Holiday Gift Guide 2014


Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Teens

Are you looking for the perfect present for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list? Are you seeking out a gift that is as unique as the receiver? Of course you are! Skip the local discount store, toss out your old shopping list, and instead take a gander at these fun and hard-to-beat gift ideas!

Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and TeensIs there a man on your list that seems to have everything? Like...everthing? Even for such a fella, we'd venture to guess that we have some unique and covet-worthy gift items that will make his face shine as brightly as those twinkling Christmas lights he installed out front!


Gift Ideas for Tech lovers

Wonder Woman Computer Sitter - Shop      Star Wars Watch - Shop      Lego Star Wars Lamp - Shop

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver - Shop      Batman Hidden USB Cufflinks - Shop      C3P0 USB Drive - Shop

More Tech Gifts for Men -  Shop


How about guy in your life whose face lights up every time he sees a new gadget or doodad? These techy gifts are perfect for the guy who even gets excited over a talking thermostat! Hidden USB drives or over-sized LEGO Darth Vader lamps are great gifts to suprise and de"light!"


Office Gift Ideas for men

Darth Vader Coffee Mug - Shop         Magnetic Paperclip Head - Shop         Star Wars Wall Clock - Shop

UBS Cookie Coffee Warmer - Shop       Ninja Sword Book Ends - Shop       Iron Man Coin Bank - Shop

More Office Gift Ideas - Shop


All work and no play makes Homer…something…something. Make sure the guy in your life doesn’t go crazy while at work! These fun and functional gifts are perfect for the office and make great ice breakers for "the new guy" in IT!


Modern gift ideas for men

Wooden Sunglasses - Shop         Leather Money Clip - Shop         Leather Bound Journal - Shop

Polaroid Camera Coffee Mug - Shop      Batman Cufflinks - Shop      Star Wars Rebel Wallet - Shop

More Modern Gift Ideas - Shop


For the gentleman on your list that is all sophisticated-like,  here are some classy and discreet gifts that still allow is inner geek to peek through! Items like these Batman cufflinks or Star Wars Rebel wallet that subtly reference pop culture will make him feel nostalgic while complimenting his impeccable style!


Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Teens

Finding a fun and unexpected gift for the woman in your life can be seem like the most daunting of tasks. This year step it up a notch, set aside the cliché bubble bath set or giftcard, and treat her to one of these uniquely personal gifts!


Gift ideas for women

Star Wars Purse - Shop         Batman Necklace - Shop

Care Bears Character Hat - Shop         The Little Mermaid Wallet - Shop

More Accessory Gift Ideas - Shop


Everyday fashion can be influenced by favorite pop culture elements, characters, or movies. For the lady that loves movies but is looking for an accessory that is a little more subdued, officially licensed purses and wallets are perfect to add an unexpected personal detail to any outfit. For gals that don't mind being a little more visible with their fandoms, character hats are a great gift!


Gift ideas for women

Superhero Shot Glasses - Shop    Wonder Woman Throw - Shop    Star Wars Lighsaber Umbrella - Shop

R2D2 Wine Bottle Stopper - Shop      Glass Avengers Coasters - Shop

More Household Gift Ideas - Shop


Help your gift-ee spice up her home with some fun and funky household items. Whether she is a fan of comics or movies, there is a perfect gift that will complete her home décor! Plus, when she asks her guests to use a coaster, her appreciation of Marvel Comics will be evident and obnoxious water rings will be prevented!


Gift ideas for women

Goonies Coffee Mug - Shop         Yoshi Bag - Shop         Zelda Backpack - Shop

Wonderman Tin Lunch Box - Shop         Vintage Star Wars T-Shirt - Shop

More Nostalgic Gift Ideas - Shop


Vintage, retro, or nostalgic, they all mean the same thing. It's that one element of youth that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside! From classic movies to vintage video games, show her you know what gives her these fond memories by choosing one of these tailored gifts, sure to spark new Christmas memories this year!

Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Teens

Boys and their toys is a silly little quote for a reason - Boys love toys! And oh boy, do we have toys!


Gift Ideas for Boys

Plush Yoda - Shop        Star Wars Papercraft Kit - Shop        Star Wars Chewbacca Slippers - Shop

Darth Vader Lunch Box - Shop         R2D2 Talking Plush - Shop

More Star Wars Gift Ideas - Shop


Awaken the Star Wars fan in your little guy! The next Star Wars movie The Force Awakens will surely spawn a slew of fans from a whole new generation. Get ahead of the trend with these classic Star Wars gift ideas and that little fella will be speaking Wookiee in no time!


