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Batman Toys for Our Favorite Heroes and Villains

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Batman Toys for Our Favorite Heroes and Villains

How would you describe Batman? Grim? Stoic? Maybe a bit of a grouch? Word is, he was even voted “Least Likely to Take a Joke” in high school. (Why so serious, indeed.) So it’s ironic when you consider the Caped Crusader and his assorted friends and foes have inspired all kinds of awesome Batman toys! From action figures to POP Vinyl and everything in between, you can find it all. And if you’re asking where you can get all “those wonderful toys”, read on!

Batman Toys and POP! Vinyl Figures


[Sources: Left (Batman: War on Crime by Alex Ross) | Right (Christian Bale)]

Batman Toys

Batman Collectible Action Figures

Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. In case you’ve misplaced your Batcalculator, this adds up to nearly 77 years’ worth of comics, movies, cartoons, and video games. And if you have a favorite portrayal of Batman, then chances are we have a Batman toy based on it! That means Arkham Origins or New 52, or even the collectible Designer Series of Batman figures. We even have a Utility Belt so you can be your own hero! Just don’t, you know, fight any actual criminals with it or anything. Safety first!

Batman POP! Vinyl

Batman Vinyl Figures

Don’t forget about the Batman POP Vinyl figures! Sure, they may not be your average “Batman action figure”, but you can still play with them–we have first-hand experience–and they look great on a shelf. (Yes, imaginary fun is still fun!) There are also a variety of Funko figures, from DC Comics Batman to Arkham Knight to 1966 Batman (with included Batmobile toy). Funko also makes adorable Dorbz figures in a rainbow of colors. In fact, you can’t throw a stone without hitting a Batman of one kind or another. (Caution: throwing stones around Batman is not recommended.)

Robin Toys and POP! Vinyl Figures


[Sources: Left (Young Justice) | Right (Chris O’Donnell)]

Robin Toys and POP! Vinyl Figures

Robin Gifts & Collectibles

Robin was introduced shortly after Batman in Detective Comics #38 from April 1940. And like Batman, there have been numerous versions of Robin, with some of them being completely different (fictional) people behind the mask. (Here’s where we observe a moment of silence for Jason Todd, the dead Robin.) So when it comes to Robin toys, you’ll find the whole range: DC Comics to 1960s (in action figure and POP Vinyl form!) to Arkham Knight to Nightwing.

Catwoman Toys and POP! Vinyl Figures


[Sources: Left (Catwoman by Jock) | Right (Michelle Pfeiffer)]

Catwoman Toys and POP! Vinyl Figures

Catwoman Gifts & Collectibles

The sometimes-antagonist/sometimes-antiheroine Catwoman debuted around the same time as Robin, Spring 1940 in Batman #1. Also like Robin, three different (fictional) women have assumed the persona of Catwoman, with a wide variety of personalities and character traits. Both the Designer Series and Vinyl Vixens figures show Catwoman with her iconic whip, whereas the Funko POP Vinyl, Dorbz, and Wacky Wobbler opt for a more charming likeness. Just keep your Catwoman action figures away from any valuables. (JK, they’re just toys.)

Harley Quinn Action Toys and POP! Vinyl Figures

Harley Quinn

[Sources: Left (Harley Quinn by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson) | Right (Margot Robbie)]

Harley Quinn Action Toys and POP! Vinyl Figures

Harley Quinn Gifts & Collectibles

Harley Quinn is a relatively new character, first appearing on Batman: The Animated Series in September 1992. Since then, she has appeared frequently in animated and television series and comics. And if trailers from the upcoming Suicide Squad film are any indication, this fan-favorite will soon be showing up in more prominent roles. You can find Harley Quinn toys from every point in her “career”, from jester/harlequin (Vinyl Vixen and POP Vinyl) to nurse (POP Vinyl) to, well, mallet-wielding former-M.D. (Arkham Knight and POP Vinyl). “Pow! Bam! Batgirl, eat your heart out!”

The Joker Toys and POP! Vinyl Figures

The Joker

[Sources: Left (The Killing Joke by Brian Bolland) | Right (Jared Leto)]

The Joker Toys and POP! Vinyl Figures

Dark Knight Joker       Arkham Asylum Joker

Joker Gifts & Collectibles

The Joker is, hands down, the most iconic of Batman’s adversaries. This arch-villain was introduced along with Catwoman in Batman #1. He has always been portrayed as the antithesis to Batman, sometimes more of a prankster and other times a darker, psychopathic criminal mastermind. The Joker toys also range from campy, like the 1966 POP Vinyl figure, although both the Dark Knight and Arkham Asylum POP Vinyl figures emphasis cute over scary. The DC Multiverse action figure is fun as a toy or a collectible, and you can even fly an RC helicopter Joker in the pale moonlight! (Kind of an old one, but we’re equal opportunity punsters here!)

Who is your favorite Batman family character? Do you prefer realistic action figures or cutesy POP Vinyl? And most importantly, do you leave your Batman toys in their packaging or open them like some kind of fiend? Let us know in the comments below!

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