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What is it about Star Wars exactly that gets everyone so excited? People come from hundreds of miles away to flock to the next comic convention and meet all the actors, see the original costumes, and speak to the creators of the series of movies and tv shows. People purchase the special editions, double disc editions, ultra-secret probation editions, and gold standard blu ray with hidden features and deleted scenes editions, and sometimes more than one copy. They cover their rooms in Star Wars wallpaper, carpet, and furniture. There's no denying, it's a big deal. So what better way to throw a party than to make it Star Wars-themed?


Imagine having a Yoda candy dish at the door, a talking Darth Vader at the snack table, or a life-sized Chewy sitting on the couch? Pour your chips into Death Star bowls and Millenium Falcon cups. Throw the greatest party that this galaxy, or any galaxies far away and long ago have ever seen. Use the force, and our extensive supply of party accessories.