Disney Princess Easter Eggs
Published on March 22, 2021

Eggcellent Disney Princess Easter Eggs [Printables]

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We know that you're dyeing to see some fun Easter egg printables, so we whipped up a magical batch of Disney Princess Easter eggs! (We're talking about the edible kind, not the Disney movie easter eggs you can spot while watching the films.) With so many characters to choose from, we picked a portion of Disney's modern princesses that your kids are bound to be familiar with. These Disney Easter eggs are easy to print and cut out, with directions on how to tape them all together. Choose from cardstock or regular printer paper and fake or real eggs, and get crafting! No matter which you choose, we're sure that your friends and family will love to see your Disney Easter eggstravaganza on social!

The free printable Disney egg costumes templates are available to download at the end of this article.


Let's Get Cracking!

Disney Character Easter Eggs


Moana Easter Egg Design

Printable Moana Easter Egg

There's no telling how far this egg will go. (Our guess is that it might make it to breakfast!)


Hei Hei Easter Egg Design

Printable Hei Hei Easter Egg

How ironic is it that we're decorating an egg to look like a rooster?


Mulan Easter Egg Design

Printable Mulan Easter Egg

Reflect before you snack. This shall bring you honor and glory.


Li Shang Easter Egg

Printable Li Shang Easter Egg

Let's get down to business and decorate this egg.


Elsa Easter Egg

Printable Elsa Easter Egg

Help Elsa step into her power by making this Frozen 2 Easter Egg.


Olaf Easter Egg

Printable Olaf Easter Egg

While this egg isn't exactly a walking, talking snowman, you'll still have to keep it chilled in the fridge. (Unless you're Elsa!)


Tiana Easter Egg

Printable Tiana Easter Egg

The only way to get this Easter egg is through hard work.


Naveen Easter Egg

Printable Naveen Easter Egg

If he can mince, you can make this egg.


Disney Easter Egg Printables

Printable Disney Easter Egg Designs

Click to open the Disney Easter egg printables in a new window, then print or right-click to download.


Get ready to make Easter a touch more magical with these Disney Easter egg printables! Did we include your favorite characters? Are you eggstatic to get started? What other Easter egg designs would you like to see from us? Don't be shy, leave a comment for us below! If you'd like to continue with the Disney theme for your family's Easter baskets, we have lots of Disney gifts that would look lovely nestled with candy and Easter grass.

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