Published on May 24, 2018

Summer Pool and Beach Gear Guide 2018

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Summer Pool and Beach Gear Guide 2018

Everyone has their favorite summertime activity. Yours may be golf (the miniature kind, too), hiking, drive-in movie theaters, going to a fair or theme park, or even getting some refreshing ice cold ice cream! We can all acknowledge that these summertime activities are great, however one we failed to mention is often claimed to be the king of classic summertime fun! This is, of course, spending a day cooling off by the water at your local beach or pool! There is no better time than now to gear up with us for pool floats, swimwear and beach towels to prepare for the busy summer ahead!

Swimsuits and Suit cover ups

swimsuits and suit cover-ups

American Flag High-Neck BikiniAmerican Flag BoardshortsAmerican Flag One-Piece 
Budweiser Swim TrunksCorona High-Neck BikiniBudweiser Swimsuit Cover-Up

Anybody who has gone to a beach or pool knows that the right swimwear can make or break your day. Whether your current gear doesn’t fit or isn’t functional, or even if you feel your current gear is simply out of style we’ve got you covered with several different styles of both mens swimwear and womens swimwear. The two different styles shown here provide you with the opportunity to match with your favorite cold beverage or show off your patriot pride right on your bikini, one-piece, or swim trunks. On top of this (literally) we have some beach cover ups to match.

pool floats and Inflatables

pool floats and inflatables

Donut Snow TubeUnicorn Pool FloatFlamingo Pool Float
Donut Beverage FloatsMillennium Falcon Pool FloatCaptain America Pool Float

What’s a pool or beach day without the perfect floaty? We can tell you its not much of a pool or beach day at all, but don’t fear we are here to give you the perfect floaty for your relaxing hot summers day on the water! We’ve got a variety of different styles to fit your taste! Our donut pool float is perfect for those who day dream of snacks in the sun. Maybe you prefer something more fantasy or sci-fi like our unicorn pool float or our Captain America and Millennium Falcon floats! If neither of these fit your bill (lame flamingo pun)? Our flamingo pool float may be just the thing for you!

beach towels and beach blankets

beach towels and beach blankets

Beach Towels

We all know the struggle of getting sand in places that they aren’t supposed to be, this can be a real pain in the butt (literally). Our beach blankets provide an easy solution to keep you sand free while you're tanning, our unique styles give you a variety of different styles to make your backdrop pop (perfect for your next Instagram post)! Feel free to splash around in the water to cool off! One of our many beach towels are there to keep you dry and show your fandom for shows like Doctor Who or even sport a little Canadian pride!

Kids' pool and beach toys

kids' pool and beach toys

Mickey Mouse Roadster Swim RingMinnie Mouse Swim RingSpider-Man 3 Piece Swim Set
Spider-Man Pool BackpackT-Rex Inflatable SprinklerElephant Inflatable Sprinkler

Adults can’t hog all the fun though right? That’s why we offer an extensive selection of pool toys for kids as well! Our Spider-man pool products are just one of many themed toys your child can choose from for their fun water-filled day! Your little one can swim all day long with the help of one of our swim rings, or even spend their day running through our ginormous t-rex or elephant inflatable sprinklers!

We hope that you were able to find a few things useful to you in our gear guide. Didn’t find anything your style? Feel free to check out some of our other products in our pool and beach section!

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