Published on November 14, 2018

Which Fictional School Should You Attend? [Quiz]

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Which Fictional School Should You Attend?

Say goodbye to monotony and hello to adventure by transferring to a fictional school! Chances are, you won't learn a single thing at the new school but at least counting down the minutes until lunch will no longer be a daily occurrence. When a masked killer is hunting down your besties or your math teacher is transforming into a black cat, pop quizzes and tardies don't seem like that big of a deal.

So if you've ever caught yourself daydreaming about choreographed dance routines in the cafeteria, take this quiz to reveal which fictional school is the best fit for you. Plus, this is the best type of quiz since it won't be graded. You're definitely in store for a drama-filled school year but at least falling asleep during class won't be an issue anymore! 

Are you orchestrating a revenge plot with Cheryl Blossom or in a study group with Spock at the Starfleet Academy? In the comment section below, tell us your assigned fictional school. If you rather be a Quidditch seeker than become one of the T-Birds, take the quiz again since an infinite number of re-takes are allowed! Share the results on social media and don't forget to decorate lockers, dorms, and desks with toys and trinkets that declare your allegiance to the make-believe academy.

Cady D'Ambrosio
Cady D'Ambrosio

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