Power Up With These Dragon Ball Z Gifts and Q&A Guide to DBZ
Published on April 26, 2019

Power Up With These Dragon Ball Z Gifts and Q&A Guide to DBZ

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It has been over 30 years since the Dragon Ball Z anime aired on Japanese television in 1989. We are here to celebrate by offering you some of the coolest Dragon Ball Z gifts, collectibles, and costumes. We also answered some of the top questions you've been dying to ask about the Dragon Ball Z franchise. For years we have been following Goku and his friends as they travel around the universe in search of Dragon Balls and saving it from everyone and their momma. Keep reading so you can perhaps answer some of those burning questions, and find some gifts for Dragon Ball Z fans that they're going to love!


Keep reading to find out everything you want to know about DBZ, or jump to the Dragon Ball gift guide.


Who Created Dragon Ball Z?

Akira Toriyama is the original creator of the manga story and is responsible for the character design concepts from 1984 to 1995. His work covers 519 chapters and 42 volumes of Dragon Ball. The manga was then created into two different anime series produced by Toei Animation: Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Toei Animation has created 20 animated feature films, three television specials, and two anime sequel series. Akira's creation has become one of the most well-known franchises around the world.


How Many Episodes are there of Dragon Ball Z?

Dragon Ball is the first anime, and it is made of 153 episodes, spanning 194 manga chapters. But it doesn't stop there: Dragon Ball Z starts 5 years after Dragon Ball ends and squishes 325 manga chapters into 291 episodes! This brings the total to 444 episodes for the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z story. Even with each episode having a run time of just under a half-hour, we think that's still a long time to binge-watch the original series, but if you try, we won't tell anyone! There have since been additional anime series, but Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are the ones that sparked a franchise.


When Did Dragon Ball Z Come Out?

Dragon Ball Z started as a manga that was released in 1984 in the weekly Shonen Jump. Two years later, Toriyama's story was picked up by Fuji Television in Japan. They created the Dragon Ball anime and released it on February 26th, 1986. Three years and 153 episodes later, the anime ended on April 19th, 1989. But of course, we know that wasn't the end of the franchise. The following week, Fuji Television continued with the second installment. Dragon Ball Z aired from April 26th, 1989 until January 31st, 1996! DBZ Kai was then released on April 5th, 2009 until June 28th, 2015. It was followed by Dragon Ball Super and Super Dragon Ball Heroes, and it's likely that there will be more to come.

FranchiseOriginally releasedChapters/episodes
Dragon Ball mangeDecember 3rd, 1984 to June 5th, 1995519 chapters
Dragon Ball animeFebruary 26th, 1986 to April 19th, 1989153 episodes
Dragon Ball Z animeApril 26th, 1989 to January 31st, 1996291 episodes
Dragon Ball Z KaiApril 5th, 2009 to June 28th, 2015159 episodes


What is DBZ Kai?

Some of you may have heard of or even watched DBZ Kai, also known as Dragon Ball Z Kai. This is essentially "Dragon Ball Z Revised". DBZ Kai follows the manga closer than the Dragon Ball Z anime. Because Toriyama was only partway through his Dragon Ball manga, Toei Animation's anime version had to create many filler episodes so that Toriyama could catch up with his writing. This is why we were blessed with episodes like "Goku's Ordeal," where Chi-Chi forces Goku and Piccolo to get their driver's licenses. Toei Animation announced Dragon Ball Z Kai would be released in April 2009 after Dragon Ball Z's 20th anniversary. DBZ Kai reduced the episode count to 159 in Japan (167 internationally) from originally 291 episodes of DBZ.


How Old is Goku?

Dragon Ball Z follows many characters throughout the series but develops the main story around the protagonist, Goku. He is a Saiyan named Kakarot who was sent to earth by his parents when he was three years old. An old man named Gohan finds the child alone in the woods, renames him Son Goku, and adopts him as his grandson. Goku grows up to be about 12 when he is initially introduced in Dragon Ball. He trains and fights his way to find all the Dragon Balls so that he can make a wish from the almighty dragon, Shenron. At the end of Dragon Ball, Goku is 19 years of age. Of course, as we know, Dragon Ball Z begins five years later when Goku is 24 years old. Dragon Ball Z continues to follow Goku and his friends and family over the years as they level up their power to save the different universes.


