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Picking out the perfect gift for a Dragon Ball Z fan can be a bit daunting if you’re not a fan yourself. You probably don’t remember the time that Perfect Cell absorbed Android 18, or that one time when Vegeta had that big “M” on his forehead because he aligned himself with Majin Buu and Babidi. Rest assured that we’ve done our homework and we’ve watched every episode of Akira Toriyama’s anime series. From the day Goku met Bulma, all the way until Super Saiyan Blue faced off against Goku Black in his Super Saiyan Rose form. If of that sounded ultra-confusing gibberish, then don’t worry about it. We’re going to help you select the perfect gift, even if you don’t know much about the series at all. We’ve got a whole list of items that are great no matter what your budget happens to be, whether you’re just a secret Santa for that anime-lover at the office, or if you really want to get something special for a hardcore DBZ fan.

Dragon Ball Z POP Vinyls

DBZ POP Vinyl Figures

Kid Goku POP Vinyl - Shop                 Piccolo POP Vinyl - Shop                    Bulma POP Vinyl - Shop

Frieza POP Vinyl - Shop          Trunks POP Vinyl - Shop          Goku POP Vinyl - Shop

Let’s start with basic, wallet-friendly DBZ gifts. Funko has been a go to brand when it comes to affordable collectibles. Their POP vinyl line of toys features characters from just about every single video game, TV show, and movie, so it’s a quick and easy choice as a budget friendly gift. And you’d better believe that they’ve created a line of Dragon Ball Z POP vinyls. We carry all the popular characters, like Goku, Vegeta and Frieza. Unfortunately, they haven’t made a Yamcha is Dead POP vinyl, but cross your fingers and they may just make him in the future. These make for an excellent gift if you’re looking to get an easy gift that’s also quite affordable. Of course, make sure you figure out their favorite character before you get one. Goku is always a solid choice though.

Dragon Ball Z Mugs

DBZ Mugs

Dragon Ball Z 4 Piece Mug Set - Shop

 Mecha Frieza vs Trunks Mug - Shop           Goku vs Vegeta Mug - Shop       Gohan vs Super Majin Buu Mug - Shop

Whether it’s a steaming hot cup of tea, a robust cup of coffee, or a healthy dose of orange juice, everyone has a morning elixir they drink to get through the day. Even Korin fills his cup up with a big serving of Sacred Water. If you have a DBZ fan in your life, then there’s no better way to intake that liquid than with action packed excitement of Goku, Vegeta, and the whole Z Fighter crew. The great thing about these mugs is that they’re also a budget friendly gift idea, so you don’t have to break the bank to get a cool gift. We have plenty of different options to choose from, including a 6 piece set with tiny mugs that look like a Dragon Ball. Finding some of Korin’s Sacred Water to put inside of it? Well, you’re on your own for that one.

Dragon Ball Z Bags

DBZ Bags and Backpacks

          Goku Backpack - Shop              Goku Symbol Wallet - Shop       Goku Symbol Messenger Bag - Shop

Son Goku Messenger Bag - Shop              Goku Lunch Bag - Shop            Goku Hooded Backpack - Shop

Do you know a Dragon Ball Z fan that’s always on the go? Then they could probably use a good satchel. After all, how are they going to carry around all their Senzu beans, or their Dragon Radar with them? Okay, so maybe people outside of an Akira Toriyama anime series aren’t walking around with a pocketful of beans all day, but chances are that the DBZ fan in your life has books, devices, games, or other must-have stuff that they need to tote around. Our Dragon Ball Z backpacks and bags are the perfect thing for them to carry on their real life adventures, even if their adventures are only taking them to the coffee shop on the corner of the street and not sending them off to a journey to Planet Namek.

Dragon Ball Z Apparel

DBZ Apparel

Goku Symbol Beanie - Shop               Goku Mark Belt - Shop           Goku Baseball Cap - Shop

      Frieza Elite Hoodie - Shop         Goku Bath Robe - Shop           Over 9000 T-Shirt - Shop

Everyone has to wear clothes; it’s the unfortunate truth of the world, but hey, if you got to wear them, you may as well be representing the characters you know and love. We take our DBZ gear pretty seriously, since each special occasion requires the perfect Dragon Ball Z wear. Chilly outside? Then you can get your DBZ fan a nice beanie and a Frieza hoodie to keep warm. Sunny outside? Then get your fan a baseball cap to stave off the sun’s rays. Pants always falling down? Then get a Goku belt for them. Always walking around nude after a shower? Then get them a Goku bathrobe that makes them look like master of the Turtle Hermit style. And everyone loves a shirt that has a power level that’s over 9000, except Vegeta, who smashes expensive devices when he witnesses power levels over 9000. (It’s probably not wise to get Vegeta any of our t-shirts as a gift.)

Dragon Ball Z Collectibles

DBZ Collectibles

Tamashii Nations Piccolo - Shop        Tamashii Nations Goku - Shop

Bandai Super Saiyan Blue - Shop       Dragon Ball Z Cookie Jar - Shop      Bandai Super Saiyan Goku - Shop

Some favor quality over quantity. It’s like, would you rather have a bunch of Saibamen on your side, or one Super Saiyan? No contest! You’d want to Goku on your side. These DBZ collectibles are the same. High quality collectibles are a great gift idea for any DBZ fan who needs a little more oomph in their licensed memorabilia. Action figures are great, since they evoke the fond memories of being a child, except these ones are crafted with an intense amount of detail and are made more for displaying that playtime. The 4 Star Ball cookie jar can be used to store snacks, or as a key piece in any collection.

Hopefully, that list gave you a few good ideas to start from, but you can check out our full list of Dragon Ball Z gifts to find something special for the anime-lover in your life. Let us know which gifts you think are the coolest in the comments section.

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