Published on May 24, 2019

20 BBQ Gifts for the Geeky Grill Master in Your Life [Gift Guide]

20 BBQ Gifts for the Geeky Grill Master in Your Life

It's BBQ season, baby! Fire up that grill, grab your BBQ equipment and let's get to it! Whether you're looking to replace some of your old BBQ equipment or you're looking for some of the best BBQ gifts for the grill master in your life, we've got plenty of grilling items for you to choose from and we're so excited to share some of our favorites with you. This gift guide is especially great if you have a BBQ lover who's also a geek at heart. With properties such as Star Wars, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones (that's right, Game of Thrones!), we've got some of the coolest BBQ-related gifts for you to shop from.

3-Piece BBQ Sets

Three-Piece BBQ Sets

#1 Grandpa 3-Piece BBQ Set#1 Mom 3-Piece BBQ Set#1 Dad 3-Piece BBQ SetNew England Patriots Grill Brush

When the warm weather hits and the neighborhood begins to fill with the smell of freshly grilled steak, it's hard not to be brought back to childhood memories. With Father's Day right around the corner, the #1 Dad 3-Piece BBQ Set makes for a memorable BBQ gift for him. It's a perfect gift that you know will be put to good use! If your dad isn't skilled on the grill, we also have one for your Mom and we even have one for your Grandpa! After they're done grilling, you can't just leave that grill laying there all grimy and sticky. We have a plethora of grill brushes, so you can clean your grill while still repping your favorite sports team.

Unique Barbeque Gifts

Unique BBQ Gifts

Texas Chainsaw BBQ T-ShirtUncle Sam Beer Belt ApronBBQ Branding IronBBQ Cooking Guide Apron

If you know the story behind the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you probably aren't inclined to kiss the cook. If you're unfamiliar, the film revolves around a family of cannibals that live in the middle of nowhere and torment innocent passersby. We aren't quite sure what he's cooking up on this shirt, but we can only assume the worst. If you're looking for a more lighthearted silly look, there's nothing that screams Fourth of July more than the Uncle Sam Beer Belt Apron. This multifunction apron will keep you clean from grease and sauce, and also keep you hydrated throughout your cooking. If you're a newbie to the barbeque scene, this BBQ Cooking Guide Apron will assist you with all of the tips and tricks of barbequing, without you having to whip out your phone and get it full of grease and sauce. Lastly, we included a BBQ Branding Iron because we think it's a pretty cool BBQ gift and...why not?

Drinking Gifts for Barbeque Lovers

Drinking Gifts for Barbeque Lovers

4-Pack Copper Moscow MuleAlcohol Shot Gun

If you like grilling, chances are you like having a drink or two while you grill. There's nothing like being outside on the deck (or patio) and grilling with your friends. Whether they want a refreshing cocktail or a nice cold one, be prepared to entertain with these drinking gifts for BBQ lovers. If you're new to bartending and not sure how to make a cocktail, this Cocktail Recipe Shaker makes it so the next time your friend asks for a Sex on the Beach, you'll know exactly how to make it. Sure, you could keep your drinks cold with a normal ice bucket, but why not wow your guests with this gorgeous Bottle Cork Ice Bucket? With the warm weather, you really can't go wrong with a Moscow Mule. Is it really summer if you don't have a copper mug in hand? Lastly, you can serve your guests alcohol without ever having to leave the grill with this Alcohol Shot Gun. It's innovative, it's hilarious, and we're sure your guests will go crazy for it.

Cookbooks for BBQ Lovers

Geeky Cookbooks for Barbeque Lovers

Adventure Time Cookbook

So it's your turn to cook tonight. You don't want to do the usual pasta with garlic bread and salad, but you have no idea where to begin. Tonight's a special occasion and you're looking to knock the socks off your family and show them you know how to make more than five dishes. These geeky cookbooks featuring recipes based on some of your favorite shows/games in pop culture make for a great gift for the geeky grill master in your life and are perfect if they're looking to expand their recipe repertoire.

BBQ Geeky Aprons

BBQ Geeky Aprons

Star Wars Rebel Apron & Oven Mitt SetMarty McFly Apron & Oven Mitt SetThe Joker Apron & Oven Mitt SetGame of Thrones Stark Apron & Oven Mitt Set

Who said geeks can't grill? Get yourself someone who can cook a dang good meal while also have a drawn-out conversation on whether or not midi-chlorian levels matter, how they affect Force users, and why the heck they weren't mentioned in the original trilogy?! We need answers! Anyways, these officially licensed apron and oven mitts are perfect when you want to be in charge of the grill, but not take life too seriously. From the Starks to the Joker to the Rebellion to Marty freaking McFly, channel your inner geek and set that grill on fire with these fun and BBQ-ready sets!

Did you make it through the blog without getting hungry? Our stomachs are already grumbling. If you're looking for more grilling/BBQ gift inspiration, look no further than our kitchen and dining items. Don't forget to tag us (@fundotcom_) in all of your grill pics, so we can see your beautiful creations.

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