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10 Pop Culture Snowflakes [Printables]

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They say every single snowflake is unique, right? Well, we can't verify whether that's true of the billions that fall outside, but we can guarantee that we've created 10 of the most unique PAPER snowflakes you ever did see! These one-of-a-kind beauties cover all of your pop culture bases - we've got a Hunger Games flake, an Olaf flake, even a Game of Thrones flake complete with dragon eggs. We've also included folding instructions and printable patterns below, so you've got everything you need to go "crafting in a geeky wonderland." Enjoy!


How to fold a paper snowflake


We're guessing it's been a while since your paper snowflake making days in elementary school? Breathe. It's not rocket science. Just start with a square piece of paper (we suggest origami paper) and follow our simple folding instructions above. When you're cutting your flakes, the black part of the pattern should be the paper that remains after you're through. Now onto the good stuff! Time to choose your flake:


1. Hunger Games Mockingjay Snowflake

Hunger Games Mockingjay Snowflake

Few movies were more anticipated in 2014 than the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I. Pay tribute (Tribute? Eh? Too soon?) to your favorite butt-kicking babe of the revolution with this Mockingjay flake.


2. Classic Mario Snowflake

Mario Mushroom Snowflake

Doesn't this snowflake make the classic gamer in you do a happy dance? If you're like us and you just can't get enough of the Mushroom Kingdom and the heroic plumber that dwells within it, try your hand at this Mario Bros themed flake!


3. Frozen Olaf Snowflake

Olaf Snowflake PrintableSings: *Do you wanna make a snowwwwflakeeee?* We realize those aren't quite the words, but you get the idea, and it's totally the right amount of syllables so HUSH! If you love Frozen, how can you NOT fall in love with this design? Some snowflakes are worth melting for.


4. Jurassic Park Snowflake

Jurassic Park Snowflake

After the Jurassic World trailer release racked up 45 million views in less than a month, dinosaurs are at the top of our pop culture minds! This Jurassic Park flake is best suited for those that like a challenge, but we know you're up for it. Try it for Tim, who was brave enough to climb the electric fence. Try it for Mr. Arnold, who was tenacious in his search for the "magic word." Try it for the goat!


5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Snowflake

Star Wars Force Awakens Stormtrooper Snowflake

Speaking of movie trailers that are accumulating lots of views, the preview for Star Wars: The Force Awakens had the most successful first week on YouTube of any trailer of 2014 [source]! Of all the iconic imagery in the franchise, few things are as instantly recognizable as a Stormtrooper helmet. This IS the flake you're looking for!


6. Lego Snowflake

Lego Snowflake

LEGO was cool, LEGO is cool, LEGO will forever be cool. Even if you don't make a habit of playing with the stackable bricks, chances are you loved the characters from this year's hit film, The Lego Movie. In the LEGO spirit of buildling something awesome, have fun creating this cute snowflake!


7. Game of Thrones Dragon Snowflake

Game of Thrones Dragon Snowflake

The awesomeeeee house sigils in Game of Thrones gave us plenty of ideas for possible GOT flakes. Wolves, lions, octopuses (octopi?), but at the end of the day, we just couldn't say no to dragons. Could you? It seems a bit strange to commemorate a fire-breathing creature on a frigid form of precipitation, but again: dragons!!


8. Harley Quinn Snowflake

Harley Quinn Snowflake

Ms. Quinn is having quite the banner year! Besides being one of the most frequently cosplayed female characters out there, it has recently been announced that her character will appear in a star-studded live action film in 2016, Suicide Squad (Squeeeeee!). Try to remain calm until then by grabbing your puddin' and recreating this "quintessential" flake.


9. Minecraft Weapons Snowflake

Minecraft Sword Snowflake

"Simple geometric patterns coming together to form something amazing." We could be talking about Minecraft OR about snowflakes, right? That's why we felt that a Minecraft Sword snowflake just had to make the cut on our geeky list. Achieve pixelated perfection with this design, sure to delight gamers and non-gamers alike.


10. A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Snowflake

Christmas Story Leg Lamp Snowflake

This last flake is inspired by one of our favorite scenes from one of our favorite Christmas movies. (It's totally okay to watch A Christmas Story when it's not Christmas, PS. Anyone that says otherwise deserves soap in their mouth!) Good luck with this one, as it's a bit fragile. "Fra-GEE-leh!" It must be Italian!


Free Printable Patterns


SO: Have you found your favorite, yet? What's that? They're ALL your favorites? Yeah - same here. It's okay, you can try them all! ***But only if you promise to share pictures with us.*** Simply click the image below to be taken to the PDF, where you can print one or all of your favorite patterns. We mean it about sharing pictures - pinky swear! 


Printable Pop Culture Snowflake Printables

Click HERE to print your favorite pattern.

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