Published on January 25, 2019

Let's Play! Adult Board Games FAQs

Let's Play 2019! Adult Board Games FAQs

With assistance from games such as Catan and Ticket to Ride, tabletop gaming has become increasingly popular among mainstream audiences. Movie nights, potlucks, and going out with your friends are all still great ways to keep in touch, but game nights are the new trend in adult friendships. If you're fresh to the scene, you might wonder a plethora of things such as, "What board games are good for beginners?",  "How expensive are adult board games?", "Where's the best spot to buy adult board games?" We're here to help you out with all of your adult board game needs. Whether you're looking to start your collection or get some basic knowledge on the matter, keep reading for more!

What Are Good Board Games for Adults?

So you've found a list of games that you're interested in, but you have no idea how to tell which ones are actually "good". We're going to help break it down for you here. Though we do want to preface the following by saying these are just simple guidelines for what the typical player thinks makes a good game. Some games specialize or excel in certain areas and, of course, it all depends on personal preference.

Engagement Level
It's never fun playing a game where players can take as short as a ten-second turn, while others can take a couple of minutes. Look for games that are able to keep everyone's attention by leveling out turns and have gameplay equally distributed to all players.

Games like Tic Tac Toe get boring quick because there's only so many ways you can play to win. You want to make sure that winning the game is something that can be achieved in a multitude of ways, giving players more of a challenge and keeping them interested in coming back for more.

Player Size Adaptability
Though board games tend to be more fun as a group, you might be one of those couples who enjoy game night with just the two of you. Games that work with only two players, as well as a group of players, tend to be more attractive for buyers.

What Are the Top Board Games for Adults?

We've put together a list featuring 12 of the best board games for beginners as well as seasoned players. Since there's such a wide variety of games available and you might have different taste in games, we made sure the list had a mixture of different genres. Big thanks to Board Game Geek and Games Radar for the suggestions.

  1. Gloomhaven (2017)
  2. Pandemic Legacy: Season One (2015)
  3. Terraforming Mars (2016)
  4. Codenames (2015)
  5. Star Wars: Rebellion (2016)
  6. Scythe (2016)
  7. King of Tokyo (2011)
  8. Betrayal at House on the Hill (2004)
  9. Splendor (2014)
  10. Carcassonne (2004)
  11. Lords of Waterdeep (2012)
  12. Cosmic Encounter (2008)

Where to Buy Board Games for Adults?

With the recent Toys R Us closings and board game stores slowly exiting malls, you might find yourself wondering where board games are still available for purchase. There, of course, are still some toy and gaming stores dedicated to keeping the trend alive. You can also find board games at garage sales, thrift stores, and online stores like

Adult Co-Op Games

Co-Op Board Games for Adults

Legends of AndorArkham HorrorUnlock! Escape Room Card GamePandemic: Legacy Season TwoMysterium

Everyone loves a night of fierce competition from time to time, but sometimes it's nice to ease off on the trash talk and try a collaborative game. In Legends of Andor, players must work together to secure Andor's borders while also defending a castle from hordes of dangerous creatures. The game features multiple checkpoints throughout, triggering game-altering effects that will keep players on their toes. Arkham Horror brings players together to prevent one of eight "Ancient Ones" from entering their world. Players can upgrade skills, items, weapons, spells, and more, making it appealing for RPG fans. Unlock! Escape Adventures: The Formula is an escape room in a box. Paired with a smartphone, players are thrown into a laboratory and must work together to recover a mysterious serum and escape in less than an hour. Pandemic: Legacy Season One is very similar to the original Pandemic game. Players must work quickly as a team to solve disease outbreaks, prevent the outbreak of multiple plagues, while also creating a cure for each plague. In Mysterium, players will join forces and try to solve a murder that has been committed inside Warwick Manor. One person plays as a ghost and can only communicate to the other players (who work as mediums) through illustrated cards, while they try to solve the mystery with the clues given.

Adult Party Games

Adult Party Games

Beer Pong ShotzAdult Loaded Questions

Party Games for Adults

Board games are fun, but sometimes adults need to let loose in games you can't play with kids. Telestrations combines the classics Pictionary and Telephone to make an extra raunchy game night full of creativity and fun. If you miss the good ol' days of playing drinking games in college, have a throwback party full of classic drinking games. Drunken Tower (also known as "Drenga") is perfect because everything is written out for you on the tower pieces. Beer Pong Shotz is exactly what it sounds like: think the original Beer Pong and replace it with shots. This is a great game for those looking to get the night started quickly. Sobriety Test is a fun game to play after some of the others. Test your 'sobriety' with tasks such as reciting the alphabet backward, doing a curtsy with a ball on your fist, and other balance/brain challenges.

If that wasn't enough games for you, you could always check out our entire collection of games for adults (and kids). Don't forget to tag us on Instagram (@fundotcom_), so we can see all of your game night pics! And if there's a game we missed or if you have any tips for board game beginners, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Happy gaming!

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