Pokémonster Manual: Dungeons & Dragons & Pokémon
Published on September 20, 2021

Pokémonster Manual: Dungeons & Dragons & Pokémon Mashup

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Everyone has their own playstyle, but sometimes it feels like you're playing the wrong game. Have you ever had that player who always wanted to try to tame every beast you came across? Do you treat the Pokémon games like a dungeon-crawling adventure where you explore every corner of the map, talk to each villager and complete all of the quests? Why not get the best of both worlds by combining your favorite Pokémon with the most iconic Dungeons & Dragons monsters for a mashup that's out of this realm? We found a selection of D&D beasts with uncannily similar appearances to some of our favorite Pokémon and combined them to make a new creature! Would you like to encounter one of these critters on your next adventure?


Displacer Beast & Espeon

Espeon Displacer Beast Mashup

This menacing monstrosity excels at bending light and minds!


Owlbear & Decidueye

Decidueye Owlbear Mashup

Not all heroes wear capes, but this Owlbear's fashion sense is a bullseye.


Gelatinous Cube & Muk

Muk Gelatinous Cube Mashup

We're not sure anything could survive a Muk Cube. Excuse us while we explore a different dungeon.


Beholder & Unown

Unown Beholder Mashup

Like a hovering cheerleader, calling out letters...but made of nightmare fuel.


Mind Flayer & Tentacruel

Tentacruel Mind Flayer Mashup

You probably already saw this one coming, but now the mind flayer is aquatic. Sorry not sorry!


Tarrasque & Rhyperior

Rhyperior Tarrasque Mashup

The ultimate evolution where Rock Wrecker is now Planet Wrecker.


Rust Monster & Pinsir

Pinsir Rust Monster Mashup

Just be happy it can't mega-evolve. The last thing we need is for this creature to fly.


Mimic & Ditto

Ditto Mimic Mashup

As they say, sometimes the dungeon bites back. We hope that this one just smiles.


Well, that was....terrifying? Cool? We'll let you decide! Which other D&D monsters and Pokémon would make great mashup material? If you still can't get enough, we have lots of great Dungeons and Dragons gifts for adventurers, as well as Pokémon gifts for gamers. Too bad you can't make a mashup with these gifts!

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