2015 Father's Day Gift Guide

2015 Fathers Day Gift Guide from Fun.com


Dads are special souls. When you fell down, dad said “get back up and rub some dirt on it.” If it wasn't for dad working all weekend on YOUR science fair project, you wouldn't have taken home the first place trophy. He also hit 100 line drives directly at you so you'd make the baseball team (mostly because HE wanted to post up in a lawn chair and yell obscenities at your opponent, but can you really blame him? That pitcher was throwing waaay inside). Oh yea, pops also chased your prom date halfway around the block with a bat. Is that not the definition of 'unconditional love?' Plus, we bet that memory now brings a smile to your face. This Father's Day, make pops smile by giving a gift that says,  "thanks dad, for embarrassing the crap out of me in the most loving way possible!"



Funny Father's Day Gift Ideas

Do any of the following jokes ring a bell: What do you call a potato with glasses? A spec 'tater.' What do you call a fake noodle? An im'pasta!' Oh man, when it comes to being awesomely cheesy, dads ALWAYS take the cake. You can always count on good ol' dad to deliver corny puns and face-palm worthy one liners. You'll hear dad's signature hearty chuckle when you give him a gift that suits his goofball personality. It's going to be awesome watching him sip Miller Light from the beast drink kooler while he wears his favorite outfit: jean shorts, mid-calf white socks, and New Balance sneakers. It's basically every goofy dad's uniform!


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Samurai Sword Bookends - Shop      Half Pint Beer Glass - Shop

Einstein Paperclip Holder - Shop      Foam Fist Drink Koozie - Shop      Concrete Block Magnets - Shop



Star Wars Father's Day Gift Ideas

Someone take the fan away from dad. He's pretending to be Darth Vader again! If pops enjoys reminding you that he IS your father by talking into a box fan, a Star Wars themed gift is perfect. He'll love feeling like a slightly less hairy Chewbacca in his Wookiee robe. His Wookiee noises might get a little annoying, but hey, at least he's not screaming into the fan anymore. You'll make pops feel as cool as a Jedi Master in his Stormtrooper Polo and R2-D2 watch. Oh, just wait until he sinks his toes into the furry Wampa rug. He'll feel like the King of Hoth!


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Stormtrooper Polo Shirt - Shop      Chewbacca Bath Robe - Shop      R2-D2 Watch - Shop

Darth Vader Driver Cover - Shop      Death Star Planetarium - Shop      Wampa Rug - Shop



Superhero Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Look! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah, dad's just wearing his cape while cleaning out the gutters. AGAIN. Hmm, what do you buy a man who maintains the house, fixes your car, and kills spiders in a moment's notice? It sounds like pops deserves to be given the Batmobile for all of his heroic feats. Imagine the epic smile on his face while he whips a few donuts in an empty parking lot. We understand that it's probably not feasible to drop a couple mill on Pops this year, so we have a few other gift ideas that will still wow him. Vanquishing any evil doer will be a breeze after drinking coffee from a Thor mug. Is he attending a stressful business meeting soon? He'll feel invincible in his spiffy Spider-man cufflinks. After all, your dad was the very first superhero in your life so you gotta treat him right!


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Superman Super Dad Shirt - Shop      Batman Wallet - Shop      Ceramic Thor Mug - Shop

Avengers Fleece Blanket - Shop      Spider-Man Cufflinks - Shop      Captain America Hoodie - Shop



Cheap Father's Day Gift Ideas

Oooooh dads. They give new meaning to the term 'penny-pincher.' They've taught you techniques to ensure you use every drop of ketchup or ounce of toothpaste from the container before you toss it. Dad was always there to raise this tricky question: “why buy something to snack on here, when there's plenty of good food to eat at home?” Every time you go to swipe your card, you hear your father's ominous voice saying, 'credit cards are the devil!' Hmm, maybe that's just us?! Anyway, make dad proud by being the frugal child he proudly raised. All of these unique gifts are under twenty bucks so you can go ahead and put that hammer down; there's no need to break the piggy bank this year!


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Tardis Slippers - Shop      Giant Moustache Doormat - Shop      Condiment Gun - Shop

Homer Buddha Figurine - Shop      Jack Daniel's Whiskey on Water Shot Glass - Shop



Techy Father's Day Gift Ideas

Sometimes, on rare occasion, fatherhood and technology go hand in hand. If your dad has successfully assembled his own PC and knows how to send a picture text using an iPhone 6 then congratulations, you have a techie dad! You'll NEVER have to hear him bellowing, “why the HECK won't this thing print?!” and “how in the world do you make this pop-up go away?!” Lucky you...seriously! Celebrate your dad's tech-savvy savoir-faire by gifting him with a sweet comic book inspired flash drive. Dad will love using his new smartphone projector to watch a classic old Western with you. Maybe he'll even thank you for your thoughtfulness by creating his own personalized animated GIF!


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Oversized Rosewood Watch - Shop      Smartphone Projector - Shop

USB Cup Warmer Cookie - Shop      Universal Battery Card - Shop      Joker USB Flash Drive - Shop



We're positive that dad is going to be psyched that he didn't receive another sensible neck tie. But just HOW excited will dad be? Will he totally pull a Tom Cruise and spring onto the couch, or will he simply say, 'thanks kiddo I love ya,” and give you a great big bear hug? Let us know by commenting below! And if you didn't find the perfect gift in our list above, you can view all of our Father's Day Gift Ideas HERE! 

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