The Only Guide to Kids' Christmas Games You'll Need This Year

The Only Guide to Kids' Christmas Games You'll Need This Year

The kids are putting together their Christmas lists and your bank account is already crying. They have the week off school, so they're running rampant through the house, treating it like an all-inclusive Caribbean resort. If you're looking for some ways to settle them down and get together as a family, games are always a great route! Not video games, we're talking about board games, card games, and other games that don't involve a screen and a charger. We know that you're dreading their sassy responses and their clichéd insult of calling them "bored games", but we assure you...once they start playing these, they'll instantly redirect their attention from their screens towards the new game you just picked up. Keep reading on for fun games to play with your family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Games For Toddlers

Games for Toddlers

Cannon Ball Pic & PopPaw Patrol BowlingDisney Princess Cupcake PartySoggy Doggy

It's a lot easier to get your toddler away from a screen than the others, so why not entertain them with some of these simple yet fun games? Set up a Paw Patrol-themed bowling alley in your basement and watch them roll that ball all the way to a strike! Teach them to pick up their toys with the Pic & Pop game by Tomy Toomies. Have a little Princess in your family? Invite her to a tea and cupcake party and let her imagination run wild. Get things a little wet and wild without having to do much clean up (like Pie in the Face). Players will take turns going around the board twisting the nozzle until one of them sets off the splishy splashy dog.

Games for Kids

Games for Kids

Codenames: Disney Family EditionStar Wars OperationMonopoly Junior: Incredibles 2 EditionCatan Junior

Alright, it's time to take it up a notch with these games for kids. Now that your children are older, they can play games that are a bit more complicated. Strengthen their focus skills while they operate on the beloved Chewie with Star Wars Operation. Bring the iconic superhero family from the silver screen to your home with Monopoly Junior: Incredibles 2 Edition. (This Monopoly doesn't take as long to play, and you'll probably end the game with no hairs pulled out.) Codenames is an excellent game for kids to practice their cognitive skills (without them realizing it). It's sort of a more advanced version of the beloved Guess Who? Another game that's a blast, but also takes strategy is Catan Junior. This is essentially The Settlers of Catan simplified to make gameplay for younger audiences more enjoyable. It's pretty much the Pokémon Let's Go! of board games (which is a great thing).

Games for Teens

Games for Teens

The Awkard Family PhotosRick and Morty: Anatomy ParkClue: Bob's Burgers EditionMonopoly: Fortnite Edition

It's pretty hard to get a teenager interested in a game that isn't on a console, PC, or some other electronic device. That's why you need to focus in on the gross-humored shows you hate, but they love. Rick and Morty is a prime example. Most parents are not a fan of their kids watching a show like this, so even though Anatomy Park is Rick and Morty themed, you're at least getting them away from the screen and giving their eyes a break. Fortnite has also been a massive success the past year and a half. If you're a sucker for a good Monopoly game, make a compromise with your kids and see if they'll play this one. Another pop culture hit taking a classic board game and making it their own is Bob's Burgers. Figure out which Belcher family member killed "Ned Boddy" in this exciting mystery game. If your family loves What Do You Meme or Cards Against Humanity, The Awkward Family Photos game is sure to be a hit. Players will write their own captions to awkward family photos, while the judge picks their favorite. Depending on your family's playstyle, this game could be very child-friendly to incredibly adults-only.

Games for FamilIES

Family Night Party Games

Watch Ya' MouthTelestrationsHeads Up! Party GameWits & Wagers Family Edition

Who doesn't love a good party game? You may recognize some of these as they are becoming modern classics, but we wanted to throw in a hidden gem you might've not heard of as well. There's the very wacky and wildly popular Watch Ya' Mouth, which will make for tons of hilarious videos and memories for you and your family. There also is Ellen's classic Heads Up! game. Taking the game offline and back to before app store games, this fun, Charades-like game will have you and your family shouting and thrashing around all Christmas night. Another great Christmas game for kids and adults is Wits and Wagers. Know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop or what the highest recorded jump by a dolphin is? Everyone loves a good guessing/betting game. Up the ante and throw in some fresh cookies as a wager. Lastly, there's Telestrations, which is basically a Pictionary and Telephone crossover. Both those games are classic Christmas Eve games for kids, so putting the two together is a no-brainer!

So now that you've got a list of some Christmas party games for kids and adults, which ones are you going to play? If there are others you feel should have been included, feel free to share them in the comments! If you are a fiend for board games and are wanting more, check out our entire collection of games. We wish you and your family Happy Holidays and advise you to remind your kids, "NO CHEATING!" Otherwise, Santa may not pay a visit to a particular house.

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