Build a Taco to Reveal Your Fictional BFF [Quiz]

Build a Taco to Reveal Your Fictional BFF

You may think you’re falling for someone until you find out they dislike tacos. A wave of disappointment rushes over you. How can this be? Cutting all ties is the only logical step and queasiness infiltrates your stomach. Guess it’s time to have “the talk” because the be-all-end-all of all relationships, romantic or platonic, is tacos.  It’s a full-on deal breaker when you can’t count on your significant other to celebrate Taco Tuesday— bottom line. You're most likely experiencing some negative emotions right now but don’t stress, FUN can help. First, go through a drive-thru and order a dozen tacos then take this quiz. Build your dream taco to reveal which fictional character is meant to be your taco-obsessed BFF because nothing (and we mean nothing) cures sorrow like a taco quiz you won’t be graded on.

So who’s your fictional bestie? In time, could they turn into a significant other? (Hey, it could happen!) Let’s taco ‘bout it in the comment section below.  Share the merchandise you’ve bought based on your results then celebrate by eating a taco. Or ten.

Cady D'Ambrosio

spends most of her days muttering dark and powerful incantations in broken Latin while her teacup chihuahua, Pee Wee, sits by her side.