Pop Culture Mini Hoop Embroidery Christmas Ornaments
Published on December 22, 2020

Pop Culture Embroidery Christmas Ornaments [Printables]

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The holidays are filled with lots of activities, like making cookies, buying presents and finding the perfect Christmas tree. However, one of the most fun activities that the entire family can pitch in on is decorating the Christmas tree! Kids and adults find joy in taking out their favorite holiday ornaments to hang on the tree. There's also often an assortment of purchased ornaments as well as those that were hand-made.

If you like to make your own ornaments or you're looking to create homemade presents this year, these pop-culture-themed embroidered mini hoop ornaments are an adorable way to make a statement! Create decorations with crowd-pleasers like The Mandalorian, Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy and more. Keep reading to see which mini hoop embroidery ornaments you'd be interested in making this year!

We used 4" miniature embroidery hoops in order to create these ornaments. Floss colors are not designated, so feel free to use the regular colors to recreate these scenes. (Or, you can always do your own thing too.) Don't forget to have some string on hand with which to hang your hoops. We're sure that no matter how you choose to make these pop-culture embroidery ornaments, they'll look fabulous!


Holidays with Groot Embroidery Design

Christmas Groot Embroidery Design

Groot Embroidery Pattern

We're all Groot when we're listening to our favorite holiday mixtape.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Mando Embroidery Design

Mandalorian Ugly Christmas Sweater Embroidery Design

The Mandalorian Embroidery Pattern

Everyone knows an ugly Christmas sweater is the way.


TARDIS in a Winter Wonderland Embroidery Design

Winter Wonderland TARDIS Embroidery Design

TARDIS Embroidery Pattern

This snowglobe is bigger on the inside.


Harry Potter Snowman Embroidery Design

Snowman Harry Potter Embroidery Design

Harry Potter Embroidery Pattern

The Sorting Hat sorted our snowman into Shiver-in.


Santa Joker Embroidery Design

Santa Joker Embroidery Design

The Joker Embroidery Pattern

Jingle bells, Batman smells...


Santa Hat Gizmo Embroidery Design

Santa Hat Gizmo Embroidery Design

Gremlins Embroidery Pattern

Just remember: no milk and cookies for Santa Gizmo after midnight.


Pop Culture Holiday Embroidery Ornament Designs

Pop Culture Mini Hoop Embroidery Ornaments

Pop Culture Holiday Embroidery Ornament Designs


We hope you have as much fun making these miniature hoop embroidery ornaments as we did! Which designs would you like to tackle first? Are you an embroidery beginner or a veteran? What other pop culture crafts would you like to see from us next? Share your comments and suggestions with us in the comment section below! Happy holiday crafting! If you're on the lookout for more crafts to keep the family occupied, check out our other craft kits for kids and adults. They're sure to help pass the time while you're indoors for winter.

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