Best Pool and Beach Gear
Published on May 24, 2018

Best Pool and Beach Gear for Home and Travel [Gift Guide]

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Everyone has their favorite summertime activity. Yours may be golf (the miniature kind, too), hiking, drive-in movie theaters, going to a fair or theme park, or even getting some refreshing ice cream! We can all acknowledge that these summer activities are great. However, one we failed to mention is often claimed to be the king of classic summertime fun. This is, of course, spending a day cooling off by the water at your local beach or pool. There is no better time than now to gear up with the best beach accessories—pool floats, swimwear, beach towels and more! You're not going to want to miss out on any of this beach gear from


Adult Swimsuits

Fun adult Swimwear

USA Bikini for WomenCanadian Flag Board ShortsOne-Piece Canadian Flag Swimsuit
Union Jack Board ShortsCorona Women's Swim ShortsAmerican Swim Shorts

Anybody who has gone to a beach or pool knows that the right swimwear can make or break your day. Whether your current gear doesn’t fit or isn’t functional, or even if you feel your beachwear is simply out of style, we’ve got you covered with several different kinds of men's swimwear and women's swimwear. The different styles shown here provide you with the opportunity to match with your favorite cold beverage or show off your patriot pride right on your bikini, one-piece, or swim trunks. You'll feel great no matter the situation, from 4th of July beach parties to splashing around in your home pool.


Character Kids' Swimwear

Character Swimwear for Kids

Moana SwimsuitToddler Spider-Man Swim ShirtThe Little Mermaid SwimsuitToddler Paw Patrol Swim Shorts
Star Wars Swim TrunksDisney's Frozen SwimsuitBatman Swim TrunksToddler Minnie Mouse Swimsuit

Some kids can be a little hesitant to step in the pool, but there's nothing like taking your favorite character swimming with you! Find cute kids' swimwear with their favorite characters from Disney, Star Wars and others. These children's swimwear favorites are sure to please. Whether you have toddlers just starting out or your kids have been swimming on their own for a few years, we have just the swimsuits for their beach and pool adventures!


Fun Inner Tubes and Pool Floats

Funny Pool Floats

Chameleon Pool FloatMinnie Mouse Inner TubeStranger Things Waffle FloatKids' Ice Cream Canopy Float
Chase Elliott Pool Float LoungerChild Unicorn FloatInflatable Banana Beverage BoatPink Unicorn Inner Tube

What’s a pool or beach day without the perfect floaty? We can tell you it's not much of a pool party or beach day at all, but don’t fear—we are here to give you the perfect pool inflatable for your relaxing summer's day on the water! We’ve got a variety of beach stuff to fit your taste! Our NASCAR pool floats may motivate you to take a few laps around the pool. Maybe you prefer something more fantasy, like our unicorn pool float? If you don't find either of these pool floaties a-peel-ing, there's always a banana beverage boat!


Colorful Beach Towels

Fun Beach Towels

Kids' Elsa Hooded TowelAll Might Beach TowelChild The Little Mermaid Hooded TowelDragon Ball Z Round Towel
Child Minecraft Hooded TowelToy Story Beach TowelKids' Spider-Man Hooded TowelFortnite Beach Towel

We all know the struggle of getting sand in places that it's not supposed to be. (This can be a real pain in the butt—literally!) Our beach blankets provide an easy solution to keep you sand-free while you're tanning on the beach. Chill on the beach with some of your favorite TV show and movie beach towels, and help your kids dry off with kid-friendly hooded towels! These adult and kids' beach towels are also great at home and community pools too. Having a unique towel will make it much easier to tells your beach equipment apart from everyone else's.


Kids' Pool and Beach Toys

Kids' Beach and Pool Toys

Fortnite Rocket Launcher Water GunLittle Mermaid Dive and Catch ToyAqua Storm Pump Action Water Gun
Gobble Guppies Pool GameStephen Joseph Jellyfish Beach Tote and ToysFortnite Super Soaker

Adults can’t hog all the fun, though, right? That’s why we offer an extensive selection of beach products and pool toys for kids as well! Our Fortnite super soakers are just one of many themed toys your child can choose from for their fun, water-filled day! Your little one can dive and play pool games, or carry their favorite beach toys in a cute jellyfish tote. Whether you're at the beach, at a pool or using the one in your own backyard, there's sure to be hours of summer fun for everyone!


Fun Water Bottles to Keep You Hydrated

Nerdy Water Bottles

Golden Girls Water BottleDungeons and Dragons Water BottleSailor Moon Water BottleThe Little Mermaid Water BottleSonic Water Bottle

Nothing sucks the fun out of a day at the beach like getting overheated, so stay hydrated with these nerdy water bottles! It doesn't matter if you're at home or the beach—it's good to have some water at the ready. Choose from a variety of fun water bottles from your favorite franchises, from Disney to D&D! Also, if you're looking for other drinkware ideas for any beach or pool parties, we have a variety of tumblers, shot glasses and other cups for your drink of choice.


We hope that you found a few things useful to you in our beach and pool gear guide. What's something you can't live without when you go to the beach? What about your favorite pool necessities? Let us know in the comments below! Also, feel free to check out some of our other products in our pool and beach section for more beach ideas.

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