The Ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts to Haunt Your Holidays
Published on December 11, 2020

The Ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts to Haunt Your Holidays [Gift Guide]

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What's this!? There's something in the air. It's got just a hint of spooky and a healthy dose of festive. As Halloween is fading away, we can be thankful that there is a big guy living in the cold who is ready to show up to make us all scream with delight! Sure, Christmas has Santa Claus up at the North Pole, but ever since Tim Burton brought us the Disney musical Nightmare Before Christmas, we've been able to have a little Halloween haunting along with our holiday hopes! Whether you're getting ready for Christmas or just can't get enough of Halloween, you can deck your halls with the happy haunting that can only come when Halloween Town joins in the Christmas fun. If you're looking to stuff some stockings with some of the best Christmas gifts out there, look no further than our Nightmare Before Christmas gift guide! You and yours are sure to be grinning wider than the Pumpkin King himself!


Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

Nightmare Before Christmas Décor

Jack Skellington NutcrackerJack and Sally Holiday StockingNightmare Before Christmas Wall ArtNightmare Before Christmas Advent CalendarSally Nutcracker
Nightmare Before Christmas Bed SetNightmare Before Christmas Towel SetMoonlight Madness Shower CurtainNightmare Before Christmas Water BallDepartment 56 Jack Skellington Figure

If you've got some real Nightmare Before Christmas fans, they probably want to deck their halls all year-'round! Jack Skellington is a delight for every holiday, not just Halloween and Christmas! That's why you can give the gifts that will keep them grinning whenever they enter any room. Jack and Sally can keep things cozy with some of our Nightmare Before Christmas bedding. Throw blankets make a haunting accent for the sofa and Nightmare Before Christmas wall decorations will keep your loved ones grinning just like Jack in any room! Find your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise and count down the days with a Funko advent calendar, because Jack Skellington can't wait!


Jack Skellington Gifts

Jack Skellington Gift Ideas

Jack and Zero Wave 1 FigurineJack Skellington MugNightmare Before Christmas GobletJack Skellington Dog Costume
Nightmare Before Christmas Cross Body Bag Jack Skellington Chia PetJack Skellington Peruvian Hat

If there is one thing that can be said about the Pumpkin King, it is that he doesn't like to sit a holiday out. The guy is always running around, trying to inspire folks all over the world! You thought he made an impression when he took on the role of Sandy Claws? Well, just imagine how much everyone will enjoy the moment that Jack Skellington becomes your favorite drinking vessel! That isn't enough for Jack, though. He is excited to hang out in your home in the form of your favorite figurines...and even bringing life to the room as a NIghtmare Before Christmas Chia Pet! Jack Skellington is everywhere and we know you and yours couldn't be happier about it. Take a look at our Pumpkin King gifts and see where else Jack has been hiding!


Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts for Him

Mens Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts

Nightmare Before Christmas Shot GlassesJack Skellington Lounge PantsJack Skellington Color Change UmbrellaNightmare Before Christmas SuspendersNightmare Before Christmas Ugly Sweater

There's something about a tall guy in a dark suit that is just so debonair! No wonder Jack Skellington is such an inspiration for guys around the world. Give the gift of Nightmare couture and class with some of our Nightmare Before Christmas gifts for guys. Stay in style with Skellington suspenders and keep the holidays hauntingly fun with our line of Ugly Sweaters for Christmas and Halloween.


Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts for Her

Women's Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts

Nightmare Before Christmas Slow CookerNightmare Before Christmas Zero ScarfSally Over-the-Knee SocksNightmare Before Christmas Heart UmbrellaNightmare Before Christmas Costume Tee

If you ask us, one of our favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters is Sally! She's the one who holds the holiday together, after all. That's why we are happy to carry several gifts for the gals in your life, too! You'll find Nightmare Before Christmas presents that will help put a spooky twist to any outfit! Who wouldn't want Zero to keep them company or sport Sally's style with a pair of socks!?


Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts for Kids

Kids Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts

Jack and Sally BackpackJack Skellington CostumeZero CostumeOogie Boogie CostumeDeluxe Sally Costume

Whether they are headed back to school and need that extra skip in their step or they are looking forward to a marathon of Disney flicks, kids can't get enough of the fun of Halloween and Christmas. They are both holidays that will keep them looking forward no matter what time of the year it might be! We carry great Nightmare Before Christmas costumes that are perfect for Disney days and costume parties as well as tons of Nightmare Before Christmas toys and trinkets that will keep them grinning just as wide as Jack.


Nightmare Before Christmas Games

Nightmare Before Christmas Games

Monopoly: Nightmare Before Christmas EditionOperation: Nightmare Before ChristmasNightmare Before Christmas Funkoverse GameNightmare Before Christmas Rubiks CubeSomething Wild: Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack looks at every holiday as an opportunity for fun. We think that everyone should feel the same enthusiasm every day! Fortunately, we have a bunch of Nightmare Before Christmas board games to keep the fun going all year. You can play some of your favorite games like Monopoly and Yahtzee with a Nightmare Before Christmas twist as well as brand new games that come straight out of Halloween Town. Try your strategy skills out with Funkoverse or see if you've got the skills to beat Jack Skellington at his own game!


Nightmare Before Christmas Figures

Nightmare Before Christmas Figurines

10" Jack Skellington Pop! FigureSandy Claws Vinyl FigurePop! Sally Sewing FigurePop! Oogie Boogie Bugs FigurePop! Movie Moments: Jack and Sally Figure

If you're like us, you can't get enough of Funko figures. We imagine your friends and family are just the same! You'll find a wide variety of Nightmare Before Christmas figures that are the perfect stocking stuffer. Pop! figures of Jack Skellington and Sally will make everyone smile thanks to their wide eyes while some of the limited edition figurines will be a perfect addition to anyone's collection. Collect the whole of Halloween Town! (Just try not to keep them all for yourself or Sandy Claws will want a word with you!)


Get your singing skills ready because your friends and family are going to love these Nightmare Before Christmas gift ideas! From themed clothing to collectible figures and even Nightmare Before Christmas appliances, you'll find everything you could want to bring some spooky fun to your holidays. Host a themed holiday party, pop in your favorite Disney musical moments, and get ready to see some skull-wide smiles this year. Start browsing through our Nightmare Before Christmas stuff and ask yourself, "What's this!?"

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