What is Goku Wearing & What is Goku's Outfit Called?

Similar to Marvel's Hulk, Goku's clothes are always blown to smithereens when he fights or goes Super Saiyan. So what is that outfit even called? Goku's outfit is based on the Turtle School uniform from Master Roshi's martial arts training school. He wears what's called a gi. If you've never seen the anime and only the black and white manga, you may be wondering, "What color are Goku's clothes?". Well, his clothes feature two main colors. First is his orange gi which is a loose tunic and pants. He pairs this outfit with a blue undershirt, blue wristbands, a blue obi that he ties around his waist, and blue boots. Here at FUN.com, we've obtained exclusive licenses to create official Dragon Ball Z costumes for adults and kids. You can dress up just like your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters for Halloween, cosplay, or even just hang out on your living room sofa while binge-watch the entire show again.


What Does the Symbol on Goku's Shirt Mean?

DBZ Symbols

"Turtle" kanji"King Kai" kanji [Source: Dragon Ball Wiki]"Go" kanjiWhis' signature [Source: IMBd]

Goku's gi features a round kanji, or symbol, on the front and back of his clothes. When he is younger and training at Master Roshi's Turtle School, his yellow and black gi features Master Roshi's "Kame" or "Turtle" design. A second kanji is displayed on Goku's gi when he begins to train under King Kai. His new "King Kai" kanji is a large black and white symbol on the back of his gi. Goku's third symbol is his own "Go" kanji, taken from his name. It also means "enlightenment" He wears this symbol through the Frieza Saga in Dragon Ball Z. The fourth and final symbol is from Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, the nineteenth film based on the Dragon Ball franchise. This new symbol is Whis' own signature worn by both Goku and Vegeta while they train under him.


Dragon Ball Z Gift Guide

Dragon Ball Gift Guide


Dragon Ball Z Action Figures

Dragon Ball Z Action Figures

5.5" Son Goku Action Figure by Bandai S.H. FiguartsSuper Saiyan Son Goku Action FigureImagination Works Goku Action FigureS.H. Figuarts Piccolo Action Figure

Some favor quality over quantity. It's like, would you rather have a bunch of Saibamen on your side, or one Super Saiyan? No contest! You'd want to have Goku on your side. These DBZ action figures are the same. High-quality collectibles are a great gift idea for any DBZ fan who needs a little more oomph in their licensed memorabilia. Action figures are great since they evoke the fond memories of being a child, except these ones are crafted with an intense amount of detail and are made more for posing and displaying than playtime. Given the amount of action in this anime TV series, you'll have plenty of poses to try out with your Dragon Ball Z action figures!


Dragon Ball Z Figures

Dragon Ball Z Figures

Son Goku Bandai FigureBanpresto Videl FigureFull Scratch Frieza Figure
Blood of Saiyans Special x Goku Son Goku V Omnibus FigureBanpresto Goku Figure

Action figures are cool and stuff, but it's hard to beat the exquisite detail found in high-end collectible figures and statues. You can capture every muscle and ripple of fabric without worrying about the mechanics of how the item is going to bend. If we have your interest piqued, take a look at these collectible Dragon Ball Z figures! Goku is poised like he's about to jump to life, and you can practically hear Frieza cackling villainously. You're sure to make someone's day with any of these Dragon Ball Z statue gifts.


Dragon Ball Z Funko POP! Vinyl Figures

Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Child VegetaDBS Future MaiSuper Saiyan GohanDragon Ball Super Hercule
Final Form FriezaDragon Ball Super VegetaAndroid 16Evil Buu

Let's include some basic, wallet-friendly DBZ gifts. Funko has been a go-to brand when it comes to affordable collectibles and gifts. Their POP vinyl line of toys features characters from just about every single video game, TV show, and movie, so it's a quick and easy choice as a budget-friendly gift for geeks. And you'd better believe that they've created a line of Dragon Ball Z POP! vinyls. We carry all the popular Dragon Ball Z characters, like Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo. These make some of the best cheap gifts for nerds that love DBZ. Of course, make sure you figure out their favorite character before you get one. (Goku is always a solid choice, though!)


