Published on April 20, 2018

Teacher Appreciation Day: Best End of Year Teacher Gifts

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Gifts for Teacher Appreciation

The end of the school year is fast approaching, as is National Teacher Day. Every year in early May, many are still scrambling to pick up the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day and nobody thinks of the teachers. Think about it: These people just spent the majority of the year educating children (your children!) on subject matters that will impact them for the rest of their lives. Ok, maybe we’re getting a bit dramatic here, but really, teachers deserve gifts, too.

So, if you want to show some teacher appreciation and are wondering what the best teacher gifts are, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but anything to show a little teacher appreciation is a good thing. If you know an educator who’s molding young minds and deserves some appreciation, here are the teacher gifts that will do just that.

Harry Potter Gifts

Harry Potter Gifts

Top Left to Bottom Right: Ceramic Cauldron Soup Mug, Minerva McGonagall POP Vinyl Figure, Hufflepuff Scarf, Sorting Hat, Harry Potter Wand, Harry Potter Puzzles

There’s no more magical school than Hogwarts, so why not get your teacher something to make their classroom a little more wizardly? Present them with their very own wand that they'll be able to use as a pointer and hopefully not for casting spells on students. The sorting hat makes for a fun classroom prop and can probably help divide the class when it's time for group activities.

Dr. Seuss Gifts

Dr. Seuss Gifts

Top left to bottom right: Oh The Places You'll Go Tumbler, Cat in the Hat Dress Up Set, Lorax Hat, Cat in the Hat POP Vinyl Figure, Fox in Sox POP Vinyl Figure, Thing 1 & Thing 2 Socks

Oh The Places You'll Go! is a common theme for students who are about to or have just graduated and are about to head out on a new adventure in life. However, it's also one of the many themes introduced by teachers in the classroom through the classic stories from Dr. Seuss. These fantastical gifts are perfect for any teachers with whimsical personalities who take pride in their rhyming abilities.

Superhero Gifts

Superhero Gifts for Teachers

Top left to bottom right: Grow and Glow Groot Statue, Spider-Man Iron Spider POP Vinyl Figure, Wonder Woman Figure, Spider-Man Comfy Throw, Iron Man Backpack, Batman Coffee Brewer

Teachers are superheroes in the classroom, so it’s only appropriate to get them a gift that reflects that. Of course, you can get them a pop vinyl figure for their desk representing the hero they’re most like. A superhero backpack would be helpful for them to protect their laptop or the papers they need to grade. A single-cup Batman coffee maker is perfect for the teacher who is constantly on the go and may not always have time to brew coffee at home. Like any superhero, it'll save the day for them!

Gifts for Sports Fans

Sports Gifts for Teachers

Nascar Model Building Set

We all had a teacher growing up who was known for their love of a specific sports team. Lucky for you, that makes finding the perfect teacher gift really easy! Maybe they just like sports in general. Whether you're looking for gifts for sports fans or gym teacher gifts, find something that shows support for their favorite sports team with accessories like scarves or socks. If they're fond of a specific professional athlete check out some NFL Funko figures or WWE Figures!

Coffee Mugs for Teachers

Coffee Mugs for Teachers

Nightmare Before Christmas Travel MugHarry Potter Hogwarts Express Coffee Mug, Fox Mug, Toilet Mug

If you know any teachers, you probably know they love to drink coffee. How else are they going to stay so alert and keep up with the energy of all those kids each day? Find something fun for your kid's teacher to enjoy their morning cup of coffee in. Maybe even score some bonus points if you include a small bag of grounds as well. Choose from fun themed mugs like something from their favorite movie, cute animals, or (if they have a sense of humor) a toilet mug! 

Teacher Gifts Under $10

Cheap Teacher Gifts

Coca Cola Bank

Buying gifts for teachers doesn't mean you have a to spend a ton of money. If you're not looking to break the bank or if you have multiple teachers you're looking to buy for, there are plenty of gifts under $10 that anyone would appreciate. After all, the act of gift giving itself is a kind enough gesture. You can give them a small gift for their desk like a paper clip holder that helps with organization while looking fun. Or maybe you want to give them a plush minion in case they don't have enough of them running around the classroom as it is.

Teachers can have such an influence on kids as they make their way through grade school and beyond. Did you have a favorite teacher growing up? While we're quite fond of most of the professors from Hogwarts, we're sure we've experienced plenty of academic influence over the years. We hope we've made your teacher appreciation gifts needs, but if you're still looking for something, there are plenty of unique gift ideas out there.

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