tell us all about it in the comments below. Also check out our Twin Peaks Pop Vinyl figures, they're creepy and weird, just like the show!

Design Credit: Travis Green

Wyatt Edwards

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