Gift Ideas for Boys

NERF Rampage Gun - Shop        NERF Dart Ammo Refills - Shop        NERF Mega Magnus - Shop

NERF Elite Bandoleir Kit - Shop        NERF Strongarm Elite Gun - Shop

More NERF Gift Ideas - Shop


NERF is a fun and safe way to defend a blanket fort or protect a tree house! When you grab one of these super powered dart launcher gifts, don’t forget the backup darts! They have a tendency to get lost in battle or under couch cushions...


Gift Ideas for Boys

Hulk Figurine/Comic Book Set - Shop         Iron Man Figure - Shop

Marvel Hardcover Journal - Shop        Retro Marvel Backpack - Shop        Spider-Man Hoodie - Shop

More Marvel Gift Ideas - Shop


Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron will be bursting onto the big screen May of 2015. We have a feeling there is a guy on your list that is really quite excited about this sequel movie! Classic superheroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Wolverine, are almost guaranteed to be as big of a hit beneath your tree as they will be in the theaters!


Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Teens

This past year gave us singing snowmen, a reformed Disney villainess, and solidified the power of friendship. Any of these gifts are sure to make your little girl burst into song - we'll give you one guess which got it, Let it Go! But, she won't actually want to let your gift go.


gift ideas for girls

Frozen Woven Blanket - Shop         Elsa Talking Room Light - Shop         Elsa Wallet - Shop

Olaf Bag - Shop         Olaf Back Buddy - Shop

More Frozen Gift Ideas - Shop


There is nothing icy about these gifts! Watch the warm glow of a smile spread across that little face when she unwraps one of these cool gifts from the movie Frozen.


gift ideas for girls

Dinsey Figurine Set - Shop         Beauty and the Beast Dress-up Kit - Shop

Cinderella Story Set - Shop         The Little Mermaid Lunch Box - Shop         Snow White Plush Doll - Shop

More Disney Gift Ideas - Shop


Every little girl is a princess as heart, so naturally they are drawn to stories of happily ever after and true love's kiss. These Disney toys are full of wonderment and promise - just what she envisioned for Christmas Once Upon a Dream!


gift ideas for girls

Twilight Sparkle Figure - Shop        Rainbow Dash Figure - Shop        My Little Pony Backpack - Shop

    Pinkie Pie Back Buddy - Shop         Muffins knee Socks - Shop         Rainbow Dash Hoodie - Shop

My Little Pony Gift Ideas - Shop


Every Equestrian girl knows that friendship has the power to overcome all struggles. Good thing finding the perfect My Little Pony gift will be no struggle for you! These five ponies each have a unique personalities that are sure to resonate. Whether a social butterfly like Pinkie Pie or strong and courageous like Rainbow Dash, these gifts will make everypony neigh with delight!


Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Teens

Teens seem to be a challenging bunch to shop for. With these eclectic gift ideas, you are sure to make even the most angsty teen beam with joy!


gifts for teens

Woolbuddy Felting Mat - Shop         Woolbuddy Frog Kit - Shop

Woolbuddy Premade Owl - Shop         Woolbudyy Thimble Set - Shop

More Woolbuddy Gift Ideas - Shop


Is the teen on your list a DIY lover or crafter at heart? Try one of these needle felting kits. This hobby is quickly becoming the "it" trend. Give her the power to imagine and create her own little buddy, or follow the instructions in one of our kits for an adorable, squishy little critter.


gifts for teens

Batman Uglydoll - Shop         Wizard of Oz Dorothy Uglydoll - Shop         Wonder Woman Uglydoll - Shop

More Uglydoll Gift Ideas - Shop


These little guys are just so darn ugly, they are cute! They prove even the wonkiest little monsters can be superheroes or movie stars.


Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Teens

Stocking stuffers come in all shapes and sizes. Find the perfect POP Vinyl or silly keychain that shows how much Santa has been paying attention all year long. And don’t forget, even big kids love a visit from Santa!


stocking stuffers

Key Chains - Shop         Hats - Shop         Pop Vinyl Figurines - Shop

More Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas - Shop 


Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us here at!

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