Published on March 2, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Gift Guide 2018

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St. Patrick's Day Gift Guide 2018

So you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day but you’re stuck on what to get your friends and family. Don’t fret, it happens! Whether you’re looking for St. Patrick’s Day gifts for men or women, you’re in luck, because we’re experts at getting everyone excited for fun holidays. “Fun” is in our name, after all! And these gifts are easier to find than the end of the rainbow, plus they won’t cost you a pot o’ gold!

Wear Green for St. Patrick's Day

Remember to wear green for St. Patrick's Day

From left to right: Lucky Leprechaun Costume, Good Luck Care Bears Costume, Green Dragon Costume

The first rule of Fight Club St. Patrick’s Day is to wear green. All green. Sure, some people may try to get away with some Leprechaun-friendly green shoe covers or Lucky Charms socks, and that’s…okay. Just okay, though. Encourage them to go all out by rocking a full-on lucky Leprechaun costume, a Good Luck Care Bears costume, or a dinosaur costume. (Yeah, dino-suits aren’t traditional Irish gifts, but so what?) Anything that helps your friends and family get in the spirit are the best St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas! But if an entire costume isn’t appropriate or even possible (say, if you’re shopping for St. Patricks’ Day gifts for coworkers), maybe get them a green hoodie or shirt. They won’t be green head-to-toe, that’s true, but they’ll be more noticeable than if they were just wearing green shoes or socks.

Green Suits

Green suits for St. Patrick's Day

From left to right: Opposuits Green Suit, Opposuits St. Patrick’s Day Suit

Shop all Opposuits and Suitmeister Suits

If your gift-recipient-of-choice is already onboard for wearing green, you should totally consider getting them a classy green suit. They’re the absolute best St. Patrick’s Day gifts for him because they’re outrageous and stylish but still sensible. (They are clothes, after all!) These green Opposuits and Suitmeister suits range from tasteful green to moderately clovered to all-out shamrock overload. And that’s a good thing, because the best St. Patrick’s Day gifts say “you love being the center of attention, so why not do it in a bright green suit”?

St. Patrick's Day Accessories

St. Patrick's Day accessories

From left to right: Rainbow Suspenders, Green Top HatPlush Beer Stein Purse, White and Kelly Green Tights.

Now that you’ve got everyone’s wardrobe figured out, let’s start adding some flair. Look at it as St. Patrick’s Day decorations for the body! Because so many celebrations involve drinking, consider some beer mug glasses or a beer stein purse. (We’ll get into more drinking gifts later.) If your gift-ee likes tights, maybe get them some white-and-green tights, or even green-and-white tights if you’re daring. Top everything off with, well, a green top hat, then add some rainbow suspenders for luck. Remember that accessories like these are great St. Patrick’s Day gifts for women or men!

Drinking Accessories

St. Patrick's Day drinking accessories

Beer’d Stein

Party Animal Gifts

Alright, let’s look at those drinking accessories. If wearing green is the first rule, then having festivities involving alcohol are rules two through ten billion! If you’re attending some kind of party, then these are also the best St. Patrick’s Day gifts for friends because you’re bringing the festivities with you! There’s a huge variety of accessories here, from licensed drinkware (Guiness, The Princess Bride, The Legend of Zelda, even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) to puns (“half pint” glass, “beer’d” stein”). You’ve even got red shot glasses that resemble Solo Cups and a “tactical” beer belt, so another drink is always within reach!

Are you prepared for St. Patrick’s Day 2018? We hope you found something for all the Leprechaun-loving friends and family members on your shopping list! If any of them are particularly hard to shop for, why not take a look at our full list of St. Patrick’s Day gifts? We’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift for all the Paddys and Pattys on your list.

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