Dragon Ball Z Clothing and Accessories

Dragon Ball Z Clothing

DBZ Moccasins Slippers12 Days of Dragon Ball Broly SocksSon Goku Trucker Hat
Dragon Ball Z HatAdult Goku & Vegeta Long-Sleeve Shirt5 Pack DBZ Socks

Everyone has to wear clothes; it's the unfortunate truth of the world, but hey, if you got to wear them, you may as well be representing the characters you know and love. We take our Dragon Ball merch pretty seriously, since each special occasion requires the perfect Dragon Ball Z apparel. Chilly outside? Then you can get your DBZ fan a nice hoodie along with socks and a collector's box. Sunny outside? Then get your anime fan a bright orange polo shirt. And everyone loves a shirt that has a power level that's over 9000, except Vegeta, who smashes expensive devices when he witnesses power levels over 9000! (It's probably not wise to get Vegeta any of our t-shirts as a gift.)


Dragon Ball Merch for the Home

Dragon Ball Z Merch for the Home

Dragon Ball Teapot SetDBZ Goku Heat Change MugDragon Ball Towel
Dragon Ball Z Pint Glass SetDBZ UmbrellaDragon Ball Lamp

Whether it's a steaming hot cup of tea, a robust cup of coffee, or a healthy dose of orange juice, everyone has a morning elixir they drink to get through the day. Even Korin fills his cup up with a big serving of Sacred Water. If you have a DBZ fan in your life, then there's no better way to intake that liquid than with the action-packed excitement of Goku, Vegeta, and the whole Z Fighter crew. Finding some of Korin's Sacred Water to put inside of it? Well, you're on your own for that one. At least coffee can still make you feel like a Super Saiyan! What if you're looking for some fun lighting solutions or perhaps some munchies and a blanket for watching your favorite anime shows? Try out a Kame house cookie jar, or perhaps light up your room with Goku's spirit bomb. (Just remember not to make a habit out of talking to your food!)


Other Dragon Ball Z Gift Ideas

Dragon Ball Z Gift Ideas

DBZ Clue GamePeace Sign Master Roshi Pop! KeychainGohan and Piccolo Loungefly Mini BackpackDragon Ball Rumbling Plush
Pop! Keychain VegetaDBZ Throw BlanketGohan with Sword KeychainDBZ Monopoly

Do you know a Dragon Ball Z fan that's always on the go? Then they could probably use a good satchel. After all, how are they going to carry around all their Senzu beans, or their Dragon Radar with them? Okay, so maybe people outside of an Akira Toriyama anime series aren't walking around with a pocketful of beans all day, but chances are that the DBZ fan in your life has books, devices, games, or other must-have stuff that they need to tote around, whether they're at an anime convention or out on the town. Our DBZ backpacks and bags are the perfect things for them to carry on their real-life adventures, even if their adventures are only taking them to the coffee shop on the corner of the street and not sending them off on a journey to Planet Namek. If you're looking to bring some DBZ adventures inside your home, perhaps you're looking for some Dragon Ball Z board games! You can find a DBZ version of Clue, as well as a collectible Monopoly board game. However, don't forget about other Dragon Ball toys and gifts. We hope you find the perfect gift for your Dragon Ball fan!


Check Out These Dragon Ball Z Costumes!

Dragon Ball Z Costumes

Authentic GokuChild TrunksBulmaPiccolo
Master RoshiKids' VegetaToddler GokuFrieza

Are you a Dragon Ball Z fan, sitting there reading this blog in a t-shirt and jeans? We know that's not your final form, so we've got you covered. Whether you need a costume for Halloween or even to cosplay, we have exclusive Dragon Ball Z costumes from Piccolo to Master Roshi! Or you could always choose your favorite Saiyan Prince, Vegeta. We even have Dragon Ball Z kids costumes of Goku and Bulma.


How do you think you'd do at a game of DBZ trivia? Are there some Dragon Ball questions you'd love to see answered? As much fun as it is to look at our favorite Dragon Ball Z facts, that just gives us the itch to look at our favorite Dragon Ball Z merchandise. Hopefully, our DBZ gift guide gave you a few good ideas to start from, but you can check out our full list of Dragon Ball Z gifts to find something special for the anime-lover in your life. Also, should your DBZ fan (or you!) happen to love other anime shows, we have tons of other anime gifts that might be fun to add to your gift list!

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