Star Wars Coloring Pages and Bingo Sheets
Published on April 19, 2022

Star Wars Coloring Pages and Bingo Sheets [Printables]

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Are you getting together with friends or family for Star Wars Day? Then we have some fun projects for you! We designed Star Wars coloring pages of our favorite characters, from Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian to classics like Princess Leia and Darth Vader. We also designed some Star Wars bingo cards with events from the films, so you can mark them off as you watch. (You are having a watch party, right?) Enjoy these Star Wars activities and May the Fourth be with you!


Star Wars Coloring Pages

Click coloring pages to open a full-resolution version or download a PDF underneath each image.


Baby Yoda Coloring Page

Baby Yoda coloring page

It's fine, you can take a nap after finishing this one!

Download the Baby Yoda coloring page


The Mandalorian Coloring Page

The Mandalorian coloring page

"No, no, the red one."

Download the Mandalorian coloring page


Princess Leia Coloring Page

Princess Leia coloring page

"Aren't you a little tall to color?"

(Nobody's too tall to color, of course—even Joonas Suotamo!)

Download the Princess Leia coloring page


Kylo Ren Coloring Page

Kylo Ren coloring page

"I feel it again. The pull to the light crayons."

Download the Kylo Ren coloring page


Boba Fett Coloring Page

Boba Fett coloring page

What's my bounty? That 64-count box of crayons—with a sharpener!

Download the Boba Fett coloring page


Darth Vader Coloring Page

Darth Vader coloring page

"You don't know the power of the dark crayons!"

Download the Darth Vader coloring page


Ahsoka Tano Coloring Page

Ahsoka Tano coloring page

We suggest dual-wielding crayons for this Jedi!

Download the Ahsoka Tano coloring page


Chewbacca Coloring Page

Chewbacca coloring page

"Wwwah rrroooaaah wha?"

Download the Chewbacca coloring page


R2-D2 Coloring Page

R2-D2 coloring page


Download the R2-D2 coloring page


Stormtroopers Coloring Page

Stormtrooper coloring page

Remember to color precisely, like a...Stormtrooper?

Download the Stormtrooper coloring page


Star Wars Bingo Cards

Here are 15 Star Wars bingo cards with events from Star Wars films. Print and mark them off at your Star Wars Day watch party—and maybe even give some Star Wars action figures or collectibles to the winners!

Star Wars bingo card

An example bingo card

Download 15 Star Wars bingo cards


Which was your favorite coloring page? Make sure to take a picture and share it with us on social: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! If you have ideas for future Star Wars activities—or other coloring pages you'd like us to design—let us know in the comments. Also be sure to check out our Star Wars gifts and Star Wars gift guide!

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