40+ BBQ Gifts
Published on May 24, 2019

40+ BBQ Gifts for the Geeky Grill Master in Your Life [Gift Guide]

It's BBQ season, baby! Fire up that grill, grab your BBQ grilling accessories and let's get to it! Whether you're looking to replace some of your old BBQ equipment or you're looking for some of the best BBQ gifts for the grill master in your life, we've got plenty of grilling items for you to choose from—and we're so excited to share some of our favorites with you. This grilling gift guide is especially great if you have a BBQ lover who's a sports fan or perhaps a geek at heart. With properties such as Star Wars, NFL, and Marvel Comics (that's right, Marvel Comics!), we've got some of the coolest BBQ-related gifts for you to shop from.


Sporty Grill Brushes

Sports Team Grill Brushes

Atlanta Falcons Grill BrushDetroit Red Wings Grill BrushNew York Jets Grill BrushLos Angeles Kings Grill Brush
Detroit Lions Grill BrushNew York Rangers Grill BrushLos Angeles Rams Grill BrushBaltimore Ravens Grill Brush

Sports and grilling go together like cheese and crackers. Whether you're tailgating or enjoying the big game from home, you want to show off your love for your favorite team with some licensed grilling accessories. Perhaps you're even grilling for a non-sports event such as the 4th of July! These sports team grill brushes feature team cut-outs and colors on a sturdy grill brush that you'll want to keep on hand. We have NFL grill brushes and NHL grill brushes so you and your loved ones can be ready no matter the season!


Nerdy Aprons

Geeky Aprons

Captain Marvel ApronGhostbusters Stay Puft Apron and Chef Hat SetBatgirl ApronStar Wars Rebel Apron and Oven Mitt Set

If you're looking for some more unique BBQ gifts, check out these wild and wacky aprons! Who said geeks can't grill? Get yourself someone who can cook a dang good meal while also having a drawn-out conversation on whether or not midi-chlorian levels matter, how they affect Force users, and why the heck they weren't mentioned in the original trilogy?! We need answers! Anyways, these officially licensed aprons are perfect when you want to be in charge of the grill but not take life too seriously. From the Ghostbusters to Batman to the Rebellion to freaking Captain Marvel, channel your inner geek and set that grill on fire with these fun and BBQ-ready apron sets!


Fun Oven Mitts

Unique Oven Mitts

3 Piece Animal Crossing Oven Mitt SetNew York Giants Oven MittPhiladelphia Eagles Oven MittDallas Cowboys Oven Mitt

Don't let your designated grill man feel left out of the big game ever again! Should you be playing video games while they're on grill duty, or maybe the kickoff already went down, they can cheer from their BBQ station with these goofy grill gloves. Also, if you're tailgating and you want to cheer from the stands, you can take your oven mitt along with you and skip buying an additional foam finger. Now that's what we'd like to call a win!


NFL Cutting Boards and Steak Knives

Sports Team Steak Knives and Cutting Boards

New England Patriots Steak Knife SetLos Angeles Rams Steak Knife setSeattle Seahawks Steak Knife Set
New York Giants Cutting BoardNew England Patriots Cutting BoardLos Angeles Rams Cutting Board

Don't forget about the meal prep! It doesn't matter if you're making kabobs or other grilled goodies—a cutting board and some sharp knives will always come in handy at a cookout. Get your sporty grill master some NFL cutting boards, and you can even top it off with a matching set of NFL steak knives. If they (or you!) are the ultimate sports fan, you're going to love these great grilling accessories.


Sporty Spatulas

NFL Spatulas

San Fransisco 49ers Fan FlipperPhiladelphia Eagles Fan FlipperNew York Giants Fan FlipperNew England Patriots Fan Flipper

Sports fans, rejoice, for we have even more NFL grill gifts for you! Find a selection of sporty spatulas to sate your appetite for everything football. From San Fransisco to New York, you can flip those patties NFL style. Take them tailgating to show off what a huge fan you are, or give these spatulas as gifts for your dad, friend or another grill master in your life. They're sure to have a big grin if you pair these sporty spatulas with a few other NFL-themed grilling accessories.


3-Piece Grill Set

3 Piece BBQ Sets

Philadelphia Flyers BBQ SetIndianapolis Colts BBQ Set#1 Mom BBQ Set#1 Grandpa BBQ Set

When the warm weather hits and the neighborhood begins to fill with the smell of freshly grilled steak, it's hard not to be brought back to childhood memories. With Father's Day right around the corner, the #1 Dad 3-Piece BBQ Set makes for a memorable BBQ gift for him. It's a perfect gift that you know will be put to good use! If your dad isn't skilled on the grill, we also have one for your Mom and we even have one for your Grandpa! If you're looking for less seasonal sets, we have some sports team grilling sets perfect for at home or in the stadium parking lot.


Sports Team Grill-A-Tongs

Sports Grill-A-Tongs

San Fransisco Giants Grill-A-TongPhiladelphia Flyers Grill-A-TongMontreal Canadiens Grill-A-TongLos Angeles Kings Grill-A-Tong
Jacksonville Cougars Grill-A-TongHouston Texans Grill-A-TongCarolina Panthers Grill-A-TongBoston Red Sox Grill-A-Tong

A good pair of grill tongs is always important, but sometimes having tons of grill accessories along for the ride isn't that convenient when you're tailgating. Get the best of both with these sporty grill-a-tongs and cut down on your utensil usage! Flip burgers and rotate brats and dogs with one flexible grill accessory. Should you happen to have a frequent tailgater on your gift list, perhaps a set of grill-a-tongs are in order. 


Drinking Gifts for Barbecue Lovers

Geeky Drinking Glasses

Golden Girls Shot Glass SetMagic the Gathering Shooter SetDetroit Red Wings TankardFriends Tumbler Set
Hogwarts Color-Changing GlassLilo and Stitch Glass SetStemless Disney Wine GlassesKing Kong Pint Glass Set

If you like grilling, chances are you like having a drink or two while you grill. There's nothing like being outside on the deck (or patio) and grilling with your friends. Whether they want a refreshing cocktail or a nice cold one (maybe even some shots), be prepared to entertain with these drinking gifts for BBQ lovers. With the warm weather, you really can't go wrong with a nice pint glass or perhaps some stemless wine glasses. Is it really summer without a tropical cocktail?


Did you make it through the blog without getting hungry? Our stomachs are already grumbling. If you're looking for more grilling/BBQ gift inspiration, look no further than our kitchen and dining items. Don't forget to tag us (@fundotcom_) in all of your grill pics so we can see your beautiful creations.

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